OMFGeorge Michael

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday night my life was forever changed. Sunday I went my first (yes first) concert ever, and it was AMAZING. My bestie K.D. and I saw George Michael play at the Garden and seriously it was on of the best nights of my life. George (yes, we are on a first name basis) was so hot and the concert was unbelievable. We had awesome seats and I still don't have a voice from screaming "Freedom" at the top of my lungs. Here are some pics from my seat. Also, check out this video from YouTube and you will see why I am now COMPLETELY obsessed with George Michael.
This is George singing my favorite "Father Figure"

Here is the crowd during the "Freedom" you see why I have no voice.

Below is a pic of George telling the crowd that he is no longer going to date men, rather he and I are running away together. Yes, I made that last part up but a girl can dream can't she?

A 1 Month Old Getting a Face Lift?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My baby is all grown up! No, not my real baby, my Blog....silly. I thought this place needed some sprucing up. Tell me what you think of my new design, I think it is as Yummy as you can get! I'm still under construction (yes my "dream home" and my blog) for the next week, so bear with me if things are a bit out of the ordinary. I promise to be back and better than ever in no time.
Special thanks to yummiest blog designer on the net, Michelle at shabby creations.

Moving Sucks.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Given that my "dream home" is a month behind schedule, and as of Wednesday I am officially homeless, I would like to share with you a glimpse of how I have been living.

Seriously, kill me now.

At least my little man found a way to make the best of the situation!

My Favorite New Boston Additions.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love shopping in Boston. I am well aware that this is not Paris, or New York, or even LA, but for me Boston is all I need. Well that, and some high speed internet for my other love, online shopping.

Anyhoo, between Newbury Street, Copley Mall, Chestnut Hill Mall, and the best of them all the Nadick Collection, Boston has all my heart can desire.....and my wallet can afford.

Here are two of my new favs:

Parlor. This trendy little south end boutique is one of the best boutiques in all of Boston. Featuring hard-to-find labels in a hip and unique storefront, this store will surely have something to please even the most picky fashionista. Specializing in women's clothing and accessories- this store also has the friendliest staff and reasonable prices for the eclectic collection.

Specializing in that LBD, dress has expanded to offer a showroom full of amazing clothes. Dress carries collections from all of the hottest designers (think Phillip Lim.) The staff is extremely helpful, and they lack that small boutique snobbery. I have found many of my favorites at this little store, and Dress has become my go to for that perfect outfit!

Happy Shopping!

Birthday Parties for a One Year Old? Really???

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Please don't judge me.

I am having a birthday party for my one year old. I realize this is TOTALLY ridiculous, but in my defense I present the following case.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I did not set out to have a party. It all began when my mother-in-law decided to come to visit for my little man's first birthday (from Europe). Then my brother-in-law, and sister-in-law planned a trip up here at the same time. It just so happens that my sister is also in town for the summer. AND to top it all off we will have just moved into our new dream home!

Ok, I see you rolling your eyes at me, juror number 12, but what a better time is there to throw a party???? Of course this party would need a theme, and Liam's birthday is right at that time.....and well there you go. I am having a big party for a one year old.

Here is how I am trying NOT to go overboard (this is not an easy task, I have never been known for subtly.)
  1. We are having a Brunch. Complete with bloody mary's and mimosas...a little alcohol in the morning never hurt anyone as far as I am concerned and it may distract from the fact that this is a party for someone who can't walk or talk yet.
  2. In the (adorable) invitations I requested that our guests not being presents.
  3. The majority of the guests will be adults. I am considering this our only housewarming party. Two birds, one stone.
  4. All of the paperware, utensils, etc...will be coming from this great company called Green Party Goods which makes all eco-friendly, biodegradable, super cute party supplies.
  5. This will be Liam's only party this year! Under no circumstances will we have more than one party.
  6. I will not buy a new outfit. Not for me and not for Liam. The fact that I have the perfect new outfit just sitting in my closet that I happend to buy for a previous occasion does not count!
In conclusion, this is not my fault! Just don't ask me if I am remorseful....this may be where my guilt will be shown, because the fact is I CAN'T WAIT!

Ok, ok you might as well just give me my punishment now.

Come Out of the Pregnancy Closet With Your Hands Up.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Why, oh why, is it that every time I open one of my weekly mags or turn on my favorite entertainment television shows I am being bombarded with "Celebrity Bump Watch" for the umpteenth time?" Can't we give these girls a little privacy????

I admit that I too am curious when a celeb is beginning to show a little wiggle in the middle, but really, do they need it plastered on the front page of every magazine? Then of course there are the lame denials that always follow, and by the time we find out if said celebrity is actually with child, said child is in kindergarten (paging Jennifer Lopez). Furthermore, more times then not it turns out that that pooch was just a little gas or the remnants of that breakfast burrito from the morning's set.

