Time To Give Thanks.

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's that time of the year again. My favorite time of the year. Time for the famous Husbands' Thanksgiving. I am not an original ********, I happily married into the name. Along with the name I also inherited a giant family. The type of family I always dreamed about when I was a little kid. The type of family that I thought only existed in the movies. I never knew it but such families do exist and this time every year the 25 + ******** all head down to a small country town in the middle of nowhere Maryland to grandma's house. We spend our days fishing and walking in the swamp. There is kayaking in the creek (for those who are not afraid of the snakes) and lots of video rentals from the neighborhood store. As with any traditional thanksgiving there is a TON of food and equal amounts of booze. Families come with their dogs and kids and not one person is ever missing (missing thanksgiving would be the equivalent to committing a major felony). We spend all year traveling to various parts of the world but for the husband and myself this is probably our favorite trip of the year. 

The only problem? No Internet access. As frustrating as this is, I also find it a bit amusing. I have been able to write from the middle of the jungle in Central America, yet 3 hours from Washington DC I've got nil. This also means that the husband has nil, and given his workaholic tendencies this is not such a bad thing. Of course this means a week without the blog and this also means that the next time I am writing to you we will be in Christmas countdown. I have been waiting to share this with you so not to scare you off but the fact is I LOVE CHRISTMAS, love love love love love love love love love it. But we will save that for later. 

For now I would like to give thanks. I have had an amazing year, and these are just a few of the things that I will be toastingr.
  1. My little man. I realize now that I never had any idea what love was. I love every hair on his head and every little finger and toe more than anything else in the world. I am so thankful he is my baby.
  2. Our house. Thank god we got it when we did. Had we waited another few months we never would have qualified given the credit dive. As much as I still obsess about every unfinished detail, I am very thankful that I live here.
  3. I am thankful that for almost a solid year I have been able to sleep through the night (with a few minor exceptions.) I never realized how amazing sleep is until I had the baby and wasn't getting any.
  4. I am thankful that my husband works in medicine. This seems to be a recession proof field.
  5. I am thankful for all my friends, new and old. Especially my new blogger buddies.
  6. I am thankful for the trench. Need I say more?
It's going to be a long week without being able to post everyday. I'll be back Dec 1. 

I hope you have a very yummy Thanksgiving!

Prince Charming.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The other night while the whole yummy mummy family slept something very unusual happened. In the middle of the night the little man let out a loud cry. This sent me into a state of panic that remains deep down from those long sleepless nights when the little man used to get up every two hours for feedings. That was a low point in my life, my marriage, and for my sanity. After a year of sleeping through the night any noise is not a good noise. 

So the little man yelped and I immediately asked, "should I go in there, oh God what do you think is wrong?" My husband rolled over and sleepily resplied, "No, he's fine he probably just lost his Binky." Of course he was right and I the little man went right back to sleep. I was left laying there almost in tears. Happy tears. For some reason that got me. It's been almost a whole week and I still melt when I think of it. 

Here's why:

  1. I love that the word Binky is part of his vocabulary. Even at 3am. This is coming from a man who had never even held a baby prior to the birth of our son. 
  2. I love that he truly knows our son. He knows what he needs. He is at work all day and spends nowhere near as much time with him as I do, yet he still knows him. Sometimes better than me.
  3. I love that we are a family. I love having a partner to ask these questions to in the middle of the night.  
  4. My husband has no idea what he said or how it affected me. 
Before we had the little man I used to have a very different idea of what romance and love was. I used to crave flowers and nice evenings out. I was constantly seeking passion and excitement. I thought that is what true love was. Now I see it is something so much deeper. It's about commitment and loyalty. It's about knowing what the other needs, even at 3am. 

Don't get me wrong though, flowers are still nice (ahem).

