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Friday, November 30, 2012

TGIF! I have never been more excited for a Friday in my life. Tonight, my sister is joining us for dinner and my husband is FINALLY home after a week long work trip. This weekend the boys will be doing some serious bonding time (aka leaving mom alone a bit) and I am going to try to get some wrapping done. Do I dare tell you that I've finished my holiday shopping, all the way down to the stocking stuffers? No? Okay, then I won't ;) Hope you all have a great weekend! If you have a chance I'd love to hear your thoughts on the gift guides, I hope they are helpful for those of you who still have a long list to tackle!!! 

Here are a few things that peaked my interest this week.

I'm pretty sure it's not Christmastime until you hear this song at a Starbucks. I was stopped in my track when I heard it Wednesday! Even cuter, Gray started to dance. This is my favorite version. (ignore awkward video)

The LM has morphed into this guy, with red and green fingernails, Rudolph on repeat, and syrup for breakfast (with waffles) every morning. Someone is DEFINITELY in the holiday spirit. 

I can't get the last line of this post out of my head, what an inspirational family!

How good does this soup look? I'm going to have to make up a pot this weekend.

I saw these after I posted the LM gift guide, so great!

If this is what almost 50 looks like, sign me up! Damn girl!

I can never seem to figure out how to take a picture of the Christmas tree, I'm definitely trying this!

I'm kind of obsessed with this tumblr (maybe it's because I look so bad in hats. The Drew Barrymore picture is so awesome (yes, yes smoking = bad)

All of you need to stop it with your awesome and creative Elf on the Shelf pics. My stomach can't handle any more laughter. These are great.

This has been making the rounds, and I had to share. I will not have another baby, I repeat I will not have another baby BUT if I do, I'm totally doing this ;)

I REALLY want to wallpaper our upstairs bathroom. I'm thinking #9

See you all Monday with gifts for your little ladies!

(photo via Pinterest)

Gift Guide 2012: For The Little Men

click to enlarge
1/ legos seem to be all the rage right now (seriously, it's all my kid talks about with his buds) and this Star Wars Advent Calendar is packed with character figurines, which, from what I've been told, is the best part  2/ cotton striped pj's... you had me at striped  3/ as with #1 hex bugs are hot right now, and make for great stocking stuffers!  4/ a gun for the gun shy parents, while it may look aggressive, it shoots disks instead of bullets, and is sure to make any little boy squeal with glee  5/ old school vans, in a can't miss me color  6/ my LM was begging for a robe, and now wears this one every second he is home  7/ a great hat for all those dudes out there  8/ my favorite shirt of all time  9/ what little boy (or girl) wouldn't love staring up at the stars at night, here is a miniature version if you aren't ready for the commitment (this is at the top of the LM's list)  10/ Yes, I'm obsessed... the tepee is still the perfect gift

Stay tuned, next week I have gifts for those little ladies, the hostess, and the home!

Hope you've enjoyed my holiday picks!

Gift Guide 2012: For Baby

Thursday, November 29, 2012

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1/ Baby shoes that any little guy or girl would be happy to walk in (mom too!)  2/ Ikea does it again with their rocking moose, you can get it here to avoid the insanity that is their store  3/ a personalized baby blanket that happens to be budget busting but also so freaking amazing it makes me cry a little  4/ my favorite sweater of all time  5/ equally as cute is this little hipster romper  6/ one of my very favorite baby presents was from fellow blogger Grams, and this one is just as sweet (check out her handmade girls dresses too!)  7/ how adorable is this pillow case? this is on my list for gray now that he's old enough for a pillow  8/ the most perfect onesie ever made  9/ you can't go wrong with classic wood toys, there's a reason that they never went out of style (both are from land of nod)

Up next, gifts for the little dudes!

Gift Guide 2012: For Him.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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1/ a killer coffee table book that you would be proud to display  2/ it is my life's mission to get my husband in a cardigan, this one is the dream  3/ a candle that smells like a fireplace (this one is actually at the top of my Christmas list too!)  4/ a throwback hoodie = instant style for your man  5/ monogrammed double old fashioned glasses are a bar's best friend  6/ this is such a great gift for any man, the DIY can be found here  7/ these x-large ice cubes are one of my favorite things, I use mine in my white wine, your man will find many more uses I'm sure ;)  8/ the perfect letterpress coaster...  9/ a watch that any sportsman would be happy to wear

Coming tomorrow, gifts for baby! 

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: For Her.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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1/ a beautiful blouse for all seasons, in a unique silhouette  2/ a phenomenal statement necklace with a price tag that won't break the bank  3/ Fleur de lis pajamas... in flannel...  4/ a great animal print loafer which will go with everything she owns (equally as cute are these, and half the price)  5/ tastemakers sharing their ideal bookshelf... this one is definitely on my holiday list  6/ every mom on the planet would love this gift, a way to dress up the camera that is always around her neck  7/great bag for after the gym, roomy enough for use as a diaper bag, and cute enough for every day wear  8/ a perfectly simple gold necklace  9/ i've been cooking from this almost every day and I still have half the book dogeared, so great for all those foodies in your life  10/ the most practical (and stylish) rain boot on the planet...bonus, they're also travel friendly

Tomorrow, gifts for those handsome men in your life!


Monday, November 26, 2012

 I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We had a great time with our family, and despite having to bring the two kids home by myself (best birth control ever) the trip will go down as a success in the memory books! As expected, there was quite a lot of playing in the woods, tree climbing, fort building, and the LM's world was rocked when he was granted permission to shoot the family BB gun (don't worry, no cans were harmed during the taking of the following pictures ;)). Now we are fully in Christmas mode around these parts, and tonight's activity includes making snowflake garland! I am hard at work on those annual gift guides, so stay tuned the rest of the week!!!!

