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Friday, June 27, 2014

(men on a mission)

 Hola! I know, I know, it's been an eternity since I posted.  Between school getting out, packing, and traveling, there just really hasn't been any time!  The boys and I arrived in Costa Rica late on Monday night, and so far this has been our best trip yet.  Like, exponentially better.  The plane ride, the acclimating, the allowing everyone to have a semblance of a vacation, all of it has been more than ideal.  This has everything to do with the boys being older and nothing to do with anything that we've changed (although a second iPad and some legos have been a godsend.)  I have to say, traveling with a 3 and 7 year old really is so much better than what we've ever experienced, we are almost giddy at what the next few years will hold!  Since we've been down here, I've really been trying to force myself to unplug.  We've been keeping our phones locked away in the safe, and I've only been hopping on my computer once a day. This forced digital diet has been so good for the soul, and besides the time with this kids, I've already finished two books and taken more than my share of naps. Um, heaven. 

I swear I won't be neglecting this blog completely, and will try to find my way back here when the time, and mood strike.  Until then, I wish you all a fabulous weekend, and a great start to Summer.  I can't even believe it's finally here!

Here are a few fun links from around the web that caught my eye. AKA proof that you can never really unplug ;)!  Happy Friday!

Because #likeagirl SHOULD be a compliment.

proof: Check out these 6 year old girls, killing it!

5 reasons why you should move to a city immediately.

I've been debating leaving Facebook, this beautifully written piece sums up why, perfectly.

Naive doesn't even begin to cut it one this one.

Turns out that babysitting may be as good for your parents as it is for you. When is our next trip? ;)

I LOVE this ocean print.

College Freshmen, before and after. I'd definitely be the one who got a tattoo!

NO WAY!?!? Talk about changing the way you eat breakfast. I know, it's only one extra step to actually wash the blender, but for some reason, I feel like that step makes all the difference.

Cool at 13, adrift at 23... tell your kids and make their day!

How not to be a jerk in the digital age.

Current style icon: Gabriella Wilde. That hair!!!

This bedroom is perfection. That pillow is to die. On the same note, I'm loving this one for our future guest room!

How Boston women are working their side hustle.

This soup looks incredible, and perfect for a warm Summer night.

I'm coveting this bag for Fall. Love the navy!

Finally, In my spare time down here, I've been following the drama surrounding #courtneybabyccinokids and the deleting of her instagram for posting her young daughter's belly button. It seems crazy to me, and I too would be devastated if years of my kid's pictures were taken from me. I'm sure this is only the beginning of this saga, and I imagine that many more like this will follow.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

 There is nothing more "on trend" right now than a good bracelet stack.  Whether it's made of friendship bracelets that your kids crafted for you, or an arm full of luxury goods, this Summer, throw them all on one arm for an instant update to your usual summer staples.  Bonus: this is the perfect way to reuse all those bangles and turquoise bracelets that we all snatched up in the 90's... you know they are hiding in a drawer somewhere ;).

A little stacked inspiration, aka candy for your eyes.

Here is a little of my current stack.  I usually wear them with a long leather band I picked up from a street vendor in NYC a few years back, or an oversized mens watch.  They somehow add the perfect amount of bohemian chic to my every day uniform of cutoffs and a tank!

Summer Buzz.

Monday, June 16, 2014

 With my heart heavy, I sat there on Saturday, while all three of my boys clipped and buzzed off their beautiful long locks.  They learned their lesson last year, and decided not to spend the Summer having to rub sweat and sunscreen out of their eyes, because it was constantly dripping from their bangs.  I get it, I do, but I have to say, every time the scissors come out I shed a little tear because I sure do love these long haired little guys. 

After the big cut, they both kept looking at each other, commenting on how different the other looked!  As much as I miss their long hair, I have to admit, it is cute to see their little ears and necks again, and now both of them want head rubs at night, which I am more than happy to administer!

Two peas in a pod, the cue ball version. 

Summer, here we come!

Weekend Links.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Saturday, these weeks are flying by and I'm trying my best to stay on top of the blog (and failing,) but some days there just aren't enough hours in the day.  Better late than never, I hope?  We have a low key weekend planned, given we only have two left before we move this party to Central America for a good chunk of the Summer, so this weekend is all about prep for the big event, starting off with some much needed haircuts for my three boys.  Everyone want to go SHORT for the Summer, so I will make sure to take some before and afters!  After that, if the rain holds off we are hoping to head down to the Pride parade, to show our support.  Tomorrow the kids and I are heading to Legoland so Daddy can spend the morning reading in bed, which is only fitting since I spent Mother's Day watching movies (heavenly.)  I hope whatever your plans are, you have a great one!  Here are a few fun links for this rainy Saturday morning! xo

You guys, I had the worst food poisoning on Wednesday (seriously, it felt like I was dying) and it turns out it was from some leftover Chinese rice I had the night before. Apparently, this is a common event and why you should never eat takeout rice the next day. Lesson learned.