I just think that with miscarriage rates being as high as they are, it is amazingly cruel to try to out someone before they are sure if everything is a ok. Maybe the celebs should broker a deal. If every pregnant celeb, and celebutant, agreed that at 13 weeks they would hold a press conference announcing their expanding belly, then could the media hold out? Somehow I doubt it. I'm just glad that I don't have cameras following me around 24/7 because let me tell you I would be on week 50 of "bump watch."

Marriage Is a Compromise?

Friday, July 18, 2008

After almost 5 years of marriage I have just come to this shocking realization.

It all began about a year ago when my husband and I began purchasing what I call "big kid" furniture. After four years of living in an Ikea catalog, we were finally at the place in our lives where we were looking at buying actual furniture pieces that weren't made of plywood (novel idea I know.) The problem is that my husband and I have very different ideas when it comes to decorating. I'm very much into the whole beachy cape cod look, while my husband would like to live in a modern house furnished soley with steel (no joke.) Clearly we are going to run into some problems. Rather than get a divorce, I agreed to give him the bedroom, he gave me the living room, guest room, nursery, you get the idea. Enter the Atlantico bed.

I HATE this bed. If hate is the strongest word you can use, then it is pretty much appropriate here. Yes it is real wood, yes it is made of environmentally friendly sustainable wood, yes it weighs about 500 pounds......I mean could a bed be more boring?

Flash forward one year. Now that we are moving I am again putting on my interior decorator hat. I don't actually hate the bed, I have realized that I haven't put in any effort to make the bed all that the bed can be. I wasn't embracing it's vision. I tried to take this super modern piece of furniture and make it traditional. Big Mistake. This would be like me wearing Birkenstocks and a long flowy beaded skirt. Not Gonna Happen.

So basically, after listening to who the bed really is, and accepting who my husband really is (as a designer), I found what I think is a beautiful new design. Behold my new bedroom (in four to six weeks.) Yes it's modern, yes it's as organic and as environmentally friendly as you can get, and yes it's a bit pricey, but it's the perfect marriage between our styles. Who knew compromising could be so pretty?

Who Says Yoga Pants Don't Go With Everything?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

For those very yummy stay-at-home mummies lululemon athletica's stylish line of amazing gym clothes has become a fashion must have. These clothes are seriously fashionable, and suprisingly just as functional. To be honest with you my ass has never looked better than when I am wearing my grove pant; this may be why I refuse to take them off! Here are a few of my other favorites. You may see me wearing these around town, at the gym, the grocery, at the bar, you name it......seriously, if I ever do go back to work (not likely) I will find a way to incorporate these super cute pieces into my business suit.

My other boyfriend.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love getting my hair done. Not so much the act of getting it done, but rather that beautiful afterglow that only comes from those shiny new highlights and that perfect trim.

I have been getting my hair done by Vinncent Cox at one of Newbury's best boutiques, Salon Acote, since the day I moved to Boston. Vinnie and I have had our ups and downs (I asked for bangs, he obliged, bad idea), but in the end there is NO one else I would ever trust my locks to.

Since my son has been blessed with more hair than Elvis himself, Vinnie has become an expert at cutting on a moving target. Here is a picture my little man and I getting perfectly coiffed this morning.

One of us has real highlights......I let you be the judge of which one of us that is.

Twelve Hours of Pushing and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I know, I know I got more than a T-shirt.....I got stretch marks, 30 pounds of weight gain, a ton of stitches, and oh yea a crying baby!

Of course, I'm kidding. Having my son was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. That doesn't mean that carrying him for nine months, and birthing him wasn't a pain in the ass (literally..don't ask.) Having a baby is hard, and if my loving husband wanted to give me a little trinket of his affection than who am to stop him??? I did after all just birth his first son.

I'm talking about the great push present debate. There are those who think that this is a great idea (me!) and those who think it's a bit unnecessary (the majority of you out there.) I'm not a fan of them just because I got one, I just think that if you can swing it, what better time is there? I mean there I was an exhausted and crying mess. I had a one day old baby in the bassinet next to me, I literally have never looked worse in my entire life, and all of a sudden this beautiful burgundy box appeared out of no where and I was the proud new mother of the beautiful Tank watch that I had always wanted. A few days later I had the watch engraved with my son's initials and birth date and we had an instant family heirloom that I can now pass on to his wife someday; if I ever allow him to marry. I'm sure I would have gotten the watch someday, but getting it that day made it all the more special.