Here is a little taste of Thanksgiving in the country. 

(camp LM)

(my own personal bottle of homemade egg nog: gone)

Thanksgiving Links.

Monday, November 19, 2012

 It's that time of the year, and tomorrow we embark on our annual trip to Grandma's house! Over the river, and through the woods... to Maryland we go! Gray and I stayed home last year, given my fear of traveling with a 3 month old, so I am extra excited, because he finally gets to meet the whole family!!! Our plans for the week include fishing, fort building, cap gun shooting, tractor driving, and, of course, egg nog drinking! Thanksgiving doesn't get more traditional than it does with my husband's family (hay bale pictures included) and after 10 years, I couldn't imagine spending the holiday any other way!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you are able to share some turkey with the people you love! Here are some links to get your holiday started a little early! See you all next Monday!

I've been having a Lyle Lovett moment. (my mom would be so proud)

What I'll be reading while the kids are running around in the woods. I am dying to start!

Another great haircut! I'm still LOVING my shorter hair!

How cute are these loafers? I heart them.

This kid kills me. Are we sure he isn't mine?

A bunch of you asked where my faux fur vest was from... you can get it here.

The perfect Thanksgiving breakfast, that you prepare the night before. Genius!

More gold nails

This is what Santa is bringing me this year. I bow down. 

Pajamas are the perfect gift, and it doesn't get any better than these.

What a great idea for those of you who can't fit a tree in your home! Wish I thought of this years ago!

Finally, a real letter from Santa. I'm definitely doing this for my Christmas obsessed little man! (he already has his nails painted with red and green sparkles!)

(Photo via Rue Magazine)

Best Decision Ever!

Friday, November 16, 2012

 So, I TOTALLY went for it, and cut a whopping 5-6 inches off my hair! I can't even tell you how good it felt, and immediately I knew I made the right decision. I realize this is only hair we are talking about, but I had become so attached to my long, long hair, that I found it to be really freeing just to walk in and say... chop it off! 

The whole morning was kind of surreal, as I was literally running to my appointment after I dropped the kids off, and when I walked in and my idol was there, as well. I was so nervous about the big cut, that I forgot that I was supposed to be nervous about talking to her, and then 15 minutes later the whole thing was done, and I again had to run out to try to make it to the gym. I quickly realized I had to snap a pic for you all, given that you all convinced me to cut it, and , well, if yesterday's pics weren't awkward enough... here are a few more, close up, and without makeup. Lucky you ;)

Isn't it fab? I have to say I couldn't be more pleased with the final result. As my stylist was chopping away we discussed how I could keep this from looking like a "mid-length, I'm trying to grow my hair out, cut"  and he said the key is a very blunt cut, with only a few wispy lawyers in the front. This makes the cut look intentional, and he said under the collarbone is naturally flattering. Well, whatever he did worked, and all throughout the city I was getting compliments on my hair right and left!

I was a little nervous about how it would look when I don't have time to blow dry it (like every day of my life) and was so pleased when, after I took the boys swimming, I realized didn't even have a brush, and naturally it dried into this sexy Kate Moss(ish) bob. 


Thanks for all your comments yesterday! You all totally made me brave! 

Happy weekend!

More On "The Haircut."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

 While obsessing over "the haircut" I came across the perfect example. 



I just can't get over how polished she looks with the shorter hair.

This is exactly what I want. 

I must say if my hair were any thicker or had any natural curl, then I would feel differently. 

But... it doesn't. 

I think I have my answer.

Snip, snip.

It May Be Time.

 Ever since I chopped my hair off, right after the LM was born, I have vowed to never again take more than 2 inches off. EVER. Seriously, I planned on being buried with hair that went to my to my belt. Well, after seeing myself in pictures lately, I think it may be time for a snip snip. I think I may have made the turn from boho chic to hippie dippie about 5 inches ago and now I am fiending for hair cut... like tomorrow!

Tell me what you think. So, these incredibly awkward pictures were taken by the LM in a failed attempt at "how I wore it." I never post the outfits, because I can't seem to figure out how to pose for the camera, without looking totally geeky. Plus, we have very low light in our apartment, and taking nighttime pictures is pretty impossible. Poor quality pictures + awkward posing = not fit for blog viewership. Anyway, this time I am willing to make an exception if you tell me it's okay to cut my hair. If you promise to hold my hand while I do it, I'll even email you the outtakes. 

Please delete this image from your mind as soon as you look at the hair. 

See what I'm talking about? WAY too long. Right?

Don't you think something like this would be better?

Like way better?

So much more chic and sophisticated. 

I know you agree.

I'm not kidding about the tomorrow piece. I have an appointment on the books. 

Please help me. 

P.S. I wish I had better pictures from last night because that outfit may have been my favorite of all time. It didn't hurt that gray couldn't stop petting me ;)

Speaking of Sparkle...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

 Okay, so I realize that not everyone is a sequin junkie like me (why? oh why?) but I saw this on Pinterest the other day, and just had to share.


 How great is this gold tipped, french manicure !?!?

This is such a great way to add a little interest to any outfit, and it's minimal enough that even you sequin-phobes can wear it with pride! Now, I will be the first to admit that I loathe the french manicure (I know there are some of you out there who will completely disagree) BUT I am just over the moon for this delicate, updated version of the original! This is perfect for any holiday/ New Year's Eve party, and I think I might be rocking some gold tips at Thanksgiving next week.

Too much? Nah, there is no such thing ;)

Sparkle day AND night.

Where do I sign?