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Easier said than done, right? This is pretty much the case for me. I am a worrier. An obsessive, can't sleep, ALL thoughts consumed worrier. It doesn't matter if the issue is big or small (or even really really small). No matter, I will worry. Along with the worry, I also have a lot of guilt. Guilt about my worrying. I feel guilty that there are people who have life so much harder, so many more things to worry about and I feel that it is wrong for me to worry about such little things, like it makes me a bad person. Then I begin to worry about my guilt. As you can see this is a vicious cycle. I just wish I could have a crystal ball and see how things are going to turn out, then I wouldn't have to worry so much. Clearly, this is not going to happen and short of meds (I know it's not that bad) I'm not quite sure what to do. 

Take today as an example. Today the little man and I had aquarium class. Something that should be really fun, and it was. The problem? I spent most of the night, and a good part of this morning worrying about the fact that the class was dead smack in the middle of the little man's morning nap. I kept thinking, what if he melts down? What if it screws up his whole day? What is going to happen to his afternoon nap? I began to obsess. You know what? We went, he was great, we got home at noon and slept an hour and was ready to go back down exactly on time at 3pm. So all that worrying was for absolutely nothing and I'm left feeling like an ass. Why did I spend so much time worrying when I could have just rolled with it. Who am I to make such trivial things so important? What about those who have real problems? I feel like me being so consumed with my own life is somehow putting my problems on the same scale as theirs, even if I don't even know them.

It's not just the small stuff. Ever since I have been married I constantly worry that something is going to happen to my spouse. Now that we have the little man the same goes for him. I lay in bed at night and I have to count how many people I know with husbands who are still alive. How many married parents I know who haven't lost a child. Usually this gets me through. Then I hear of a tragedy of someone I know, or I watch a fictional TV show where something disastrous happens and for me it is just proof that bad things happen out of nowhere. Life sometimes just sucks. It doesn't help that we are now applying for life insurance and it just makes it all the more real.

There is just so much to worry about; life, death, will I ever get pregnant again, will that baby be healthy, money, the economy, the war, global warming, the finishing on my dream home, poverty around the world, AIDS, is my little man happy and healthy, am I a good mom, am I a good wife, am I a good friend? There is just so much unknown. So much we can never know the answer to until it is too late. 

So what am I left with? Lots of worry and lots of guilt. I told you, it's a vicious cycle. I know there isn't anything that can be done and worry is really just a mind over matter thing. I know all these things in my head, the old "don't sweat the small stuff." As I said sometimes this is easier said than done, at least for me.

And The Winner Is.........

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have been literally jumping out of my skin to announce to you the winner of TrenchGate 2008. The votes were close (55% to 45%) and even as I was handing over my MasterCard I was having my doubts. Did I make the right choice? I wasn't sure. Wasn't sure until picked up my amazing new trench. Did I say amazing? Without further ado the winner is.......drum roll please.

The *IvyBridge*

Like any good story there is, however, a twist. My initial problem with the IvyBridge was that the length seemed a bit to overpowering. I was concerned about wearing the trench with kneee high boots (my favorite.) It all seemed to be a bit too much. That was until the fabulous Lori at the Newbury Burberry explained to me that there was such a thing as (free) custom tailoring. Within minutes I was pinned and tucked and I had the makings of an amazing piece that I know I will be wearing well into the next decade.

I made the following alterations. I had 2 inches taken off the length so the trench hits right above my knee (super cute with skinny jeans.) I went for my exact size rather than going for a size up which they recommend. This made the jacket look much more tailored. I still wanted to wear sweaters under it (this is New England) so I had the buttons moved about an inch over which gave me more room. What this also gave me is perfection. 

I picked up my new baby on Friday and I almost didn't want to open it. The packaging was so pretty that I had to share some pics with you.

HELLO LOVER!  (This was my first wear. Not the best look. I soon found the Trench looks more tailored if fully buttoned. Buy hey, you get the idea.)

Here is how I spent the weekend with my new favorite item.

Friday: I paired the trench with black zippered leggings, my Qi cashmere sweater, and Tory Burch Flats for lunch in the North End.

