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Friday, March 29, 2013

Well, hello there Friday! Where did you come from? Is it just me, or did this feel like a really short week? With my husband still out of town, I'm afraid that this weekend won't go by quite so quickly, but the boys were very happy this morning when I announced that in three more sleeps he would be back! Don't feel too sorry for him though, the hotel he is staying at looks like a palace, and his severe jet lag worked to my advantage last night, when I was able to talk to him for about a half hour at 4 am, his time. I just kept saying, "I can't believe you are on the other side of the world!" Honestly, it sounded like he was on his cell down the street!

Given that my son is a whore for any and every holiday, this weekend we have quite a few Easter egg hunts on the agenda, along with the traditional dying of the eggs. The weather looks beautiful this weekend, so I'm praying for quite a bit of outside time, to help wear off all the jelly beans I just picked up at Target. ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, here are a few links from around the web to kick off your sugar filled weekend! 

For those of you who are expecting, I think this is the perfect shirt/ dress to move you in to spring and summer! I still wear my Hatch pieces all the time! (P.S. my best friend is pregnant with her 4th!!!! and I honestly could not be more excited! I feel like I'm living vicariously through her pregnancy!)

This laptop holder is at the tip top of my birthday wish list!

Now that the LM is going to be wearing ties to school, I need to learn how to tie one... and quick! This cheat sheet is great!

Closet porn... because it never gets old.

Speaking of Suzani fabric, how insane is this paddle board? Gorgeous!

I am absolutely making this light switch for my star wars obsessed dude! All you need is a sharpie!

It's been a big week for marriage, I really hope the court doesn't shy away from this one! I have loved seeing all the posts from "friends" on Facebook about equality. It's about time.

I don't have a problem with my kids having access to technology. As far as I'm concerned it is just another "toy" in our house. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one. 

I made these a few nights ago, and sadly, will be making them again tonight.... because they are all gone! Yes, they are as easy to make as they look, and they taste even better. (I found if you freeze them overnight, they are even more delicious!)

I just ordered this book, and am so excited to start reading it. I hope it's as funny as it promises. 5 boys? Yikes!

For those of you, like me, who feel as though there is a hole in your soul now that GIRLS is on hiatus. This tumblr keeps the dream alive. 

Finally, I try to not get too political on here, but last night I happened to catch a clip of the Rachel Maddow show, and it renewed the sense of outrage that I felt after the shootings in Newtown. That was less than 100 days ago, and I feel as though everyone has already forgotten those poor babies that died that day. I simply cannot fathom why we as a society are not fighting for stricter gun control laws. It seems as though most gun owners are even okay with more regulation. I am so disgusted my what is happening in Congress right now, and I just wish there was more we could do to fight, as parents, as citizens, as human beings, against a lobby that is simply promoting unlimited access to weapons that actually cause mass destruction and death. I think it's important to keep talking about that day. To keep remembering. To keep fighting. I encourage you to watch this segment and get angry, and then try to do something to stop the violence. 

(Photo via here)


Thursday, March 28, 2013

 If you had asked me two years ago, where our kids would be attending school k-12, I would have undoubtedly said, "the public school around the corner." After all, this is why we chose the neighborhood that we did, and ultimately why we bought our home. We had no problem investing in a private early education, but we figured that by the time the LM was 5, he would be more than ready for  a traditional kindergarten program. It's important to point out, as well, that my husband and I are huge proponents of public school. We both were in public school k-12 (my husband actually deviated for a year in his youth, hated it, and found himself back in the local school the next year), and both went to public universities for undergraduate, and graduate school. We are the first people to say that there really isn't that much of an advantage of private over public, and as an adult, it is so obvious that where you went to school makes no difference, once you actually secure a job. 

I feel like it's important to give you that background, so you understand why it was such a difficult decision when we ultimately concluded that we would only be seeking independent schools for our children. We actually felt as though this decision was somewhat forced upon us, when the school system in our town was unwilling to consider students on an individual basis (specifically our LM) and instead relying on set policy when dealing with issues of enrollment and placement. Basically, our little dude was born 6 days prior to the Sept 1 cut off for kindergarten, on the advice of his pre-school, which he had attended for 4 years, and our observations at home, everyone was unified in the belief that he would benefit astronomically by delaying kindergarten for a year. I've learned that this is a common issue for a lot of late summer, high energy kids, and more often than not, it is boys who end up having problems, not right away but often down the line, simply due to the fact that they weren't emotionally ready to begin school when they did. When it was time to apply to kindergarten last year, we brought these concerns up to our local school contact, we were told that even though it was 6 days, under a week, the LM would have to begin kindergarten at age 5. Funny enough if he had been born in April, he would have qualified for two years of kindergarten, but since he was three moths past, they felt he was "ready" having never laid eyes on him. 

