What Did You Do?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I went to the doctor for my 37 week check-up today. Everything looked good and she is pretty sure I won't be having this baby in the next week or so (thank you Jesus!) We confirmed that he was head down, and that he was measuring appropriately. I had the LM with me (always a fun time) and my new doc asked how big he was when he was born, 8lbs 6oz I told her. Ouch was all she said. Ouch is right!

I carefully inquired about this size of this guy and was surprised when she said that her guess is that he's more L- XL than XXL. She said it's hard to tell because I'm on the thinish, tallish side, but he should be about 7 1/2 lbs at 40 weeks. I left thinking nothing of it until I mentioned the visit to my husband.

"What did you do?" he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, obviously you aren't eating enough... the LM is going to eat this kid for breakfast."

"I'm pretty sure that at this point food doesn't have a lot to do with it, and besides we are talking about a "normal" sized baby here, and since I'm the one who has to squeeze him out, I wouldn't mind if he was on the average size, that shit hurts!"

"I think you need to eat more..."

"If we are playing that game, I hope whenever you have a kidney stone it's over 8lbs."

Karma is a bitch.

Currently Loving.

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Summer. sunny, and finally warm (again) so the question should be what isn't there to love right now??? It's hard to narrow down the list, but these are a few things I'm currently loving.

That my absolute favorite book One Day is going to to be in theaters this Summer. Please oh please, tell me they are not going to eff this one up like Something Borrowed. I have to believe that not putting Kate Hudson in it already puts them 10 steps ahead of the game. Dex + Emma forever!!!!!

Okay, that trailer kills me!!!!!! Can somebody please hand me a tissue????

Short, neon fingernails with pale pink toes (think Essie It's In The Bag.)  Yes, I know some of you are gasping in horror right now. This totally breaks my cardinal rule that "my fingers and toes have to match," but I just can't help myself. This look is so fresh, and it just screams Summer!!! The hardest thing for me is trying to decide between pink and orange! This tutorial shows how to get the perfect look at home!

Sleep! My husband commented over the weekend that I have the sleeping habits of a toddler. You know what, he's right! I absolutely see nothing wrong with sleeping from 8p-7a and then taking a 2 hour nap when my boy does. I have a feeling it is going to be a VERY long time before I am going to get to sleep away my life after this baby comes, and I am in no hurry to begin those 2am feedings. Keeping that in mind, remember when I said I am ready to have this baby any time now? Sweet 8lb baby Jesus, I take it allllllllllllllllllllllllllll back and really hope this guy stays put for at least 3 more weeks. Oh sleep, I am going to miss you my friend!

The return of True Blood. Okay, so I was more than a little freaked out last night by those crazy killer farries, and I may have dreamt of vampires more than once, but that doesn't mean that I am not so psyched that FINALLY there is some good TV this Summer. The Bachlorette may be a bust, but Sooooooookkkkkkiiiiieeeee is back and this is a very good thing! P.S. I am so in love with Eric... Sookie is a fool not to make out with him every chance she gets!!!

This Giveaway. So, I am a HUGE fan of the blog the Southern Eclectic, and am kind of obsessed with it's author, designer Sheridan French. She uber stylish, funny, a brilliant fashion designer, and is also one of the yummiest mummies I have ever seen. Not to mention that, she too, has yellow stripes on her nursery ceiling... need I say more? I tried to pick up a few of her gorgeous pieces earlier this Summer, and was so disappointed to find that they were sold out. I can't wait for her new collection so I can get my hands on one of her fabulous frocks!!! Be sure to enter her giveaway on her blog, this one is toooooo good to pass up!

That I finally have the New York Times back in my life. So, when the NYT decided that it was going to start charging to view its online paper, I was one of those people who refused to pay. I felt for some reason that I was being robbed, and figured that I would have to get my news from somewhere else (and by news I mean the Style section.) Well, that lasted about 2 months, and I now realize if there is one thing that I can't live without it's my NYT Style, so begrudgingly I gave into my husband and signed up. Best decision ever!

