Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Can I Cover My Kids In It Too?

Current Obsession: Chalkboard Paint.
  For reals people.

I thought I was creative because we had {one} small chalkboard wall in the LM's room.

Now I am wishing it was the WHOLE wall. 

Like here.

Why didn't I think of this? So much better than always saying  "stop drawing on the table!" Which is a very common phrase in this house.

                                                       In a mud room? Yes, yes, yes! (I would totally use this as a place to "remind" everyone what they had to do/ bring that day)

This is just about the greatest idea ever. Cut to me using up the last bit of our paint... right.this.second.

Repurposing old baby wipe containers? I think I just cried a little. I found these awesome labels here on the cheap. 

I mean c'mon people. What an amazing and fun craft! I want to do these for the LM so he can practice writing his letters over Summer. Done and done. 

Now if I could just cover my kids in it too... we'd be so flippin organized, and I can guarantee you that they would never get lost!!!!


Julie Q said...

YES!! Just order the chalkboard contact paper for $6 on amazon and you can cut it into little labels for everything :)

Victoria said...

Love all these ideas and trying to think which wall I will start with !!!

Anonymous said...

Love the wine glass idea - I am on it for my next dinner party! As always, thanks for sharing your amazing finds!


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