Channeling Gwyneth.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am the first to admit I constantly am developing a new celebrity crush. You know, where you become obsessed with a certain celebrity, convinced that with the same hair/clothes/make up you too could be that celebrity. No? Well this is sort of a hobby of mine. Luckily for me I usually pick celebrities that are in the same age range, hair range, style range. 

Well usually. Past crushes have included Sienna Miller (pre topless, husband stealing pictures), Kate Moss (pre and post coke habit; hers not mine), Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes (pre soccer mom makeover) name it I've copied it. At the moment I am currently LOVING Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean LOVING. Love the new hair, love the gladiator sandals, love the clothes. You name it I want it. Yummy Mummy has now become synonymous with her name. 

This is not the first time that I have tried to morph into Gwyen. In my senior year high school photo I am rocking that sliding doors short do that was all the rage. I wore pink all through my sophomore year in college channeling that pink Oscar  gown. Of course I also tried to wear that too long hair, but unfortunately/luckily for me genetics were not on my side. It seems like out of nowhere Gwyneth has become the new/old it girl. 100 guests at J-Z's wedding, of course she was there. Cover of vogue with that new fab do, that's my girl. Summering in the Hamptons, yep. Killing at fashion week, of course. You get the picture. She is back and better an ever, and I NEED to be her.

Here's how my transformation is going. 

1. Posh bob needs another 2 inches and then I will have her amazing hair.
2. Burberry trench is on it's way (right honey?)
3. I am still rocking the gladiator Michael Kors' heels into the fall. 
4. Gold rimmed Ray-Bans are attached permanently to my face.
5. New highly fashionable winter wardrobe, check.

Of course this would be easier if I had her budget, stylist, and rocker husband (for the cool factor of course.) But for the moment I am completely confident that by Christmas she and I will be twins. I'm just hoping she doesn't channel the new Katie/ Posh mom do, because that would be a really, really bad look for me. 

A Sad Week For Yummy Mummy.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I realize at this point you probably thought that yummy mummy was being held hostage by monkeys in the jungle, but unfortunately  I have been suffering from a case of the blues since our return from vacation last Monday.

I was hoping that Monday I was going to be able to share the wonderful news with you that I was going to be a yummy mummy again, but after a very upsetting routine ultrasound, I learned that the baby was not meant to be, and had stopped growing around 6-8 weeks. The worst part was that there was no indication, and the second worst part was that I had to have a D&C which was not too pleasant. 

After a solid week of depression, I have decided that it is time to get back to all things yummy and mummy so I am in a good place in 6-8 weeks when we get to start trying for baby number 3 (my husband likes to pride himself on the fact that both babies hit on the first try) so hopefully in December I will be sick and fat and pregnant again! 

After giving a million hugs to my 1st baby Liam, I am now ready to discuss all things all things frivolous, the not so frivolous. Thanks to everyone for hanging in with me, and thanks to those of you who have sent me such kind words. Keep your fingers crossed for me for the future, and for now make sure to check back daily as I am back!

Slow News Week?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lets see, I've been down here in my little Central American heaven for close to two weeks now and I just realized that I have been completely out of touch with all things celebrity. Which makes writing a blog post about said celebrities downright impossible. I figured it has been too long since I have seen any "real" news and I decided to do some research. I hit all the usuals, TMZ, Perez Hilton, even US Weekly's website.

Do you know what I found? Nothing. Absolutely nothing of any "real" importance has happened since I have been away. No heidi, lauren cat fight, no Brittney Spears 5150 hold, not even a good celebrity birth (unless Minnie Driver is still considered a celebrity? Really, name the last movie she was in.) What is everyone else on vacation too?

If I was in the states at least I would have my Tivo'd favorites like gossip girl and the new 90210 to comment on. But given my current jungle state I am at a loss. Please, please, please feel free to send me any breaking stories. A girl can only go so long.

Vacation Update

Friday, September 12, 2008

Given that we are now halfway through our post labor day vacation I figure you all deserve an update.

Books Read- 3
Mosquito Bites- 10
Sunburns- 0
Ear Infections- 2 (both mine)
Teeth Cut by Liam 2 (yep, this is fun)
Play Dates with Neighbors- 4
Average Hours Slept by Liam- 17 1/2 (thank you god!)
Fights Between Me and My Sister- 0
Fights Between Me and My Husband- 0.5 (depends on what you consider a "real" fight
Card Games Played- 6
Card Games Lost By Me- 3
Pages written in my novel- 0
Days Left Until We Have To Go Home- 8

All and all an extremely successful vacation if you ask me. Here are some pics from this evenings sunset stroll. And yes, we wish we never had to leave.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Payback is a bitch.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Payback is a bitch. Especially when it is done by your one year old. So, I'm not sure I mentioned this or not, but three months ago my husband got rid of my cat. Yep, he's that guy. A cat I loved. A cat we got together soon after we were married. My first baby. Did I mention I loved here?

My husband always told me he hated cats, but when we brought little Chloe' (named after the label, of course) home he totally switched. He was mildly obsessed with her. Then one day she did the unthinkable, she turned into a cat. I know, shocking right? Apparently to said husband it was. He spent the next two years telling me daily, "I like kittens, hate cats." This is a phase I thought surely my baby is safe. Not safe, so much as doomed.

