Friday, December 21, 2012

 Like most of you, I still can't get the thoughts of what happened in Newtown, last week, out of my head. It's the first thing I think of when I wake up at night, and throughout the day I find that my thoughts are always with those poor babies. Ever since I heard the tragic news, I can't get enough of my kids. Like all of a sudden they are more real, and fragile, and funny, and sweet, and they smell and feel different. I can't stop holding them, touching them, and feeling so grateful that I got to spend this entire week, in beautiful, sunny California, with almost my entire family. I was so relieved not to have to send the LM to school on Monday, and currently he is sleeping on the floor of our room. Knowing that he is only an arms reach away has brought me so much comfort these past few days. Yet, I still feel so much sadness, for those 26 families who never get to see their precious loved ones again. My heart is so heavy, and I am JUST SO ANGRY, and even more so today, after that press conference from the "other side." I don't know what the solution is to forever stop this kind of sensless violence (short of banning all guns, which I am totally in favor of) but I do know that the answer is not fighting guns with more guns. Violence with more violence. No, now, more than ever we need a feeling of peace, community, love, understanding, and infinite time with the ones we love. I hope you all have some of that in your life. 

Here is how I've been spending my days with the boys (when I am willing to let them out of my arms, of course.)

Peace to you all.


Rob and Amber said...

Amen, Robin. Amen. Did you see that beautiful tribute on The Voice for the victims? Oh my. I recommend googling it if you haven't. (And I don't even watch The Voice.)

Also, I just read this article on -,,20656736_20658893,00.html - one of the survivors from Vicki Soto's class. What a brave little boy!

And another article I read talked about how we'll hear the killer's name over and over and over again in the media. And that's true. It said we should all commit one of the victim's name to memory, and never forget it. I want to do that. Because we'll most likely never forget the killer's name. And he isn't the one that should be remembered until the end of time.

I just think there are so many things wrong with our culture... we need better healthcare for the mentally ill. I don't know why people thinking having better/stricter gun control is taking away their right "to bear arms." SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE on so many levels. I don't know what the solution is, but something has to change.

Also... This is an interesting article about guns in Japan -

Yummy Mummy said...

You said it girl. I pray for us all.