Friday Night: Trench, J Brand skinny jeans, black sheer ruffled blouse, black patent leather Marc Jacobs round toe platforms for a night of bar hopping with friends. Clink followed by the Mandarin Oriental, followed by Saint (don't ask).

Saturday: Trip to Whole Foods with the fam. Trench, black juicy sweatpants, white hoodie, white Converse.

Sunday: Pilates. Trench with lulu yoga pants and top.

Sunday Night: Wore trench to bed, paired with flannel Pj's. HAHA just kidding. Didn't quite go that far. Almost, but not quite!

As you can see I am one very satisfied customer!!!!

Really???? I'm shocked!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I love celebrity gossip as much as the next girl. If I am truly honest I probably enjoy it much much more (much much much much more). My first morning clicks on my beloved Mac are always to TMZ and Perez Hilton (in that order) add in Grande Soy Latte and you have an amazing start to any day. What I don't enjoy is being bombarded with the not so shocking, "shocking" celebrity stories parading as news.

This is what I'm talking about:

  1. Jennifer Aniston confirmed to Oprah that she is dating John Mayer. Really? This is news? Haven't we seen like 1,000 pictures of them holding hands, kissing in hot tubs, and leaving every restaurant on the face of the planet over the past few months? Why does Jen's confirmation make this such a big freaking deal??
  2. Speaking of Jen. An article surfaced in this month's Vogue where Jen tells the mag that it was "uncool" of Angelina Jolie to talk about the fact that she and Brad fell in love while Brad was still married. While I would use a much stronger word than "uncool," why is this news? Of course it's uncool! She did steal the girl's husband for Christ sake. Are we supposed to be surprised by this???
  3. Lindsay Lohan has confirmed that she is bisexual and in love a girl. Again, I'm shocked! The fact that you have been living with and making out with SamRo all over LA actually tipped me off a few months ago. But really, thanks for the confirmation.
What happened to the days of breaking news stories. Things like secret weddings, secret babies, surprise break ups. How about a good celebrity feud? I long for the days of the Paris and Nicole smack down of 2006. 

Maybe nothing has changed. Maybe I have to face up to the fact that I am the one who is actually changing. Maybe this whole turning 30 thing is making me a grown up in more ways than one. Could this be why I now find myself watching the news versus Entertainment Tonight? What's next? Am I soon going to be canceling my UsWeekly subscription and ordering the Economist? Given the state of the Economy that might not be such a bad idea.

Oh dear god. It really is happening, isn't it?

Why I Blog.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yummy mummy has hit the big time! Yesterday there was an enormous spike in my generally steady reader numbers. After a little digging on my analytics and some IP following I learned that I did not become famous overnight (a girl can dream can't she?) but rather my blog has been discovered by my friends from my former work life, this is to be expected when you write about your former fabulous boss. I have never hid the fact that I write this blog, and I am very proud of what I send out daily into the blogosphere. That being said I would like to welcome all my readers, new and old. 

