Current Lust Item: Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

  I've been on the hunt for a new bag for about 3 years now, and for one reason or another, I have been having the hardest time finding the one that was just right for me.  Initially, I thought I might want a lifetime, blow the bank, happy next 10 birthdays to me kind of bag, but last year after almost pulling the plug, I remembered that I am a mother of two, running from one place to another, and a beautiful bag would would not only get destroyed, but wouldn't be very practical.  So, instead, I've been sticking with canvas bags, and pulling out my trusty old tote, day after day. 

Over the Summer, I started seeing pictures of the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, and I was intrigued.  From day one I pretty much fell in love with the clean lines, and simplicity of the bag, but I cast it away thinking that it would be far out of the price range that I had envisioned in my mind.  Instead, I went to pinning and pining, and it was only about a week ago that I actually tracked it down, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bag I wanted (mini/ black) was actually under $500.  After mulling it over for a few more days, I finally decided that YES!!!! this is absolutely the bag I want for the next 5 years of my life, and that I can't think of anything else I would want for Christmas, and please please please can it be mine.  That kind of decision.  I had bookmarked a few websites that said they had it in stock, and when I went to purchase it today, I found that it was sold out everywhere.  Just to make sure, my SIL called one of the vendors where she was told, "there are no more left in the world."

The WORLD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Obviously, I did some digging and its true, this f$%&ing bag is so damn popular that there really isn't one in all of the interwebs.  I'm now kicking myself for not looking sooner, and obviously this is at the bottom of the list as far as bad things go, but I still really wish I could find it.  After signing up for a dozen newsletters, I'm hoping I can grab one when they re-stock in December, but we all know how that game goes.  Until then, I have these images to drool over, and who knows, maybe Santa is real, and maybe he has a line on fine leather goods.  I know I've been a good girl! ;)

She is a thing of beauty, isn't she?

In general I am a huge fan of the bucket bag, and thought I'd do a little crave/ save/ investment. The bottom bag is only $30 and I have to admit I'm loving that it comes in emerald green! 

(My Love)


If anyone sees one out and about, email me.  Seriously.  I promise to send back the most incredible shopping karma in return!!!

Weekend Links.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Happy iPhone 6 day Friday!  Yes, I am one of those people who has been tracking UPS like it's carrying my baby today, but in my defense I have been working with an iPhone 4 (not s) for about a year now, and while I can handle the screen held together with duct tape, the 2 hour battery life has pretty much crippled me.  Finally, I get to see what all the rest of you have been talking about for about a year, and I don't know, actually make a call?!?!  Other than messing with my new toy, we are hanging low this weekend, and spending as much time outside as we can because it's supposed to be gorgeous here! Summer, please never leave!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, here are a few links from around the web that caught my eye. See you next week!

After spending a year with my shorter hair, I've decided to give mid-length a go, with this as my inspiration.  I really feel like this length doesn't always get its full credit.  These 11 celebs show that it might just be the perfect length.  Don't worry, the platinum blonde isn't going anywhere, anytime soon... as in ever!


I pre-ordered my phone a week ago, and it's currently on the truck out for delivery.  Easy peasy.  These people clearly didn't get the memo. 

Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix.  Cue the binge watching!

This at home drunken noodle recipe looks as easy as it is delicious!  I've been craving all things spicy lately and might have to give this a whirl on Sunday.

Looks like spring is going to be just as casual (and comfortable) as Fall.  Sign me up!

A beautiful and moving love story.

The only thing I actually care about from NYFW.  Love #20!!!

Self control... Wait, what's that? ;) Here is how to master it. (taking notes)

Stylish sweatpants.  Yes, you had me at sweatpants.

Still holding on to Summer, and dreaming of these 7 s'mores recipes.  How is it that I never thought of throwing a Reese's peanut butter cup in in the middle.  Gah, genius!!!

Nailed it!  I know who I'd appoint as NFL commissioner.

50 things you probably didn't know about Sex and the City.

I'm loving these wreaths for a simple table setting for the holidays.  Boxwood for the win, and yes, it's way to early to talk holidays!  My lips are now sealed until November!

Finally,  I am always a little blown away by the comments that some people will leave on blogs, specifically design ones. Sure, we all think these things sometimes, but to actually take the time to write it knowing someone on the other end is a) human, and b) reading,  is something I cannot comprehend.  That being said, I think there are a lot of the big time bloggers who refuse to allow any criticism, even of the constructive nature.  You see it over and over again where someone will question a choice, and not only are they attacked by the blogger, but also their spouse, parents, dog, and legion of readers.  This article sums this up nicely.  Clearly, it seems like moderating the forum is key.