I did mention the stitches didn't I? As far as I'm concerned it was a small price to pay; for the baby not the watch! That on the other hand is a different that my husband won't let me forget for a long, long time. Good thing I'll have a watch to tell me when that time is.


Monday, July 14, 2008

O.K., I was just as excited as you all were to get the news early Sunday morning that the infamous Brangelina twins, Knox and Vivienne, were finally here. But really people, was all the hype necessary????

I began to get a bit bored of the whole thing when we were in day 5 of hospital watch, and my nightly news (E! news) was continually showing me pictures of the view from Angie's room. Then of course there were the fake reports of the twins making their early arrival, followed by the pictures of the pregnant woman from the hospital window who later turned out not to be Ms. Jolie. Now there is word that the first baby pics will be fetching 11 million dollars. Am I the only one who thinks that this whole celebrity baby thing has become a bit of a circus?

Things have been especially baby crazy this week with the birth of Sunday Rose Urban, Levi McConaughey, and now the twins. It makes you wonder how are these kids ever going to have a normal life? How do they not end up dancing on the tables at some club when they are 14 years old (a la Paris Hilton?) Now that Hollywood seems to have decided that babies are the hot new accessory, there seems to be no end in sight to the madness.

I am making an oath, right hand on the Bible, I will no longer buy any magazine with any celebrity baby on the cover from here on out. I may, however, continue to peruse said magazine for free in the check out line....but that doesn't count, does it? ;)

This is why you dont shop for bathing suits online.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Shopping for a bathing suit is a bad idea, shopping for a bathing suit online is a very, very bad idea. I knew this. However, after one too many beers the other night, my sister and I made this fatal mistake. Things turned out badly.....very, very badly.

It all started a week ago. My bestie K.D. is throwing a big summer beach bash this weekend. I, of course, thought that I needed a new hot bathing suit for the event. I am currently loving the Monkini and thought this would be the new perfect yummy mummy trend. After hours of searching the internet, and a few too many drinks, H.M. and I thought we found our dream swimmies, at Target of all places (yes I get cheaper the more I drink.) We thought we had made the score of the century. That was until our overnighted package arrived today.


Above is the Mariah Carey, Stripper Monkini that I will NOT be rocking tomorrow. Believe me I looked NOTHING like the girl in the picture.

Two important lessons ladies.
1) Don't drink and shop.
2) Never, Never, Never order a bathing suit online.

See you in the return aisle.

Lions, Tigers, and Lobster Bakes...OH MY!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summering at the Cape is a New England tradition dating back to the Pilgrims. Who wouldn't want to leave (flee) England, for some sun, surf, and all the lobster you can eat? As the tradition continues, many Bostonians flee this concrete jungle every Memorial day and head down South for the Summer. My fellow yummy mummy J.A. has opened her doors to us refugees next week and the only question left is what to wear?

Here are a few preppy picks I will be sporting next week:

1) A monogrammed beach bag: For carrying all those magazines and books to the beach.

2) A hot tunic. I'm loving this Tory Burch classic.

3) Cashmere cable knit sweater. A must have for those chilly nights at the clam bake.

Boston's Best Baby Boutiques.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Newbury is my second home. I admit it. Newbury is one of the reasons why I love Boston. Newbury is quaint, beautiful, and has all the shopping one could ever need. Sure, it's not New York or Paris, but after living here for five years I find a certain comfort in walking down that tree lined street and having everyone know my name. (I believe I have mentioned my small shopping addiction?)

Since having my little one, Newbury has become my haven. It is the perfect place to stroll your baby while chatting with all your fellow yummy mummies. It is also the perfect place to get all those beautiful baby clothes that you dreamed about during those 9 long months of pregnancy.

Here are a few of my favs:

1) Lester and Harry's. This is the go to spot for all things Boston baby. Think preppy! They also have the bast baby presents that come beautifully wrapped in their signature bag. You are sure to be the hit at the next baby shower.

2) Petit Bateau. All the beautiful French baby clothes that you heart can desire. A new and welcome addition to Newbury.

3) The Red Wagon. A Beacon Hill Staple. This is the best place for all those embroidered sweaters that the cool babies have. Very New England!

4) Kiwi Baby. For all those trendy south end mommies. You know who you are.

I hope you enjoy these little treasures as much as I do.....and be sure to tell them Yum sent you.

White Hot.

Friday, July 4, 2008

In honor of the 4th of July, I would like to pay my respects to an American staple, and my favorite comeback fashion item for the summer. White jeans are SO hot! I plan on rocking this trend right into Labor Day!

Chasing the Birkin.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am so naive. I am one of those people who thought that the hardest part of getting the highly coveted Hermes Birkin, was convincing your husband that said Birkin is a "great investment." Boy was I wrong.