Having the knowledge that everyone from every facet of my life is now in tune with what I am writing has made me consider why I write this blog. I feel as though I am sometimes forced to defend why I share my personal life with the entire world to some of my friends and family members (you know who you are). The truth is that I love writing and I love the blogging community that I feel as though I am now becoming a part of. Beyond that there are a number of other reasons why I write. Here are just a few.
  1. Being a stay at home mom is really hard. Ask anyone, it's a very lonely, thankless job without a lot of adult communication (if any!) Writing this blog and being able to connect with people all over the world at any given time really makes me feel like I am still part of the human race. For those of you without kids this may be hard to understand. To put it in perspective think about the times that you are home sick and you have a ton of time on your hands and you have something that you want to talk about, but you can't. Why? Because EVERYONE is working! They don't have time to hear about the ins and outs of your day, and the fact is that to them it's probably a bit boring. That is pretty much my life every day. Wile I wouldn't trade it for the world, I definitely felt very isolated at times. The blog changed that for me. Being able to talk about whatever it is that you want, any time you want is amazingly freeing. For those of you who know me, I am a bit of a talker so this is priceless!
  2. I need a creative outlet. Most of the time I feel like I have mommy brain. For those of you who don't know, mommy brain is where you can think of nothing else but your child. Writing for me is like working. It allows me to think. While a good portion of the time I end up writing about my little man, at least here it is done by choice. 
  3. Grammar and Spelling don't count. I love to write. A writer I am not. I'm sure those of you who are avid readers of my blog have noticed this. One of my favorite parts of writing this blog is that grammar and spelling don't seem to count for much. While I'm sure people notice my flubs, it seems that ideas are what keep you all coming back, and for that I thank you for not being too hard on YM.
  4. My little man is a sleeper. BELIEVE ME I am not complaining about this. The little man takes 2, two hour naps a day. The only catch? I have to be completely silent. No footsteps, no knocking around, no phone conversations. Nothing. Other than the computer my only other option is to watch an insane amount of TV. Since I limit myself to 6 TiVo'd shows a week, this is my pick. 
  5. The new world of mommyhood that I have become immersed in is fascinating! What used to be so foreign to me is now part of my daily existence. I love sharing my stories, and in return hearing everyone else's. This is not limited to those with kids. I love hearing from my bloggers single, married, with and without kids, and even a few of you guys who read and comment on my blog! 
  6. It is fun. If you can't make fun of yourself than you open yourself up to everyone else making fun of you.
The bottom line is that I am almost thirty years old. I feel as though I have spent a good part of the last 25 years trying to fit in or please those around me; something we all do. Since having my little man I have learned what it feels like to have unconditional love and acceptance even if it comes from someone who is of little words. That motivates me to try to keep that feeling in all parts of my life and in all my relationships and daily interactions. This blog allows me to express who I am, and what I feel without seeking approval or reaction. For that reason alone I will keep writing, and I hope those of you out there will keep reading!

If I See One More Load of Laundry I May Die!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 2 of what will soon be known as the stomach flu tsunami of 2008. The little man and I are feeling much better and I think we are slowly making a turn back to normalcy. What is not normal? The massive amount of laundry that has piled up from the last two days (yes, only two days!) I just finished load eight and I think I am getting carpal tunnel from all the folding. Luckily, I have uncovered one benefit to having a sick baby; two now that I think about it. The first is the massive amount of snuggles that I have been on the receiving end of. Seriously, my little man has never been cuddlier, and after our 30 minute session this morning I almost died and went to mommy heaven. The second is the sleep. My little man can't seem to get enough of it, which has given me plenty of time to try to recover myself and, of course, do more laundry.....

Now I Know Why Some People Don't Have Kids.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last night I attended my first blogger event (which I will discuss in detail tomorrow) and I was having a wonderful time when all of a sudden I began to feel violently ill. Like the day after New Year's Eve ill. At that very moment I my phone began to vibrate and my poor husband said, "oh my god, the little man is sick, there is vomit and shit everywhere." You guessed it. We both had the stomach flu and spent most of the night and a good part of today taking turns getting sick. Blessedly my husband was able to come home early from work, because I have now learned the hard way that there is nothing worse than taking care of a sick child when you are sick yourself. 

At this point I can hardly sit and just typing hurts. I am hoping we are going to be to be back in better shape tomorrow. For now we are all going to bed. At 7pm. Yes, there is a God.

I Cannot Believe You Are Seeing Me Like This.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"I cannot believe that you are seeing me like this," that is what I said this morning with my mouth agape. Please allow me to explain.

Everyday, like clockwork, the little man and I take a walk to the Starbucks in our neighborhood. We load him up on his little trike and we walk the 5 or so blocks to get my beloved Grande Soy Latte (in a personal cup of course.) I usually don't pay much attention to my appearance during this morning jaunt, and today was no exception. Except today was much much worse. 

