To Paint or Not To Paint.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Just when I thought I was done with baby Gray's nursery, I am now considering taking on just one more project. The problem, of course, is that I am dealing with some limited time here, and the "project" is not  going to be the easiest thing I've done.

What is it you ask?

Stripes!!!!  I've decided that the ceiling HAS to have yellow stripes!!! I am lusting after some yellow ceiling stripes like some kind of madwoman. I am obsessed!

Just look at this inspiration! I die.

Of course there are some serious logistical problems, 36 weeks pregnant + 15 foot ceilings... BUT don't you think that this is JUST what this room needs?

Hmmmmmm to paint today, or not to paint.... Maybe the question should be "to hire someone to paint, or not to hire someone to paint...." It's going to take everything in me not to run to the hardware store today! (Anyone know of an awesome, inexpensive, local painter????)

It has to be done, oh yes, it has to be done!

(Photo credits:  Ohdeedoh, Sheridan French, Slumber Designs)


KelliJ said...

Love the stripes idea, but I would definitely get someone to paint them. I don't think it will be cheap though. Stripes would be a little tough to get right on 15 foot ceilings, and you might have to pay for that beauty.

BTW...what color blue did you use in Baby Gray's room? I'm looking for a color for hubby's office and that might just be it.

April Elizabeth said...

i dont like the stripes on the ceiling personally. It makes the room look closed in to me but then its just not my style.

I do love the yellow stripes idea with the colors you have selected, so i think it will look fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Oh definitely paint! Love, love, love the yellow stripes.

But hire someone, I imagine painting stripes would be a biatch.

Grams said...

Love the yellow stripes. But don't you dare try to do it yourself! Definitely hire someone to paint them.

Grace in TN said...

I think your high ceilings are perfect for this idea.

I emphatically say "hire someone to paint!"

Anonymous said...

the light yellow stripes in the first picture would be fantastic and you have such high ceilings, it would work. Wonder if it work on lower ceilings??

Yummy Mummy said...

I have to do it... right?? Oh they are sooooo good! I have a call in to 3 painters!!!!

The blue color is by serena and lily, and the color is navy. It is the PERFECT blue!!!

Thanks everyone for convincing me that this has to be done!!!

The Harris Family said...

LOVE the stripes on the ceiling! I just painted my wooden table on the porch yellow and white stripes, and it is so so cheery and lovely. Makes me smile every time I walk out there. Do it! Or, more realistically, hire someone to do it!