These are the things I'm currently loving. What's making your Summer a little brighter???

Let There Be Stripes.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Remember when I wanted to put these stripes on the ceiling???

All I can say is that there is no turning around now because you all spoke and the final answer was... let there be stripes!!!

Yesterday, as they were going up my heart stopped. I hated the color, hated the width, hated the fact that I had just "ruined" my beautiful nursery.

And then he was done.

My hate turned to LOVE and I can't believe that I ever doubted just how necessary the stripes were.


Alright baby Gray, you are now full term, and your room is ready. Please feel free to vacate my uterus at any time!!!!!

You Know You're In Trouble When...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You know you're in trouble when... your 3 year old has become the voice of reason.

No, I'm not joking.

So, a few days ago I hit my pregnancy wall. I am officially over it. Over the constant annoying, non-progressive contractions. Over peeing 62 times a day. Over the back pain. Over being hungry all the time, but not wanting to eat anything. Over waking up 100, 202,3 00 times a night because I'm uncomfortable. Over it.

In 4 days this little guy will be fully baked and at that point he has my permission to come out at ANY TIME.

Okay, so back to my kid being the voice of reason. Given the fact that I am worn down from the last few weeks of pregnancy, my patience has been, how should I say it, um, minimal err non-existent. I've been fine with the LM, but when it comes to anything else I am pretty much a firecracker that is ready to explode any minute. This is where my kid comes in.

Given the amount of time that we spend alone together, he is pretty clued into my emotions. Often if I am frustrated at something he will either ask what's up, or I will "warn" him that "Mommy is very frustrated with X right now, and if you just give me a minute I can talk to you without freaking out." I'm not sure you will find this in any parenting book, but it works for us.

So, the other day we were driving around looking for parking at my new Dr.'s office. (Long story there and I won't bore you with the details, but basically I found out a few weeks ago our insurance no longer covers the hospital I delivered the LM at, so I had to switch practices at 34 weeks. Fun times.) Anyway, my new Dr.'s office is in the middle of the city and parking is a biotch. I allowed extra time for this, but of course, this was the day that EVERYONE and their mother was looking for a spot on the same street. After about 20 minutes of driving around I was late, and about to lose my shit. Que the voice of reason.

"Mom, what's the matter."
"Nothing bud, I just can't find a place to park, and I'm freaking out a bit."
"Well, we are late, and I'm not sure we are going to find anything and the garage and the man who parks the cars (the valet) are both full."
"I'm not sure, but I'm kind of losing it here so if you give me a minute I'll figure something out."
at this point I would rather ram my car into the wall than keep driving in circles.
"Let me tell you something"
"Really, bud... this is not the time."
"No! Let me tell you something."
"Okay, what is it!"
"Take a deep breath and drive one more time and we will find a spot."
heart breaking for how cute he can be when he wants to.
"That sounds like a good idea."(cause I'll try anything at this point.)
Sure enough the next time around the block there was a spot, and all was again right with the world. 

And then there was yesterday. Yesterday, I has what should have been a 5 minute Dr.'s appointment (clearly the shit only hits the fan when dealing with the doctor) and after waiting an HOUR, in a small room with a 4 year old who was late for his nap I was plotting how to kill everyone when again the voice of reason chimed in.

"Mom, chill out. What's the matter."
"Mommy is just REALLY, REALLY, REALLY frustrated that we have been here for an hour and all I had to do was pee in a cup and have my belly measured."
"Where's the doctor."
"That's a good question. I don't know where she is but I think we are just going to leave because you need a nap and I can't take it anymore."
"I don't need a nap."
"Yes, you do."
5 more minutes goes by.
"Okay we are OUT OF HERE, I can't take it anymore."
"No, Mom... the doctor HAS to look at the baby. I can take a nap when we get home. It's okay."
A few minutes later the doctor apologetically walked in, excused us until next week and the LM took a great late nap. Again, all was right with the world. (Except for the fact that this office SUCKS.)