I'm just going to call this #justice. Man, I wish my middle school self would have had this scientific proof taped in my locker.  Former geeks unite!

This family's story has been everywhere this week and for good reason. What incredible strength that little boy has shown, and his parents deserve so much applause for their acceptance and for sharing their journey. I have to say, I'm really happy Gray got his pink shoes this week, and that I didn't try to convince him otherwise... nothing has made him happier; ever!

The registration for the Tufts 10k is open! I'm running, and would love if some of you would join me! I ran in this race last year (my first one) and it was a blast!

A great article about kids and sports.

74!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! school shootings since Sandy Hook. When is enough, enough?

I am absolutely trying this, this weekend! For a solo egg, this is genius!

Has anyone used this? I'm intrigued.

Speaking of hair, I'm kind of obsessed with really, really, really, really long hair at the moment. I know, first short, than long. Such is the story of my life.

More Summer whites, aka what I would like my uniform to look like.

This would be the worst thing that would ever happen to this city.  Seriously, if we get the Olympics, one of you can have my apartment.  Traffic is already a nightmare, this would be unbearable.

I'm pretty sure I would have had an engagement shoot if I knew that Bill Murray would have crashed it!  What an epic moment!

Finally, Happy Father's day for all you Dads and Father-like figures out there. My girlfriend posted this video earlier in the week and it had me sobbing in my morning coffee!

Summer Whites.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I don't know about you all, but for me, the second my skin gets its first golden sheen of the year, all I can think about is wearing white + white + more white.  You can never go wrong with an all white pallet, and this year bonus points go to those with the platinum/white hair to match (although, I may not be all that impartial about this one. ;)  So, stock up on some bleach and Tide sticks, friends, because this year its going to be a long white, hot Summer.  Trust me on this one. 

Pretty in Pink.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

 The things that make Grayson a happy boy can be listed on one hand.  He loves Lego's, his brother, super heroes, weapons of all kind (think toy guys, sticks, bow and arrows,) and the color PINK.  If we were listing them in order, pink would definitely be on the top.  I don't know what it is, but the kid just loves it.  I saw it once with my girlfriend's 5 year old daughter, the everything needing to be pink, and probably inappropriately, I chalked it up as a "girl" thing, remembering how my little sisters were the same.  Well, when it's your almost three year old boy who only wants things to be pink, that can be a different story.  I'm going to start this off by saying I'm not someone who consciously plays in to gender stereotypes, and when it comes to parenting we are definitely on the liberal side, but looking back, we certainly have a majority of male targeted toys and clothing, much to Gray's dismay. The Little Man never asked for anything pink or purple, and honestly, they are my least favorite colors, so I never pushed it. 

About 90% of what Gray gets, comes from his older brother.  He is more than okay with this, and actually gets pretty excited when the big Rubbermaid bin of hand-me-downs comes out.  The first thing he does it tear through it, desperately searching for anything with a superhero, and anything that is pink.  Typically he scores on the first, but is left empty handed on the second.  One day, after a meltdown of meltdowns, I told him that he can pick out whatever new things that he may need, that we don't already have from his brother.  So far, we haven't really needed much, but the kid is in desperate need of some new water shoes for the Summer, and knowing how much he hates new shoes, I decided to let him participate in the picking out of his shoes. 

You all know where this is going.

Of course, he picked the pink pair, and not just a pink (like salmon) but the pinkest, pink of them all. What I like to call Barbie pink.  After a quick call to my husband for approval, we decided to stand by our motto that the kids can be who the kids want to be, and I made my toddler happier than I have ever seen him when I ordered him these. 