I decided to do laundry early today so at the last minute I threw in my last pair of juicy sweats, and for good measure my last hoodie. I lieu of my early morning uniform I grabbed an old pair of sweats from my pregnancy days (last time I wore them I weighed 30lbs more and they seem to be stuck in that shape.) I then put on my husbands fleece and after checking the temp I threw on my puffy vest. Hot mess pretty much sums up this ensemble, but it gets worse.

The hot and cold weather has done a number on my skin and it has left my completion looking like that of a 14 year old going through puberty. That bad. Last night I tried out a rejuvenating face mask and the remnants were still rejuvenating in my hair line. Rather than washing them away I pulled my hair back and prayed that I didn't see anyone I knew. I'm not that lucky.

The minute the little man and I steered our way into the bucks who did we run into but my very good friend legally brunette. Rather than saying hello, I say, "I cannot believe you are seeing me like this." Thank god it was a friend and not someone I used to work with. Being a stay at home mom I forget that there is a world out there and I could run into anyone from my past life at anytime. It was a good reminder that I should make sure to take just as much care in my appearance as used to. Even if it is just for a dash to Starbucks. Don't think I'm going to go crazy, no blow outs and full makeup here, but at a minimum I will wash my face, brush my teeth, and no more pregnancy clothes, at least until I am actually pregnant.

Martha Martha Martha

Monday, November 10, 2008

In honor of all things celebrity, I would like to give a shout out to my favorite celebrity, former boss and hero Martha Coakley. Martha is currently the Attorney General of Massachusetts and is likely to be the next Senator, or Governor, or both. She is also the most fabulous woman I have ever seen. 

Martha manages to mix Manolos and politics in a way that poor Hillary Clinton could have never dreamed. Not only do we share a love of Louboutins, but we also share the same hair dresser (there is a funny story here that one day I will share with you.) Really, Martha is the most amazing person I have ever seen up close, and to say I went to law school just to work for her is not an understatement.

The reason I mention Martha is that today she is arguing before the Supreme Court of the United States. For any lawyer this is a dream and knowing Martha I'm sure she was flawless in dress and more so in argument. From her you can expect nothing less. Congratulations Martha. 

I See Babies.

Remember when that creepy little kid from The Sixth Sense said, "I see dead people?" Well I am now that creepy little kid. Except I don't see dead people. I see babies. Not babies, actually, rather pregnant women. Pregnant women everywhere

This has been happening to me ever since we lost the baby. I imagine that it is a given when this happens, but the sightings are just getting stronger rather than decreasing as I expected. It certainly doesn't help that 3 of my five best friends are all expecting babies in the very near future. But it's not just them I see, I'm telling you pregnant women really are everywhere. It's like an outbreak. Or quite possibly I really am just losing my mind?

It doesn't bother me that the world is pregnant and I am not. (we are certainly giving it the old college try, and I expect to be in the baby way very soon) it's just that I can't help noticing. Today I was in Yoga (thank god the Yoga twit stayed home) and I saw one of the usual yummy mummies that I always run into at the gym. We haven't seen each other in a few months, and I couldn't help noticing all through class that her infamous 6 pack (more like a twelve pack, and yes I hate her too) was now a bit rounder in in the middle. I actually didn't just notice it; I stared at it. The entire class. I don't think she noticed, or at least I hope she didn't. She was so clearly pregnant and I just couldn't turn away. I then began eying all the women, and I became convinced that they were all pregnant. All of them. Odds are that none of them were pregnant and it was just a case of too much Halloween candy, but throughout the whole class I couldn't stop staring. 

I find myself doing this at the park, grocery, play group, etc...you name it I'm staring. I can't remember if I did this when I was trying to get preggars with the little man, knowing myself I imagine that I did, but I wonder when my obsession began to wain. Maybe when I got the positive test? I'm guessing this will be the only way to stop my current obsession. That or maybe a visit from Bruce Willis? 

Worked for that freaky ghost seeing little kid.