So basically the moral of this story is 1) I'm batshit crazy, 2) My little man is the calm and logical one, 3) if this baby goes past 40 weeks I'm going to be like Steve Martin where he loses it on the people in the fast food restaurant, 4) I need new insurance because this new doctor's office has become the bane of my existence. and 5) Being super pregnant sucks.

One Question...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I have one question...

What is the deal with Ashley and pants? Are the two allergic to each other?

Seriously, she must shop at Baby Gap.

Am I wrong?

BTW... Am I the only one who thinks this season would be totally boring if it weren't for Bentley? He's one evil dude, but he makes for some great TV!!!

UPDATE: 5:04 pm... so I just finished watching last night's show and 1) Ashley still hasn't worn pants or any kind of real bottom. Sometimes I think the girl would prefer a onesie. 2) I think there should be a drinking game here, every time she says Bentley take a drink... man, you would be tanked by the end! If you took a sip every time she doubted herself.... well, you'd be dead within 2 hours. Holy low self-esteem!

4 More Days!!!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Okay... is anyone out there more excited than we are about this? In our house it's like the Royal Wedding, the birth of baby Gray, and Christmas all rolled into one!

 4 more days!

P.S. Is Disney not a marketing genius??? We now have new Lightening cars, pajamas, Kleenex, Cheerios, mac and cheese, and . My kid has taken to screaming out the names of the characters in his sleep!

P.P.S We pre-ordered tickets for a group of 12. I was on some sort of fan mailing list so we know the second tickets become available, and this weekend I double checked with the manager of the movie theater that I hadn't missed out on the sale.... and, 4:15 Friday... IT'S ON!!!!!

The Daddy Lottery.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

When you first start dating someone, you never really know what kind of father they will turn out to be. There are the guys who claim they are "family men" talking about the huge family that they want to have in the future, and then there are the guys who have never held a baby, don't know anything babies, and aren't even sure if they really want kids. My husband fell into the latter category. Even after I was pregnant with the LM, I have to admit I was a bit nervous. I became convinced that I was going to have to do everything to care for our son. My man had no interest in baby classes, baby gear, learning to change a diaper, and while holding our friends new baby for the first time he had a look of fear in his eyes that I will never forget. Well, of course all of my concerns immediately vanished the second our little nerd entered the world.

From the minute he saw our boy, I could tell he was in love, and from that second on I knew that I had nothing to worry about, I had won the Daddy lottery. Over the past four year my scared, unsure, nervous husband has grown into the most amazing father that I have ever known. His patience knows no bounds and his love for our boy is endless. Whether he is spending hours reading to him, picking up sticks, or swimming with him in oceans around the world, he continues to impress and amaze me with how loving and caring one man can be.

We are so lucky to have you as our "Papi" and we love you more and more each day! Thank you for being the best husband and father a girl could ever dream of.

To Paint or Not To Paint.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Just when I thought I was done with baby Gray's nursery, I am now considering taking on just one more project. The problem, of course, is that I am dealing with some limited time here, and the "project" is not  going to be the easiest thing I've done.

What is it you ask?

Stripes!!!!  I've decided that the ceiling HAS to have yellow stripes!!! I am lusting after some yellow ceiling stripes like some kind of madwoman. I am obsessed!

Just look at this inspiration! I die.

Of course there are some serious logistical problems, 36 weeks pregnant + 15 foot ceilings... BUT don't you think that this is JUST what this room needs?

Hmmmmmm to paint today, or not to paint.... Maybe the question should be "to hire someone to paint, or not to hire someone to paint...." It's going to take everything in me not to run to the hardware store today! (Anyone know of an awesome, inexpensive, local painter????)

It has to be done, oh yes, it has to be done!