Soon after the birth of our son, Steve made it his mission to hate Chloe. Hate with a burning passion. All I would hear daily (yes she had a lot, and yes it was everywhere).......clawing (damn cat would only scratch the new furniture, now matter how hard I begged her to stop).........litter (was this her fault, I mean she had to go to the bathroom somewhere?) The nail in her little coffin was when she started clawing at the bedroom door at 5:45am every morning (at this point my love was waining a bit I have to admit.) This coupled with the purchase of luxury apartment and new luxury furniture, and the writing was on the wall.

After a few failed Craig's lists posts, Steve began promising gifts to those who could find someone to take the little fur ball off our hands. He even offered my sister in law E.A. a pair of Loubuitons (I believe we still owe her a pair, oops!) and after a week she had a loving home. In another state. Is that far enough away for you sweetie?

In all honesty, she did find an amazing home for her. Chloe' now lives with a gallery owner who, how do I saw this, really really loves cats. Like really. So, one short plane ride and my little girl was happily living in a home far, far away. I was devastated of course, but this now left my husband nothing to complain about. Which we all know is an amazing thing.

The funny thing is that his son, aka his clone, now LOVES cats. I mean is obsessed to the point of being a bit psycho. He sees a cat and you would think it was a 70% off sale at Marc Jacobs (yes, they have those twice a year.) Down here in the jungle there are cats everywhere, and there is Steve watching as his son snuggles up to every whiskered little one. Take that I say. Poor kid is probably scarred for life. You know the lady that lives with 2 dozen cats? Yep, that's going to be our boy. Nice job honey, wonder what the therapy bill is going to be for this one?

Elizabeth and James. Part Deux.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

While sunning myself in paradise, this morning, I received an emergent email from my very stylish Vogue reading sister-in-law E.A. What was the emergency you ask? She wanted to make sure that I knew that I was, in fact, still very stylish. Whew.

E.A. informed me that if I hadn't traded my Vogue subscription in for my Parenting magazing (it was so damn heavy) then I would have seen that the must have label for fall was none other than Elizabeth and James, and the new it girls for the fall were none other than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, aka the bobble head billionaires.

We all know if Anna Wintour says it then it is like God speaking, and therefore it must be true. I mean, the woman does have about 1,000 Birkins for Christ's sake.
So, here I was thinking my stylist at Intermix had steered me all wrong, and all this time me of little faith was actually a trend setter. Here I was thinking I was getting my designs straight from target (of course we had a laugh at that thought) (don't get me wrong Target is still the place for everything else), when in actuality I, yummy mummy, was truly a yummy mummy. I know, I too surprise myself sometimes. So thanks auntie em, I will never be a self doubter again.


Monday, September 8, 2008

I know today's post is supposed to be about Celebrities, but let me tell you the way I feel down here on this vacation, I am the celebrity. Although it is the rainy season, there is not a cloud in the sky. Liam, came down with a cold, but he is still sleeping 17 hours a day. Seriously, what more could a girl ask for? As you can see below, my hotie sis H.M. (aka my pseudo nanny) and I are taking full advantage of the sun and I can't wait to get back to Boston and rock my post Labor Day tan!

As you can see the little guy is taking full advantage of having a pool in his backyard.

Here we are doing what we do best.

Paradise Found!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Day one in Costa Rica. Day one of 17. I know you hate me right now. We successfully avoided all Hurricanes and arrived safely, and on time in San Jose, only to find that the bridge that takes us to the our tiny coastal village is flooded and we are stranded in the city. Luckily, we have the best driver around and he mentioned that there was a quiet, exclusive mountain resort not far from town. It was cheap and we were worried. At this point we had no other options so we took his word for it.

We arrive and immediately remembered why we love traveling to third world countries. Can you say AMAZING in Spanish? Seriously, the place is like nothing we have ever seen. Needless to say we are so sad the bridge is up and running today. I can assure you we will be staying here on our return voyage in 16 days!

I am the luckiest girl alive. Don't think I don't know it


P.S. wireless is a bit spotty in the middle of the jungle, but they have assured me I should be able to get my daily posts up and running, so I will be coming to you daily from my tropical heaven!

Michell Tanner?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So I have totally fallen in love with this new label Elizabeth and James. Totally. That is until I found out that the designers behind my beloved are none other than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The Olsen twins. Yes, I was just as disappointed as you are. Do you mean to tell me that my new staple item long white tuxedo shirt and amazing studded distressed leather belt were designed by Michelle Tanner? Michelle Tanner who I grew up watching on TV, and would later learn to loath through all their straight to video DVD’s that my younger sisters would force me to watch year after year. This isn’t fair. What’s even worse is that the same pigtailed little girls grew up to dress like stylized bag ladies (clearly I am not a fan of grunge/ boho sheik.) What am I going to do now? I am so torn.

This makes me wonder if I accumulate my pieces for my wardrobe based on the actual pieces, or am I like the masses of wanabe fashionistas who buys things solely based on their celebrity designer. I mean, am I into Phillip Lim only because it’s trendy to be into Phillip Lim? Do I worship Marc Jacobs because he is well, Marc Jacobs? And what about my so called classics like Burberry and Hermes? Do I only love them because you are supposed to love them?

Nah, this is crazy talk. All of the aforementioned are fabulous. Fabulous because the clothes are fabulous, and the way they make me feel is fabulous. I may be a label whore, but you know what? I have some pretty damn amazing labels, if you ask me.

So, I will accept my clothes made by a former child star, or stars, in this case. But I can’t promise I won’t love them a little less. Who am I kidding? I will rock these clothes until I find the next “big thing”. Maybe Alyssa Milano or Candice Cameron have a fashion line………