Loafer Love.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

 I don't know what has been holding me back, but last week I finally bought my first pair of loafers, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love them! So far, I've worn them to girl's night, a function at the LM's school, all around town, and on my daily school run. I have to say they are so comfortable that I kind of feel like I am wearing slippers out in public, which just adds to their awesomeness. I generally considered myself to be an oxford kind of girl, but assuming these guys hold up, I think I may be converted to a loafer lover. I love how they look with distressed denim, but they are equally as cool with a skirt or pair of cropped trousers for the office. I prefer a little stud detail, but I know not everyone appreciates the harder edge (pointing to my husband.)

Here is a round up of my current favorites. 

clockwise from top center
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 

The New Monogram.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

 I feel like there are two kinds of people in this world; those who monogram, and those who don't. 
Have you ever noticed that those who "do" really do? You know who you are, as your reading this on your phone with your monogrammed case, that coordinates with your monogrammed iPad cover, while leaning back on your monogrammed pillows. 

Listen, I'm not hating at all, I have friends who would probably monogram their kids if they could, and I love them all the more for it. As far as monogramming goes, it has just never really been my thing. Always, when given the choice, I either spell out the whole name, or leave it blank. I always get so confused with the dozen or so graphic choices, and then the thread color, placement, and to be honest I'm never sure what letter goes where, and depending on the website I know I'm bound to screw it up. Also, those big capital letters saying there are no returns once the item is personalized is typically the clincher for me. 

I think my non-monograming ways are about to change now that I've been seeing the "new" monogram, with its simple lettering and easy placement. I have to say the modern touch it adds really has me intrigued. The bonus, of course, is that it is really hard to mess it up, and that too is right up my alley. 

Here is a little of what I'm talking about. 





For a pretty non traditional girl, I have to say I'm loving this modern update! So much so, that when purchasing a new tray for our ottoman, I decided to get a little wild and chose this monogram for it. I know, I know, living on the edge ;)

What do you all think? Are you a fan of the new monogram, or will you stay true to the more traditional form? I think I might be changing my personalization ways. Who knows, maybe soon this too will be my motto. 

Wardrobe Essentials: Save, Crave, Investment #5

Monday, September 23, 2013

It seems like boyfriend jeans are EVERYWHERE this season, and I have to say, I still wear the pair I bought five years ago at least three times a week. So much so, that my holes have grown beyond repair, and I had to go out in search of the replacement (hint I picked up the "splurge" pair and they are awesome!) While I love the slouchy look, over the past few years I have found myself gravitating towards the distressed skinny leg for everyday wear. This jean can be dressed up with a blazer and heels, just as easily as the "weekend" look can be completed with a tee/ sweatshirt and oxfords/loafers. While I had my doubts a few years back, I have to admit, this is definitely one trend that is here to stay, and that makes me very, very happy. 

Below is some inspiration. As you can see you can rip 'em a little, or a lot, just make sure they are distressed. I love how laid back, and cool they can make the simplest of outfits become!

Here are some options for how to get the look. Given that they are made to rip (and will) and can be worn slouchy, this is one clothing item that it seems silly to break the bank on, hence the lack of "investment" option. I bought the J. Crew pair a few weeks back, and almost cried when they had to go in the wash this morning.  

source/ source

It's not a coincidence that these pair perfectly with Wardrobe essentials #1- 4 which can be found here

Oh, and I've heard some people saying that they may be too "old" for this look. 

my hero
Never!!! Age is just a state of mind!

Weekend Links.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I feel like I say this a lot, but how is it Friday already? Seriously, this is one week that flew by! Per the usual we have no "big" plans, other than a happily forced date night tonight, celebrating the retirement of one of the legends from my husband's work, and the rest of the weekend will be spent catching up with the kids. Now that the LM is in school full time, we find ourselves really missing the little guy! 

I hope you all have something fun planned. I think we are probably the only ones who won't be apple picking this weekend. You've got to love Fall in New England! 

Here are a few fun link from around the web! See you all Monday.

I don't know what it is with my 90's nostalgia these days, but y'all... this is Jordan Catalano err Jared Leto. I cannot even begin to tell you how obsessed I was with him. This cover is pretty impressive

I had no idea that an upgrade to my phone would make me so incredibly happy! Seriously, IOS7 is amazing. This video blew my mind even further!

Speaking of iPhone. This app has changed my life! (Thank you Susan!!!) I don't really use the GPS feature, but more to tell me when I need to leave the house So far it's been shockingly accurate!

I'm still trying to stick to my no shopping challenge, but these I could not resist during the last 25% off sale. They are incredibly comfortable and just as amazing in person as they look online!

I was rolling on the floor while reading this. So true, yet I am powerless against my love for Whole Foods. It doesn't hurt that we have TWO within a quarter mile from our house!

Anyone who lives in New England knows this guy! haha

The "it look" for Fall. I'm sold!

How is it possible that I don't have a place for this in my home? West Elm perfection!

I know, last week I was all about bangs, but I'm already annoyed with the idea, and I never even cut them. It really is such a love/hate relationship. This cut is my newest obsession. Done and done.

My new favorite side dish

Have you all been to Sweetgreen yet? I cannot get enough! My favorite is the kale Cesar, substitute falafel for chicken. I count the days until Friday when I can get down to the Boylston location. 

Thanks to this post, I have found my newest muse! Could she be ANY cooler? Not possible. 

Finally, My proof that IVF works is sitting right next to me, eating crackers. Do not give up hope!!!

(Photo via here, photographer unknown) This reminds me of what pickup looks like!