(Photo credits:  Ohdeedoh, Sheridan French, Slumber Designs)

Go The F**K to Sleep.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Earlier today a package arrived at my house with this note:


As you embark on your second little bundle of joy, you are heading into a new phase of your life. With the first child, your patience seems to have no bounds as you will do anything no matter how long it may take, or how tiring it may be. I recall how many times I would read you "Goodnight Moon," over and over and over just to get you to sleep. Now with the second child... you will have more demands with 2 sets of hands pulling at you for attention, so things sometimes have to be condensed and your patience will be stretched even thinner. 

In order to help you through these situations, I looked for time perfect bedtime book that would give you the passion to meet those challenging times... you know, like when right after getting the LM to bed, the newborn wakes up and you must trudge in and get him back to sleep. Or that time when you have that special night out with your hubby, the sitter arrives, and no one but you will satisfy his need to slip back into that sweet slumber. I realize all he will hear is "blah... blah... blah," but you will have the satisfaction of speaking your peace through a book. Just use your sweetest voice as you read him your thoughts!



P.S. I would recommend that you don't have the LM around when reading to the baby!

Inside the box was this book:

I had heard about this book on the Internet, but it wasn't until I read it all of the way though that I realized just how genius it was!

If you hadn't heard the audio of Samuel L. Jackson reading this book you have to listen to it here (just make sure you are in an adults only/ non work environment!)


Thanks Dad! Best present yet!!!!

Boys Will Be Boys II.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm back from my big adventure (happy to report that baby is STILL on the inside) and I had an amazing time! Despite my promise not to do so, I ended up walking the entire city, and I am in some desperate need of a good night's sleep (and a foot massage, but given that the family is still out of town, sadly that is going to have to wait.) I promise to be back to my usual, blogging self tomorrow, but until then I thought I would share with you this video that I stumbled upon while killing some time the train today. It was in the comments section of this article, discussing why video games are actually good for kids. My husband and I have this conversation often, and he, a avid gamer in his teens/ 20's/ and yes, even now, has always been a proponent of our boys playing minimal, monitored, amounts of video games when they get older. Having grown up one of four girls, I don't really get the whole "gaming" thing, and am always saying, "violence, obesity, anti-social behavior!" Well, I have to say that now that I will soon be the mom to two boys, I am realize that I am definitely going to be changing my tune in the near future. My husband is the kindest, gentlest, person I know, and I dare anyone to find someone that is healthier and more social conscious then him. I learned a long time ago not to question his love of "shoot em up" games and given that he doesn't watch ANY sports, I consider myself to be one lucky girl. (Before I get comments, this is always done after the little man is in bed, at age 3 1/2 I wouldn't expose him to ANY violence, especially a such realistic view.)

This TED talk below discusses why boys should be allowed to be boys and reiterates a lot of what was said by Michael Thompson, who I was lucky enough to hear speak on this very same topic earlier this year. (That discussion can be found here.) It speaks to how educational (non-violent) games can be used to aid boys and their learning. 

Whether you are for or against video games, this definitely makes you think a bit about how we can get boys to reengage in a system that seems to be setting them up for failure.

Boy's Trip, Girl's Trip.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A few months ago, my husband had this *brilliant* idea.

"When school ends, what if I take the LM with me to visit my parents?" 
"For how long?" I carefully inquired. 
"Oh, I don't know... how about a week?"
A whole WEEK to myself?????? 
(pinch me, I must be dreaming)
(should I do cartwheels?)
(if I act too excited will he take it back?) 
"Um, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

This elation lasted exactly 2 months. I swear, everyday I was singing a song. "A week to myself, no cooking, no picking up, no catering to anyone but myself..." On and on it went.

Until it hit me.


I can't spend a week without my boys? Beyond missing them, there is no way I can fill a week. I can barely get this pregnant tush around the block, what am I going to do with myself? All my friends have kids, my life is centered around my kid, what do I do without MY KID? What about my hubby? Who will I talk to at night? Who is going to eat dinner with me, ask me about my day? Did I mention I hate sleeping alone. Forget the fact that I could go into labor at any minute. 