Now, I have absolutely NO issue with my kid wearing pink.  None whatsoever.  We are fully supportive of his unwavering love of things the color of cotton candy, and his big brother actually thinks it's the greatest thing ever, since he now has someone to give all the pink whatevers to that come in a box.  BUT I do have to say I get a little nervous about what other people will say.  Not necessarily to him or me, but I feel like my kid wearing pink shoes is automatically going to make some people around here roll their eyes, and think that we (as his parents) are pushing some sort of agenda.  Kind of like how the LM wants to be a vegetarian (essentially by deciding that he hates meat) but I keep trying to get him to try every animal product under the sun, because I know that people will assume that we are pushing our eating habits on him, when the opposite is actually the case.  I realize that this has more to do with me, and obviously I need to grow thicker skin, and in thrush in the end we always do what is right which means the LM eats a lot of beans, and Gray gets pink shoes, a pink birthday cake, and this pink gun (which basically combines all things holy in his world.) 

I remember meeting a Mom once, who had a son that liked to wear dresses.  It wasn't because of gender confusion (that she thought) but instead it was due to his obsession with his older sister, and wanting to be just like her.  She said she fought it somewhat the beginning, but then decided to go with it, even allowing him to dress however he wanted for school.  I remember thinking how bad ass she was, the way she fully embraced who her son was, so I'm going to try to channel a little of her if the time ever comes when I feel a little judgement. I'm pretty sure this is just a phase for Gray (like the LM and his nail polish) but if not, I guess all of us are going to have to get used to a little more pink, in this sea of blue.

The Soundtrack to My Life.

Monday, June 9, 2014

 A few years back, when we bought our car, I was christened in to the world of Satellite Radio and Bluetooth, and kind of like streaming Netflix, this was a game changer for me.  After the Little Man was born, I found that I rarely, if ever, listened to music unless we were in the car, which at the time this was a rare occurrence.  I come from the school of thought, that growing up with music in your life is pretty much the equivalent as learning to read; it is something that has to be done.  Now that we spend so much time in the car (more than I'd like) I try to expose my kids to every type of music that there is.  I'm not kidding, every type.  From WuTang, to the Stones, Classical to Reggae, and even some Bob Dylan.  So long as it isn't incredibly explicit or misogynistic/ racist, it goes in their little ears. This probably means nothing for their future, but I have to say I do have a weird sense of pride when I see my kids mouthing along to some classic Beastie Boys, and when the LM asked for Joni Mitchell by name last year, my heart swelled so big I could feel it in my chest. 

As much as I try to diversify, I have to admit ever since I landed on channel 34 (the 90's alternative rock station) I've had a hard time changing it to anything else.  I mean, this was the music of my generation, and I often share little stories with the boys about how much I loves X song, and what I was doing the time it came out.  It has made school commuting so much more enjoyable, and sometimes I find myself actually hoping the ride lasts just "one more song."  Given the amount of traffic we sit in, I can't even begin to tell you what a gift this is!

On my own, I will often have my headphones in.  Whether it's at the gym, running errands, or while the little one naps, I try to sneak them in as much as I can.  I'd like to say I diversify my own music, the same way I do my kids, but the other day I realized that I tend to listen to the same five albums, over and over (and over and over and over.)  I wish I could chalk it up to habit, but I think it may be that these five albums are the soundtrack to my life, and hey, this is most definitely something I can live with!

In no particular order here are my absolute favorites.

Live from the Union Chapel, Damien Rice.  I love Damian Rice, I love live music, this album combines the two.  Hauntingly beautiful from beginning to end.  There is version of Silent Night that makes my Christmas playlist every year without fail. 

Legend, Bob Marley, probably my favorite album of all time.  Also, if you haven't seen the documentary about his life Marley, I highly recommend checking it out!

Nirvana Unplugged, Nirvana.  I know, I know, my Kurt Cobain obsession has been talked about here time and time again, but what can I say?  The man was a genius, and after the last song plays I often turn everything off, because nothing compares to the last few haunting notes from Where Did You Sleep Last Night?  Nothing.

 Pearl Jam, Rearviewmirror. I don't think I gave Pearl Jam enough of their due when they first made it big, but I am most definitely making up for it now.  This is always my go to album, and what the LM and I listen to the most together, especially when heading up the mountain for one of our solo ski trips.

Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said,Wakey!Wakey!  If you haven't heard of this band, download this album immediately. I still can't believe that these guys aren't on every station 24 hours a day. Their music is incredible, but it's the lyrics that blow me away. They have a new album coming out soon, and I am counting the days until its release!