This Is Why People Hire Decorators.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

 I had planned to blog my latest installment of my series "wardrobe essentials" today*, but a last minute call from the framers that the flag I had been waiting forever for, coupled with both kids at school, very quickly took priority over anything and everything in life (cause I'm crazy like that.) The minute I got the VERY large flag home I quickly let out a F#$&, then I shed a few tears, called my sister, and got to work. I had a few places in mind when I dreamed up the damn thing, but seeing it in person, I started to regret even ordering it in the first place. It didn't help that after my girlfriend helped me hang some pictures I was already feeling kind of settled in the room. I had to quickly discard the thoughts, because we all know framing isn't cheap (although I did get it for 40% off at Blick) and I got to work. Not before texting everyone in my address book, "this is why people hire decorators!!!!"

Here is the room before. The double groupings had really grown on me, although they left Gray's room feeling a bit empty since most were "borrowed" from him. My apologizes to all second children out there ;).

You can see I first tried hanging the flag over the chalkboard wall, which had to be higher than I would have liked because of its need to clear the light switch. 

Once it was up, it was clear that it was not only too high, but the room was just overwhelmed by ALL those pictures. I also really want to put some shelves over that wall to house my little man's 10,000 Legos that are currently overrunning his room and window sills. 

Next, I tried to center it over what will someday be Gray's bed. I know, you all are thinking why not just center it in the middle and lose the groupings, but due to a heating issue, we have an electric baseboard heater in the room and the control is in right where the picture would need to go. I looked into it to having it moved, and for what it would cost, we might as well move first. 

It's hard to tell from this angle, but once it was up, it was obvious that it wasn't going to work there. The whole thing was off, and after some more tears, and more calls to my sister, I was defeated. We decided that maybe if I moved it over a foot it could work. 

Miracles do happen, because the second it was up, I knew it was perfect!**

I have to say I really lucked out with this one. I think perhaps I've been getting a little too confident after some of my design choices turned out exactly how I imagined and I've now learned that there may be a place for designers after all. That or Xanax.

 I swear, my heart can't handle many more big ticket items. The sofa alone almost put me in an early grave. Good thing we are about 98% done!

*I promise to bring that back starting next week!

On Impulse.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When it comes to shopping for our home, or my closet, I rarely buy things on impulse. Sure, I will be in a store, or walking by and pick something up that I wasn't planning. But internally, I am always running a list of things I "need" want, and said item usually fits within those constraints. In the past I've found that when I do buy something completely on impulse, without fail, I end up regretting it or returning it, which is why I'm somewhat shocked that right now my favorite thing in my home is something that I bought last week, on the spot, which was most definitely not on my need or want list. 

Honestly, I think it's better if I just show it to you. 

Okay, I know what you are thinking. "Have you lost your mind, lady?" And I have, but in a good way, I think. See I know at first glance, it's the most ridiculous stool ever, and it is, but isn't it also kind of fantastic? I want to use it in the future guest room, which is only large enough to house a queen bed and a small side table, as sort of a conversation piece. As in, "remember when we stayed at  Robin's house and she had that crazy goat stool, with the gold painted nails at the end of the bed??? That was kind of awesome." You know, that kind of conversation. 

 I agree on its own the thing looks freaky weird, but when I saw it, all of these images popped into my head. The ones I has been bookmarking and pinning for the past few years. 







Sure these are a little more on the "safe" side compared to the weirdness that I picked up, but still I think the vibe is the same and I love the texture and funkiness that it will add to what otherwise will be a fairly simple room. For those of you who know me, by simple I mean, pattern on pattern on pattern, but in this case I will "try" to stick with one or two colors. I mean, I can't try to compete with that stool now can I?

What do you think? Domino chic or totally insane? I think it's probably somewhere in the middle, but I love him so much, that he's a keeper no matter what. Of course, that big no return stamp on receipt made sure of that ;). Like I said, I'm not one to shop of impulse, but this time I think I may have lucked out. Or not. I think we may have to wait until the big reveal before we can judge that one. 

Have any of you bought something completely insane, only to love it afterword? Or is it always the other way around? I'd love to know!

P.S. For those of you who like the look, without the weirdness, I found this little guy from etsy who would fit the bill perfectly (freaky legs not included.) 


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I don't know if it's because they miss each other now that the LM is in school full time, or if it is due to the fact that Gray can now talk, which makes him so much more fun to be around (said by all of us) but lately the boys just can't seem to get enough of each other. After a long summer of battle after battle, I have to say that this is a welcome change 'round these parts, and one that I hope is here to stay. Here is a little of what these two buddies have been up to the past week or two. 

{Static, what static? Now you see why his nickname is "Little Lion"}

{Enjoying the last few drops of Summer with a visit to Mr. Frosty in the Public Garden for ice cream and hot dogs}

{Only in Cambridge will they build a year round ice skating rink... now if only they would start on the dang skateboard park!}

{Speaking of skate parks, we tried out a new one last week, which just happened to coincide with a 100 degree day!!! Luckily, there was a little tech deck area for cooling off.}

{Someone really enjoyed their first day of school. Oh, and Gray had a great time too ;)}

{Just hanging out in their PJ's talking about skateboard decks}

{Sunday morning pumpkin spice donut making}

{Daddy was away last weekend, and the boys and I took the train in to town, and walked/biked back over the bridge. Just another reason why I am never leaving Cambridge.. that view!} 

{Future Mike D? My little trendsetter. No, he didn't win that medal, it just his favorite "accessory." I can totally respect that!}

{I have to say I'm loving my mornings alone with this sweet little guy. Earlier this week I took him in to J. Crew, something I NEVER would have tried with the LM, and he just walked around kissing all the mannequins hands and introducing himself. He decided that he "loved" this one. With that leopard baseball hat, who can blame him?}

{A great pic of the LM doing what he does best}

Happy Tuesday!