This was a bad idea.

(cut to me racing to the phone and computer...)

Me to SIL: "What do you think about me coming to New York when the LM is at Grandma's house."
SIL: "Do you even have to ask?"
Me: "I was hoping you'd say that, because I already booked my train ticket."
And with that we have our first Boy's Trip, Girl's Trip.

Of course, I was a bit hesitant about traveling this far along in my pregnancy, but as my husband reminded me, New York does have hospitals, and I will be a lot closer to him there then I would be if I stayed up here. Okay, SOLD!

To be honest I am most looking forward to seeing the city without a pounding hangover! On my last few trips I learned the hard way that NYC really is the city that never sleeps. This time, given my forced sobriety, I look forward to doing the following:

  • Finally visiting the Chelsea flea markets (and finding them, does any know the cross streets?) 
  • Eating at all my favorites, Malatesta, Alta, and Pastis. Yum, yum, yum!
  • Waddling around my favorite part of the city, the Meatpacking District. 
  • Drinking soda water at the Standard.
  • Checking out the McQueen exhibit at the Met. 
  • Of course, visiting the store of the newly famous baby concierge, Mrs. Rosie Pope. 
  • Most of all, enjoying a gilt free relaxing vacation! Read: mani/pedi, lounging in bed, SLEEPING IN, reading the paper (the entire paper) and of course lots of Skyping with my two boys!
Even though I know we are going to have an awesome time on our two trips, I still have to admit... I am going to miss this little face!

I'm bringing my computer and plan on updating you on my adventures!

Can you all cross your fingers that this baby stays put until at least next weekend?

NYC here I (we) come!

Make This For Dinner Tonight.

Monday, June 6, 2011

As you can see, today I was a bad blogger :( I have to apologize in advance, because for the next few days I might be a bit MIA. This is the LM's last week at school, and everyday seems to be filled with some sort of "end of the year" activity. Today it was a field trip to the fire station, we have a class picnic coming up in two days, (which I am organizing) and there are the teacher gifts, which yes, you guessed, another parent and I are putting together. It sounds like an easy task, but with 6 teachers to get somewhat personalized gifts for, my afternoons just seem to be slipping away. Not only have I been a bit slack in the blogging department, but as my husband will agree, I have also been a bit slack in the cooking department. Okay, a lot slack. After some serious protest the other night when I again offered granola for dinner, I made a deal; If he agrees to stick to what I call "easy dinners" then I agree to cook at least 4-5 times a week (for the next few weeks at least, when the baby comes all bets are off for a while.)

Enter my master plan.

See, when I agreed to make dinner, I didn't agree to make 4-5 different dinners. As if to prove my point we had my new favorite dinner 3 times last week. The surprising part? No one complained. This is my new go to recipe, and not just because I have been craving fruit like some kind of maniac. It's filling, inexpensive, and best of all... EASY. Like 15 minutes start to finish easy (excluding an 2 step marinade.)

I'm telling you.... make this for dinner tonight!

Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos With Strawberry Avocado Mango Salsa from We Are Not Martha (one of my absolute favorite local blogs, you have to check them out!!!)


• 15-20 shrimp, peeled and deveined
• 1.5 t chili powder
• 1 T lime juice
• 2 t olive oil
• 1 C chopped mango
• 1/2 C chopped strawberries
• 1 C diced avocado
• 1/2 C chopped red onion
• 1 C black beans, drained and rinsed
• 2 oz. feta cheese, crumbled
• 4 small tortillas (I used whole wheat)
• Optional: Greek yogurt for topping


1) Put shrimp in a ziplock bag with chili powder, lime juice, and olive oil. Make sure the shrimp is fully coated and let marinate for about 20-30 minutes.
2) Mix chopped mango, strawberries, avocado, and red onion in a medium bowl. Drain and rinse black beans and mix them in with fruit.
3) Heat grill pan (or frying pan if you don't have one) to medium heat and grill shrimp for about 2-3 minutes on each side, until pink.
4) Warm tortillas. Top with salsa, 4-5 shrimp, and some feta cheese. Add Greek yogurt if desired.
(serves 2 at 2 tacos per person)

As if this wasn't delicious enough, if I were you I would totally pair it with this cocktail. Oh, how jealous am I of all you able bodied drinkers out there!!!