73 Questions with Anna Wintour.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

 I'm a little crazed today, but I had to pop in to post the newest installment of my favorite series 73 questions.  This time it's with the queen herself, Anna Wintour.  I have to say, she seems a little uncomfortable during her questioning, kind of the opposite of SJP, but still, it's Anna, and it's yet another look inside Vogue, so there's that.  I really hope they continue this series forever.  I think Hillary Clinton would be the dream get!

Oh, and journey ;)

Back tomorrow with some weekend links! xo


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I mentioned last week that we spent the Summer traveling from coast to coast to coast to coast.  Here is a little of what I like to call the "highlight real" from our adventures. As you can see, we had a great time, but just like they always say, "there is no place like home!"

So long Summer 2014... 'twas a good one!

Nursery to a Guest Room.

Monday, September 15, 2014

 Right now, I'm beginning the process of moving the boys in to the same room.  I say beginning, because other than talking about it (ad nauseum) and ordering a bed, we have done very little as far as the actual move goes.  As much as I'd love to have them in the same room, between travel, illnesses, and newly discovered nighttime fears, the actual move-in date still seems pretty far away.  However, knowing how we operate, I'm sure that one day soon I will just decide it's happening, and that will be the end of that.  The band-aide approach, which pretty much sums up my parenting philosophy. 

The great thing about the boys moving it together (when it actually happens) is that we will finally have a real, adult guest room.  Gray's room is pretty small, but with a little tweaking, I think I can get a queen sized bed in there, and around that make a little oasis for our guests.  I've been so torn over concept, because the last thing I want to do is switch out the current lighting, curtains, and my beloved ceiling stripes.  Lately, i've been giving it some thought, and I've decided that the best way to incorporate those features is to keep everything very clean, and white, with a few pops of color and pattern.  What I've dubbed "California cool."

Here is a little of what I have going on in my head as far as inspiration goes.

... and what I already have for the room. (click to enlarge)

I think the end result is going to be fantastic, and I can't wait to finally be able to have our family and friends visit and be able to give them a space of their own! So long air mattresses, hello Malibu Beach House... or something like that! ;)

Now, I just have to rip off that band-aide! 

My Sister's Save the Date.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Plans for my little sister's wedding are coming along nicely, and I have to admit I am LOVING my new role as wedding planner!  So far we have found her dress, the bridesmaid dresses (both stunning), a caterer, a photographer, a band, a venue, and right now we are finalizing the menu and linens.  Considering we still have nine months to go, I feel really good about what we've accomplished, and hopefully this means we won't be scrambling in the weeks before the big day arrives.

Our first order of business was to create the perfect Save the Date card.  Since we had the wedding date set in stone, we figured it was better to get them out a little on the early side since the guest list is fairly small, and she wanted to make sure everyone would be available for the event.  Initially we were at a loss for what we wanted to do, and both the bride and groom were adamant that they didn't want a picture of themselves on the card.  You know, the one where the couple looks dreamily in to each others eyes?  While that makes for a beautiful card, they both recognized that it just wouldn't be very "them."  What I really wanted was to create a card that would show off both of their personalities, but would also reflect them as a couple.  My sister is pretty bohemian and free spirited, while her fiancé is somewhat more of a traditional guy.  He loves riding motorcycles, so I really wanted to make sure that his passion was somehow incorporated in to their wedding.

After looking at inspiration images, I found myself constantly coming back to these two images, and started thinking of how we would be able to include one of his bikes for the what would be the first impression of the wedding.

I had an idea to make a license plate for the one the motorcycles, and cover it with flowers to reflect the two of them as a couple.  The lovely Julie from Posh and Prep, and I chatted, and together we decided that chalkboard paper, over cardboard would be the best way to go, and she designed a perfect sign, that we then tacked a few simple grocery store bouquets to.  We taped it to the back of the existing license plate, and photographed it in a park near my house.  The end result was even better than I imagined, and the two of them couldn't have been more excited with the final product.

I love how individual this is to them as a couple, and I think it sets a perfect tone for what is going to be a pretty awesome affair.  Save the dates, done... only about a million details left to go!

Left Foot, Right Foot.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Another September 11th, 13 years after that September 11th.  Every year we all know it's coming, and then the date arrives, and it's impossible not to mourn like it didn't just happen the day or week before.  Like all of you, I can remember exactly where I was the moment that first tower was hit, and the stories of those who were lost, and those who were saved, will stay with me until the day I die.  For me it's the unfairness, and the randomness of events like this, that I will never be able to get my head around.  Why were some people late for work that day, while others went in early?  Why did some miss their flight that day, while others were allowed and earlier flight?  Why did the towers collapse? Why, why, why?