Dear Equinox.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our one year anniversary is just around the corner and at this point for our relationship to progress I feel as though there are some things that we need to discuss.
  1. Parking. I realize that you are a downtown city gym. This is the main reason why I chose you as my gym. In the summer I have no problem walking to you or taking the T, but as the leaves begin to turn the little man and I prefer to drive. Novel concept I know. I do appreciate your five dollar 3 hour parking. Really I do. However, don't you think you should have mentioned that if you exceed that 3 hour limit (even by one minute as I did) that you then have to pay full price? I would really like to thank you for that 28 dollar cup of coffee. Also would it be so difficult in your five story garage to create a "gym parking only" section? There is nothing that I love more than being 10 minutes late for yoga because I was driving in circles looking for parking. 
  2. Security. I realize that you are situated below a very "important" investment company, with very "important" people who work there, but when my baby and I enter the building do you really have to look at me like I am a terrorist and my little man is a nuclear bomb. We have been coming to you for 11 months no less than three days a week, you know me, you know my son. Would it really hurt you to smile or say hello when you are programing the elevator for my floor? I promise we don't bite. Well I don't and the little man is strapped down. Given you are 6'5" and 250 lbs I think you will be OK.
  3. Speed. I have yet to have the same person to check me in at the front desk. I can only imagine the turnover in this profession. Might I offer a suggestion? When you are training these new employees maybe you should teach them that sometimes people are in a hurry to get to class. Especially the frantic ones holding 25lb babies. Maybe the flirting or talking on the phone can be put on hold for just one second so I could get my kid's club pass, validation, and be on my way? Again, just a thought.
  4. Kid's Club. Speaking of the kid's club, this is the reason I joined your gym. Might you consider disconnecting the Internet to the computers that are supposed to be for the older children. If I wanted my son to watch someone check their email all day I would just keep him up during his naps and he could watch me. Yes he can play by himself, but just a little more interaction please?
  5. Posers. OK, I realize that your gym is a bit of a meat market and that this is where the "pretty" people go to mingle, but isn't their any way to force the people to work out? Today in Yoga there was a girl. Dressed to the nine's in full makeup, and the perfect Lululemon outfit. She had her own designer Yoga mat and matching bag. Oh, and she was positioned dead center in the front row. Damn I thought she must be a pro. Not so much. Listen, I am the last person to Yoga judge, I am about as flexible as a yard stick. I have been practicing for 7 years and I still can't touch my toes (this is why they make blocks and straps I say) given this I do not sit front row center. So I was watching yoga twit. Not only was it obvious that this was her first class, but she didn't even listen. How am I supposed to breathe during my triangle when Yoga twit is falling on the floor after attempting reverse warrior. Here is a suggestion. If you watch the instructor rather than the guy next to me maybe you would be able to keep up. That reminds me, guy next to me. Can you not look at my ass the entire class? I agree that it is a nice looking tush but it really breaks my concentration constantly having to turn away from you. Maybe next time you should focus on Yoga twit, clearly the only reason you come to this class is to stare at the ladies.

Look, we are not breaking up and on our one year anniversary when my contract expires I will not be leaving you. You and your boot camp are the ones who gave me my best body ever 16 weeks after baby and for that I will be forever grateful. I just think we need to work our way through these things, because baby you are not the only catch in town. LA fitness keeps knocking at my door and one day I may have to answer. I heard that this is where Matthew McCanoughey works out when he is in town. Let me tell you if there is anyone who I want checking out my tush, it's him!

Home Sweet Home.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

And we made it. Barely.

All of your good wishes must have done the trick.