We took this news in stride, and decided that we would keep our guy in private kindergarten at his current school, hoping there he would get the preparedness he would need, and then we would move him to public school in first grade. Sounds great, right? Wrong. Turns out the lottery is only available for the entering kindergarten class. Not only would we not get to pick a top three, we basically would get whatever was left at the bottom, and in our town, everyone supports and shoots for the same 4 schools, and gone would even be the chance of him attending a school anywhere near our home, and his playmates. So much for community, right? 

This is why, last year, we made the decision that we consider looking at independent schools for our kids. Recognizing that this is, of course, a luxury to make this decision, it still wasn't one entered in to lightly. Financially, and emotionally the cost is high. We realized that there were some choices that we would need to make, simply to foot the bill, and ultimately there would be sacrifices that made in all areas of our lives. The fact that the public system refused to even consider what would be right FOR OUR OWN CHILD, and instead talked about rules and guidelines, made our decision pretty easy. Finding the right school, would prove to be more difficult.

We started our search by looking at independent schools that truly prided themselves on making the most diverse and unique student population. These were of course the most liberal schools in town, and that worked just fine for us, given our left of the left political leanings. I was very disappointed last year when we were turned down by a school that we truly fell in love with, and learned this year after applying again, that it was because our LM wasn't able to help fill their diversity quota. In short, he was a boy... and they had enough of those. 

That realization was a hard one for us. Here we were, willing to do anything to find the right "fit" for our little guy, and it seemed like almost a game, public, private, independent, blah, blah, everyone seemed to be following some sort of script, and with the competition so high for spots, I really felt so defeated. In the end, the LM stayed where he was, and his school WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, in delaying kindergarten. Our little guy was given a year where he could be the leader, he could mature in  his body, and he was given the time he needed to discover more about who he is, and what he likes. Oh, and he found skateboarding, which has done more for his focus and maturity, than any school could .

Which brings us to this year. This year, having already decided that we were only going to apply to independent schools, we decided to cast a wide net, and not be limited by the overwhelming amount of applications, interviews, follow-up interviews, group interviews, and really commit to finding a school that we thought would be the right fit for our kids. Along with the trio of liberal leaning schools we had heard about, we also looked at a few all boys schools in the area. I know, I know, this is the opposite of diverse and liberal, but after hearing this talk a few years back, from Michael Thompson (the guru) I felt as though we owed it to our boys to have a look. I'm sure you all know where this is going. 

Much to my surprise, when it came down to decision time, there I was, pacing the floor during our romantic vacation, hoping that one of the two, all boys, jacket and tie required schools, would be accepting our little skater dude, with parents that verge on hippies with no religious affiliation. We got both our first choices, and funny enough, the schools that we actually were accepted to, were the ones that are the more conservative boys schools, and not the more liberal leaning ones, that we felt were the most like "us." It just goes to show, you never know what you are going to be drawn too, and unlike last year where we felt like no one was going to be able to give our child the education he deserved. This year, we feel 100% confident that our little guy is going to be starting his education, in the most perfect place for him.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Jacket, tie... how is that going to work for a kid who likes to skate, paint his fingernails, and has more swag than his father and I combined? After letting him pick through a box of clothes I got for him during crew cuts big sale last week, let's just say I'm not concerned in the slightest.

Behold Little Man 2.0

I know kindergarten is just the tip of the iceberg, but I can't tell you what a relief it is, that my little guy is going to be in a place, that we all love, that loved him back, for the next 10 years. I am so glad that we stuck it out, focusing solely on what is best for our child, ignoring what everyone else thought would work for him. Through this whole process, my husband and I were given our own, unexpected education, regarding being and advocate for your child, and standing strong in the knowledge that you know your kid better than anyone else.

P.S. Here he is on his first day of school, age 2. I can't believe it, but even then he was wearing his beloved vans! I guess he was destined to be a skater boy!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

 I went in to this week a little bummed out, knowing that my husband's week long trip to India would be corresponding with with my babysitter's spring break, but after some help from my sister and the appearance of a big ball of fire in the sky (from what I remember, I think it's the sun) I have faith that the boys and I are going to be just fine. For extra measure, just in case the boys were a little down as well, I have promised lots of dinners at their favorite restaurants (chipolte, four burgers, veggie galaxy) and I may or may not be breaking every rule in our book, by letting the LM sleep with me at night. Waking up to his sleepy little face is pretty much the highlight of my year, so far! Lots of park time, lots of dinners out, and lots and lots of cuddles, and I'm pretty sure that Monday will be here before we know it... I hope.