If you are like me you will make this tonight, and repeat 2-3 times this week!!!

Summer Brights.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

After the LONG and grey winter that we just survived, there is nothing that I am craving more than some bright colors and accessories in what will soon be my post-pregnancy wardrobe. For the past few weeks I have been salivating over all things neon, and yesterday I had to break down and get a few of my new "must have" pieces. I am so ready to stop wearing things that look like a muumuu and getting back into clothes that are not built for people who have a beach ball sticking out from the middle of their body. Here are the things that are currently making me oh so very happy! Oh, and I will be back in those shorts by next Spring... with the LM as my witness, I am going to make it happen!!!


J. Crew
Mary Nichols (this baby has hot pink lining... swoon)

To balance out those bright colors one must have a neutral shoe. Enter the new fashion love of my life.

While I am out today, if I happen to stumble upon 600 dollars I will absolutely be buying this sandal neon green. Too bad they aren't in stores yet, there is a wait list, and, well, I'm not going to stumble upon 600 dollars. (Sad face) I actually dream of this shoe... and I wish I was joking. 

Miu Miu Capretto

What are you all craving this summer?? (besides those amazing sandals now that you've seen them ;)) 

The 34 Week Hangover.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

(See Bradley Cooper? That's pretty much how I feel!)
With only 6 weeks left to go, I have to say that this baby is *officially* kicking my ass. I think the turning point had to be last week when the temps climbed near 90, and I started wilting like a daisy, (please don't think I am complaining about the heat... bring it on, I say) or because the last two nights I stayed out until the crazy hour of 9:30pm, (wild I know) or the fact that a human being is growing inside of me (ding, ding, ding... we have a winner) but whatever the reason I have definitely not been feeling like myself this past week.

I had hoped that I could turn this around, but even though it is cooler today, and I slept 9 straight hours, I still woke up feeling like I has spent the night, dancing on a bar, drinking tequila, until 4 am (not that I have ever have done that ;)) and my symptoms can only be described as "I feel like crap." "What kind of crap," my hubby asked? "The 34 week hangover kind of crap," I replied. I have to say, I don't remember feeling this bad while pregnant with the LM. Definitely, the first trimester I was sick, but while uncomfortable towards the end, I just don't recall feeling this tired and HUGE. I think this might just be a case of selective memory, but I have to say these next few weeks can't come fast enough.

To add to it, I think this kid has some kind of war going on with my uterus. He seriously moves ALL THE TIME. Morning, noon, and night. I'm not sure if it's because he's bigger than my last little guy, if I'm smaller, or if it's just that he is training to be Mike Tyson, but it got so insane last week I actually asked my doctor if he could sleep deprived from all his kicking. She said no, but if the wives tale stands true, and activity in the womb is indicative of activity outside of my belly, then, in short, we are all screwed. It might be time to invest in that boxing ring sooner rather than later, he and the LM can go ten rounds every night before bed!

I still pinch myself every day that I am actually pregnant, and I absolutely want this baby to bake until it's full term, but I am definitely going to be one happy momma when this kid is out of my stomach and in my arms (then I can remember what it's like to REALLY be tired, right?)

6 more weeks... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Note to self: The last trimester of pregnancy sucks, don't do it again!

P.S. Have any of you seen The Hangover 2... the hubs and I are dying to go! This may have to be our last pre-baby date!