  1. Obama won. I can hardly believe it's true. I am so proud of America. I can just feel the change and for the first time I have so much hope for the next four years. His victory speech was so inspiring and he is so passionate I just know (hope) he can do all that he has promised.
  2. My Blackberry began working two hours before the dreaded flight. I want to thank everyone for their tips! Here is what worked. I took the battery and sim card out and put the oven on 150 for five minutes.  I then let the phone sit in the oven while it was off for 3 hours. When I put it back together it magically turned on and I haven't had a problem since. In case that doesn't work my mom said that if you put it in a Ziplock back with dry rice, sealed, overnight it should also absorb the moisture.
  3. The flight. Not so bad. Not so good but not so bad. What was good? The little man didn;t cry the entire flight. Not once. What was bad? He didn't sleep. At all. We played, we read, we snuggled, we watched cartoons, we did not, however, sleep. The little man was not concerned about this. He had taken 6 hours worth of naps during the day so he was able to hang in there. I on the other hand did not. We arrived to Boston and the little man wanted to party with his daddy. I wanted to die. he slept all day. I took a quick nap and then jetted to the hairdressers. Then to the Dr., then to get an oil change, then to the grocery. Last night I was the walking dead. We both went to bed super early and after 11 and 14 ours of sleep (me being the 11, little man 14) it was like it never happened. After the hellish trip over I can't really complain.
  4. Today.........I got the trench!!!!! This clearly deserves it's own post (probably multiple posts) and as soon as it comes back from it's custom tailoring (free btw) I will tell you all about it. Until then you will have to remain in suspense of which one yummy mummy chose. Let's just say you might be surprised!!!!
I can't thank all of you enough for your well wishes, and your savvy fashion advice! 

A Nervous Wreck.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

These are the three things that are currently keeping yummy mummy from eating, sleeping, and are forcing me to chew off all my newly manicured nails. 
  1. The Election. I cannot tear myself away from the TV. The lines around the corner. The reports of the robocalls telling the Dems to vote a day later. The analysis. I want my candidate to win so badly and I am just praying that everyone stays in line and casts their vote. It's almost like watching a national disaster play out on TV. 
  2. The Red Eye. Yes, tonight is the dreaded flight back to Boston. At 10:30pm my little man and I are getting back on that jail in the sky to try again to make it home. Please God no puking, crying, or evil looks from my fellow passengers. I really don't know if I can take it again.
  3. My Blackberry. In case I haven't mentioned it before I love my Blackberry more than any other material possession I own. I live on the thing. I may love it as much as my little man (not quite, but close.) I am currently on my third one in 2 years (don't ask.) Therefore, you can imagine the horror on my face when today I was in the pool with my little man and I had to make the choice between keeping him from crashing on the cement or dropping the phone in the water. I made the right choice (I think) and now the phone is currently drying off and I really really really really need to to work again. Please don't ask me why I had the phone in the water in the first place, I have been kicking myself all day!
Just thought I'd share with you a bit of my neurosis. I realize things could be much worse. I am determined to stay positive. I keep playing the scenario in my head where 16 hours from now I am at my hairdressers getting my highlights touched up, texting on my phone that finally starts working, telling everyone how great my little man was on the plane and how happy I am that Obama won. 

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.  

A Brush With Celebrity?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today the little man and I traveled up to Los Angeles to the uber trendy Robertson Boulevard to visit one of the yummiest mummies I know, A.D. A.D. also happens to be one of my very good friends from Boston. She and her adorable son F.D. moved out west last July, and today reminded me of just how much we miss them. It really is amazing the friendships that are formed between mommies who are raising their babies together. You never forget those who were there with you from the beginning. Listening to the tales of breast feeding, (or lack of) sleepless nights, diaper rash, etc. Short of one of us moving across the country in the next few months, our friendship will have to remain bi-costal.

Today we had the perfect day out. We had a great lunch at a nearby cafe (with no wait!) and then went celebrity seeking on Robertson. Except for a few paparazi we came up with nothing, and I soon realized that said celebs had most likely moved onto somewhere else. We then ventured to a nearby park and made friends with some of the locals. In LA everyone looks like someone so who knows maybe we were in the company of stardom. 

Turns out we were the only celebrities (even if in our own mind.) I did, however, get a very cool parking permit which made me officially part of the 90210 (Yep, that's really the zip code in Beverly Hills). We then had a very long ride down the 405 and the little man passed out an hour earlier than usual tonight.

Thanks for the great day A.D.!