The 34 Week Hangover.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

(See Bradley Cooper? That's pretty much how I feel!)
With only 6 weeks left to go, I have to say that this baby is *officially* kicking my ass. I think the turning point had to be last week when the temps climbed near 90, and I started wilting like a daisy, (please don't think I am complaining about the heat... bring it on, I say) or because the last two nights I stayed out until the crazy hour of 9:30pm, (wild I know) or the fact that a human being is growing inside of me (ding, ding, ding... we have a winner) but whatever the reason I have definitely not been feeling like myself this past week.

I had hoped that I could turn this around, but even though it is cooler today, and I slept 9 straight hours, I still woke up feeling like I has spent the night, dancing on a bar, drinking tequila, until 4 am (not that I have ever have done that ;)) and my symptoms can only be described as "I feel like crap." "What kind of crap," my hubby asked? "The 34 week hangover kind of crap," I replied. I have to say, I don't remember feeling this bad while pregnant with the LM. Definitely, the first trimester I was sick, but while uncomfortable towards the end, I just don't recall feeling this tired and HUGE. I think this might just be a case of selective memory, but I have to say these next few weeks can't come fast enough.

To add to it, I think this kid has some kind of war going on with my uterus. He seriously moves ALL THE TIME. Morning, noon, and night. I'm not sure if it's because he's bigger than my last little guy, if I'm smaller, or if it's just that he is training to be Mike Tyson, but it got so insane last week I actually asked my doctor if he could sleep deprived from all his kicking. She said no, but if the wives tale stands true, and activity in the womb is indicative of activity outside of my belly, then, in short, we are all screwed. It might be time to invest in that boxing ring sooner rather than later, he and the LM can go ten rounds every night before bed!

I still pinch myself every day that I am actually pregnant, and I absolutely want this baby to bake until it's full term, but I am definitely going to be one happy momma when this kid is out of my stomach and in my arms (then I can remember what it's like to REALLY be tired, right?)

6 more weeks... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Note to self: The last trimester of pregnancy sucks, don't do it again!

P.S. Have any of you seen The Hangover 2... the hubs and I are dying to go! This may have to be our last pre-baby date!


Angie said...

Have you seen Bridesmaids yet? Waaay better than the Hangover. Hangover was meh.. entertaining, but not hilarious. Bridemaids on the other hand, was the type of funny where you cry from laughing too hard. Loved it!

Good luck with the last few weeks. You can do it! You should post some hot weather preggers outfits. :)

Grace in TN said...

Oh I feel you Yummy, and I am only 25 weeks! With my first, I was pregnant throughout the winter, and I had no idea what a blessing that was! I swear the hot weather only contributes to making me feel even bigger and the season has just started :). Stay cool and hang in there.

beach bum mum said...

Hi YM, baby #2 was a big kicker, he seriously went nuts in my tum he made me nauseous with all the movements and I thought here we go I am set up for a crazy kid who wont sleep but its the opposite! He is definitely a more active baby than his big brother was, he goes nuts in the bath flaling his arms and legs around and he but guess what? He must exhaust himself with his energy because he sleeps like a dream! His quieter big brother was never a good sleeper but my little crazy baby who was crazy on the inside and now on the outside is a sleeping champion. x

Rob and Amber said...

Wait... you slept for 9 hours straight?! Jealous! ;)

Saw Hangover 2... It was pretty funny, but not like the first one. I am also dying to see Bridesmaids because like the previous person said, I've heard repeatedly that it's HI-larious!

You can do it!!

hapi said...

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