First a little background. I love bags. I love clothes. I completely dislike diamonds and fine jewelry in general. This goes for all diamonds. There is no engagement ring here. No diamond studded earings. No silver, no gold, etc. What I do have is bags, shoes, and a pretty kick ass wardrobe if you ask me. I have convinced my husband that I am actually saving him money.
In 309 days I will be entering my third decade of life, and given that I have produced one perfect child, my husband has grudgingly agreed to get me my life's dream. A beautiful camel Birkin (with gold hardware, of course.)

Flash forward 65 days.....Getting a Birkin is impossible. I mean really impossible. I thought all I had to do was call up Hermes a year in advance. Give over my credit card number and wait. Not quite. I was told by the woman at Hermes (in her snotty french accent,) " we don't discuss Birkins or Kellys over the telephone." What, like this is a matter of national security???? I guess I should have seen it coming. These are the people who denied Oprah entry into their store.

So what now??? I have heard from friends that you basically have to slip the girl at Hermes 500 dollars and a bag will magically appear. My husband is a man of principal so this is out. I have also heard that a stylist can get you a bag, so I have lured one of the fabulous girls from Intermix into my web. I have also read that you just have to buy a lot of crap from there and then you will be offered the illusive bag. Again, my husband is a man of principle so this will never happen. Also, I'm thinking they don't have a very friendly return policy.

Long story long, today I received the call I've been waiting for. One of my fellow yummy mummies, A.D. has relocated to the 90210. She knows someone, who knows someone, who buys his wife a Birkin for every occasion (yes, I too am in love with this man). As fate would have it she is going to this perfect man's house for dinner next week, and will beg, borrow, and steal his contact's number on my behalf.

I have chills. This is it, I can feel it. Only 309 days, 11 hours, and 37 minutes, and 15 seconds.....14 seconds, 13..............A.D. may the force be with you. The fate of the Birkin rests solely in you manicured hands.

I Love Al Gore.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I LOVE Al Gore.

Nobel Prize, Oscar, Emmy, what's next a cure for cancer? Al Gore is awesome. He lost (won) the presidency, got fat, and came out the other side a rock star.

Al Gore is awesome. Yes I jumped on the bandwagon, but what a bandwagon to be on! Why oh why didn't Al show this side of himself 8 years ago? Can you just imagine all of us driving around in our electric cars? It would be just like The Jetsons. Al Gore is the new and improved Bono. He is the Bono without the weird accent and dated sunglasses. Al Gore wants what we all want. Clean water, clean air, and Prius' for all. Coming from a mom and a fellow Prius driver, this works for me.

So here is to you Al, my secret boyfriend. I'm keeping the hope alive.

Flying High.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Traveling with an infant? You must be high.

This is what I tell myself every time every time I pre-board that jail in the sky. I again repeat it while I am gate checking the car seat, stroller, back pack, and pack and play. This is what I continue saying every time I ask the attendant, "Are we almost there?" To which she answers, "Honey, you just asked me 15 minutes ago." Followed up with, "please stop looking at me like that." I keep repeating it while I ignore the stares from the other passengers when I order that second vodka soda. You get the general idea. Flying with an infant may be actually worse than birthing said infant.

But alas today I am going to embark on my little man's 9th (yes 9th) plane ride in his short 10 months of life. We travel. It's what we do. Even a screaming baby can't keep us grounded for too long. Given that I have crossed the Atlantic alone (don't ask) with a 5 month old, I pretty much consider myself an expert on all things involving baby travel. Here are a few of the things I have learned (most of them the hard way.)
  1. If you can, upgrade. They have to be nicer to you if they think you paid for First Class. The seats are bigger, and the drinks are free. A win, win for everyone.
  2. Don't underestimate the kindness of strangers. While crossing the Atlantic alone with my little one (clearly I'm not over it), I once had so much help from a follow traveler that the gate agent referred to him as my husband. Believe me if he had asked I would have said yes to anything at that point.
  3. Toys, Toys, Toys, and more Toys. Really, bring a bag full, they will go through them all.
  4. A Bjorn works wonders. For the little ones, nothing is greater and it's a killer workout for you.
  5. Cheerios. They are like crack. You can never have enough.
  6. Make sure the baby is drinking or binking on takeoff and landing. This helps with the ear pressure.
  7. If you can afford it, or beg for it at the gate, get an extra seat. Having the car seat on board makes all the difference in the world. Trust me on this one.
  8. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER travel with your infant alone. I have done it 4 times and I have the scars to prove it. It took two of you to make the baby, it takes two travel travel with the baby.