As someone who thrives on control in my own life, this not knowing if we are next is what keeps me up at night.  Why do so many bad things happen to so many good people?  I feel like this is unequivocally the worst part of life.  Right now, our dearest friends are dealing with something so unimaginable with their new baby girl and ever since I've heard the news, I just keep thinking why them.  Why not us?  Why is this a reality for two of the greatest people we know?  Why do I get to spend my day thinking about absolute crap, and they have to spend theirs with fear and worry.  It's just not right, and the fact that there are no answers to these questions makes these terrible events feel all the more overwhelming.

I read this quote by the incredible Anne Lamott over the Summer (and about 100 times since) and it seems more than fitting on a day like this. It helps to calm the noise and worry in my own head, and I hope it does the same for you.

 "Many mornings I check out the news as soon as I wake up, because if it turns out that the world is coming to an end that day, I am going to eat the frosting off an entire carrot cake; just for a start. Then I will move onto vats of clam dip, pots of crime brûlée, nachos, M & M's etc. Then I will max out both my credit cards.

I used to think that if the world--or I--were coming to an end, I'd start smoking again, and maybe have a cool refreshing pitcher of lime Rickeys. But that's going too far, because if the world or I was saved at the last minute, I'd be back in the old familiar nightmare. In 1986, grace swooped down like a mighty mud hen, and fished me out of that canal. I got the big prize. I can't risk losing it.

But creme brûlée, nachos, maybe the random Buche Noel? Now you're talking.

The last two weeks have been about as grim and hopeless as any of us can remember, and yet, I have not gotten out the lobster bib and fork. The drunken Russian separatists in Ukraine with their refrigerated train cars? I mean, come on. Vonnegut could not have thought this up. Dead children children on beaches, and markets, at play, in the holy land?? Stop.

The two hour execution in festive Arizona? Dear God.

And let's not bog down on the stuff that was already true, before Ukraine, Gaza, Arizona, like the heartbreaking scenes of young refugees at our border, the locals with their pitchforks. The people in ruins in our own families. Or the tiny problem that we have essentially destroyed the earth--I know, pick pick pick.

Hasn't your mind just been blown lately, even if you try not to watch the news? Does it surprise you that a pretty girl's mind turns to thoughts of entire carrot cakes, and credit cards?

My friend said recently, "It's all just too Lifey. No wonder we all love TV." Her 16 year old kid has a brain tumor. "Hey, that's just great, God. Thanks a lot. This really works for me."

My brother's brand new wife has tumors of the everything. "Fabulous, God. Loving your will, Dude."

My dog Lily's ear drum burst recently, for no apparent reason, with blood splatter on the walls on the entire house--on my sleeping grandson's pillow. Do you think I am well enough for that?
Let me go ahead and answer. I'm not. It was CSI around here; me with my bad nerves. And it burst again last night.


Did someone here get the latest updated owner's manual? Were they handed out two weeks ago when I was getting root canal, and was kind of self-obsessed and out of it? The day before my dog's ear drum first burst? If so, is there is an index, and if so, could you look up Totally Fucking Overwhelm?

I have long since weeded out people who might respond to my condition by saying cheerfully, "God's got a perfect plan." Really? Thank you! How fun.

There is no one left in my circle who would dare say, brightly, "Let Go and Let God," because they know I would come after them with a fork.

It's not that I don't trust God or grace or good orderly direction anymore. I do, more than ever. I trust in divine intelligence, in love energy, more than ever, no matter what things look like, or how long they take. It's just that right now cute little platitudes are not helpful.

I'm not depressed. I'm overwhelmed by It All. I don't think I'm a drag. I kind of know what to do. I know that if I want to have loving feelings, I need to do loving things. It begins by putting your own oxygen mask on first: I try to keep the patient comfortable. I do the next right thing: left foot, right foot, left foot, breathe. I think Jesus had a handle on times like these: get thirsty people water. Feed the hungry. Try not to kill anyone today. Pick up some litter in your neighborhood. Lie with your old dog under the bed and tell her what a good job she is doing with the ruptured ear drum.

I try to quiet the drunken Russian separatists of my own mind, with their good ideas. I pray. I meditate. I rest, as a spiritual act. I spring for organic cherries. I return phone calls.

I remember the poor. I remember an image of Koko the sign-language gorilla, with the caption, "Law of the American Jungle: remain calm. Share your bananas." I remember Hushpuppy at the end of Beasts of the Southern Wild, just trying to take some food home to her daddy Wink, finally turning to face the hideous beast on the bridge, facing it down and saying, "I take care care of my own."

I take care of my own. You are my own, and I am yours--I think this is what God is saying, or trying to, over the din. We are each other's. There are many forms of thirst, many kinds of water."

-Anne Lamott

 Left foot, right foot. Sometimes in a world of unfairness, that's all you can do.

Love to you all on this September 11.