I feel like it's been forever since I posted some pictures of the kids, so here's a little look of what we've been up to the past few weeks.

(what happens to the shoes of a 5 year old skater)

(the little one loves to skate even more than his big brother... uh oh)

(we finally made it to the Museum of Natural History after a year hiatus... the boys loved it!)

(next year the LM has to wear a jacket and tie to school. Don't think this will put a dent in his swagger!)

(We are this close to Spring. I think I can, I think I can...)

Oh Suzani...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

After I posted the pictures of our bedroom last week, I called one of my best friends in a panic, having just purchased these pillows for our bed. 

I know, I know, I said I was "done" with the room, but I just felt as though we needed just one more little pop of color to complete the look. Of course, the pink pillows meant that the orange accessories had to go (which was an easy swap for some similar gold ones in Gray's room) but even with an all white bedspread, which is what is on there now, I felt as though something was missing that would tie the whole room together. As you've seen, everything was pretty subdued, and while I am a huge fan of simplicity, I am also not one to shy away from a little wow factor. 

My question, to my all knowing friend, was how to tie the emerald and pink shams in to a room with a very neutral, clean base? 

Her answer? 


Suzani? I said.

Yes, Suzani!!!!

Yes!!!!! Suzani!

First off, how is it that I have never heard of this beautiful, embroidered fabric? I know, that I have seen dozens of pictures of it on Pinterest, and I just thought all these people went to some awesome, far away place and during their travels picked up some amazing fabric, that they then incorporated in to their home! Turns out, you can get it online, and it's rather cheap, and it's amazing, and it can be used for almost any room in the home to give it more of an eclectic, bohemian vibe. Master, guest, living, kids... as a blanket, fabric for a settee, bench, pillows... you name it, it will work. I plan on using a fabric, similar to the second to last picture. I am going to use it as a quilt on the end of our bed, and I think it is exactly what the room needs to give it a little more of a layered, funky, Domino(ish) look. 

Of course, I'll have to post a picture when it's done. I purchased our piece from here, but you can get it from about 1000 different sites. 

Oh Suzani... how I cry for you!

Weekend Links.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Saturday! Is it Spring yet? Yes. Does it feel like Spring? No. Okay, then I plan on going back in my cave for another month! Oh, if only that were possible! 

What do you all have planned this cold, albeit Sunny, weekend? Today, was the much anticipated birth of what the LM likes to call "skater mom." Yes, it's true. For some reason or another I have decided to learn how to skateboard. Go ahead, finish laughing, I'll wait. Yes, in an attempt to remain relevant to my two skateboard obsessed boys, I, myself, have decided to give the sport a go. Earlier, the LM and I went for my first 3 hour "lesson" with him as my teacher, and you know what? It was actually kind of fun. I fell REALLY hard, twice, but I surprised myself (and my son) and wasn't half bad. He loved every minute of it, so I'm sure this is something that will be happening every weekend from here on out. I think I am going to need to invest in some serious ice packs! Other than that, we don't have much planned. Which is kind of awesome!

Here are some fun links from around the web to help brighten your weekend! See you all Monday. 

I'm currently obsessed with white nail polish for Spring. Obsessed.

Yet, another reason to go back to France. ( psst my husband and I have been dreaming of what it would be like to up and move to Pairs... I'm pretty sure we aren't the only ones!)

Zigo is having a spring sale! Getting the boys back in this bike is the #1 reason we have been praying for warmer weather.

Confession: I hate salmon with a every ounce of my body. I know it's good for you, so I'm going to attempt to make more of it. I tried this recipe the other night, and was able to finish my plate. My husband, a salmon lover, said it was great!

 As if I needed another reason to love Dax Shepard. This story broke my heart. What a beautiful picture!

Like everyone, I pre-ordered Gwyneth's new cookbook. This article is right on, and I wish I had the strength to resist her charm. #cantbreakfreeofgwynethsspell

I cannot get these shoes out of my head. I swear I would wear them every day for.the.rest.of.my.life. Come next January, these have to be my reward for completing my no shopping challenge!

This is my new haircut! My favorite yet!

My girlfriend sent this to me a few moths back. I read it often when I am in the trenches and in need of a good pep talk.

An Easter project that I plan on tackling this week!

I love everything about this entryway! Everything!

This made me laugh out loud! (and is probably why I wear the same chambray shirt/ gray jeans combo every day!)

This is such a great idea for all those plastic eggs!

The first day that we break 75 degrees, I plan on making these to celebrate! Why does warm weather seem so far away right now?