What about you all? How much importance do you place on music? Do you try to push your kids to listen to a little bit of everything or is it solely top 40's? I sometimes wonder if by pushing my music (as awesome as I tend to think it is) if I'm robbing them of the chance to have the music from their childhood? I'm sure as they get older they will start being a little more vocal in choosing what we listen to, and besides one can only listen to so much Justin Timberlanke. ;)

Weekend Links.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


TGIS!!!  In Summer break terms that stands for "Thank Goodness It's Saturday, and Daddy's home!"  It's not that I mind having the kids home, it actually makes life a lot easier, but man, it sure is more fun to do it with someone else around!  We have a pretty lazy weekend planned, some skating, some soaking up the sun, and some birthday parties.  Normally, I would be all "yay, birthday's are great" but tonight's is really going to take the cake (no pun intended) with batting practice at Fenway park!!!!!  What?  Yes, in my next life I would like to come back as my child too!  I hope whatever your plans are, that you have a great weekend, and are able to get some of the Summer like rays we are getting! 

Here are a few fun links that caught my eye this week. 

Awesome song!

This pretty much sums up my entire pregnancy with Gray, and why the idea of having another baby gives me such anxiety. 

Yep, Lupita Nyongo really is the world's most beautiful woman, especially in a bathing suit! (How about that gorgeous suit?) I'm pretty sure this woman is incapable of having a bad anything day. 

I have a bit of a sweatshirt obsession, and this one is topping my list of favorites

Grudgingly, we picked up a second iPad (technically for the LM) for when we travel to Costa, to avoid the constant bickering, and my first move was to learn about all the parental controls. I feel like the internet world is way scarier than the real world these days, and I think we are going to have "the talk" sooner than I planned... just not yet please! A great article discussing just this

I LOVE this haircut! I'm willing mine to grow as I type (and taking pre-natals!)

We got a stern warning from my son's school about keeping up on reading over the Summer. Enter the 50 best read-aloud chapter books for young kids

I've joined the masses and can't get enough rosé in my life. This tote made me laugh

I am not a big treadmill fan, but after trying out this high incline workout with my sister, I'm hooked. Do not be fooled, this is a good one, and it makes the time fly!


In NOLA we had the most amazing appetizer which was tuna cones with olive oil gelato on top. I can't get it out of my head and am thinking of trying to recreate it at home using this interesting recipe. 

Finally, this for breakfast. Be still my heart.

The Little Man... Not So Little Anymore.

Friday, June 6, 2014

I can't even believe it, but my little man is no longer little.

 On Wednesday, he graduated from Kindergarten, and is (somewhat) reluctantly bounding in to the first grade.  I remember this time last year, obsessing about whether we found the right school for him, was it right to wait and make him an older kindergartner, and general nervousness about how his year would go.  A year later, it is glaringly clear that every choice we made was the right one for him, and yet another reminder that no one knows your kid like you do.  I couldn't be more proud of the man he is growing in to, and I wish I could stop time because I'm pretty sure this age is the best there is.

 Now, I'm pretty sure that you can't end a school year without a little FUN, and we capped ours off with a pretty epic sleepover to celebrate these little guys' big accomplishment. 

(Deep discussion here regarding which power ranger has the more powerful weapon)

For the LM, when you read this (hopefully) some 20 years from now, please know that you are so incredibly loved by your family, and the charming, unique, funny person that you are becoming brings so much joy to those around you, especially for your Mom, Dad, and baby brother.  I hope you never loose you free spirit, or your strong sense of self, because what you have inside you truly is special, and I know you are going to make a difference in this world.  Congratulations on finishing your first year!!! - love mom

The Time of my Life.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What does one say after coming down from having one of the very best weekends of their lives? 

GRATEFUL is really the first word that comes to mind.  Grateful for my beautiful girlfriends sisters.  Grateful that such a beautiful place exists, only a three hour plane ride away.  Grateful for my family, who recognized how important it was for me to spend this time recharging my batteries,  and grateful that I will forever have this weekend etched in my memory, and the pictures to prove that, yes, it was real.  There are so many things about this trip that I can't help smiling about when I think of them.  Getting stuck in the pouring rain (more than once.)  Gorging on beignets and cafe ole's (definitely more than once.)  The dinners, the dancing, the friends we made... all of it was so surreal.  In the end, the thing I will remember most is the laughing.  Laughing like I haven't laughed in years.  Laughing so hard it hurts, and laughing in to the wee hours of the morning.  These two ladies bring such incredible joy in to my life, and all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an incredible four days.  I'm already counting down until next year!!!

Here are a few pictures from our trip, if you'd like to see. If you haven't been to New Orleans, this is most definitely a place to add to your bucket list!

To my future Golden Girls... thank you for being a friend!