Have I mentioned before, that I will forever have a bit of an unhealthy love for Kurt Cobain? I love everything about this quote!

On a serious note, I, like most of you, have been outraged by the media coverage, and town coverup of the rape that occurred in Stubenville. As a mother of two boys, this post really spoke to me. I encourage you to read it, and share.

(Photo via here)

Paint, Paint, Paint! Part 2.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oh, how I wish I were a "real" photographer... because then I could have found the right light to take these pictures of the LM's room in, that would have really showcased how amazingly beautiful the blue color is (maybe then I also would have remembered to move the rodents err pets too) but this will give a general idea of HOW MUCH BETTER the room looks with a new coat of paint! I have to admit, that terrible green was a mistake from the beginning, (click here to see what I'm talking about) and proof that you should always spot test paint first, so any color would have been a welcome change. BUT, in person, this blue really is the "perfect" baby blue, and I will absolutely have the boys' room painted this color from here on out! Once Gray is a little bigger, I'm planning on putting two twin beds in here, with navy fabric covered headboards, and I'm hoping that this will be a space the two can happily share for at least the next 5-7 years.

I always say this is my favorite room in the house, and while I spend the least amount of my time in there, every time I do walk in, the whole space instantly makes me feel happy. Every inch of the room is "so" my little man, and I just love how bright everything is! I totally get the idea of sedated kids rooms, but for my wild little men, this room fits the bill perfectly! I still have to hang his map up over the chalkboard wall, but this will give you an idea of how big the transformation was, with just a change of paint!

My favorite details.

The color is Parma Gray, by Farrow and Ball. It's amazing. I cannot say enough about it. I kind of want to paint my whole house in it. I won't, of course, but don't think the thought didn't cross my mind ;)

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

As you know, the last month or so, we have been living in construction zone hell. What started as a small leak in the LM's room, quickly turned into a massive renovation of our entire downstairs level. At first I was so incredibly angry when this all came to our attention, but quickly my frustration turned to elation, when I figured out that we would have new (better) floors AND because they had to tear out parts of the wall, I would get all new paint. That last part was music to my ears, and as you know, I went back and forth over whether or not we should paint our whole bedroom dark. Well, I went for it, and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am with the final result. The paint itself, is gorgeous, showing different hues in the varying light, throughout the day, and I just love how it brings so much glamour to our bedroom. Whites pop, golds look more regal, even out crazy skateboard piece looks more calming with the dark walls. In short, I love it. In long, I llllloooooooovvvvveeeee it, and if you are on the fence about painting a room dark, my advice is GO FOR IT!

Okay, okay, so I honestly could talk about the paint all day, but instead I will let you see for yourself the magic that is Farrow and Ball, Downpipe. 

Did I mention that the inside of the closet is black? Oh yeah, when I tell you I went for it, I went for it, and it paid off in spades! I now kind of think we need all white bedding (I'm going to have to gently spring that one on my husband) but you get the idea. If you have the space and light dark = awesome!

Tomorrow, I'll show off my new favorite room the the house! The Little Man's!

Gray + Food.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

 For the most part, Gray is a pretty easy going kid. Sleeps well, plays well by himself and with others, is very affectionate, happily sharing kisses with those around him, and for the most part, he just goes with the flow which most definitely involves more time in the car than he would like. Like I said, pretty easy going. The one thing that we have learned in the past year, is that Gray does not tolerate when you mess with his meal times. This may seem obvious for some kids, but when your first born sees eating as a means to an end (i.e. the faster I eat, the faster I can get off this table) you get used to having dinner sometimes at 6, or 7, or 8... honestly, the kid has never once in his life asked to be fed. Gray, on the other hand needs to eat exactly at 8:00am, snack at 10:30-11, lunch at 12:30 and dinner at 5:30 on the dot... with a few more snacks thrown in just for fun. At first this exact schedule was kind of annoying, but lately, we have been happily obliging him because of the simple fact that he just loves to eat. Loves it. He will eat, and enjoy, almost anything and everything. He sometimes reminds me of Anthony Bourdain, the way he moans, smiles, slurps his beverage, tries to have a conversation with you about what he's eating. He prefers anything served tapas style, the more variety the better, and if you have food anywhere near him, don't think you will get away without sharing some of your plate. The whole thing really is hysterical. 

The other night, he was having a moment with some bread dipped in vegan meatballs, that my hubby was lucky enough to capture on film.

I mean, have you ever enjoyed eating anything that much? Certainly not vegan meatballs! What can I say, this kid just loves food! It's about time we get a chef in this family... 

Cap It Off.

Monday, March 18, 2013

 It's official. Baseball hats are having a "moment" and I for one could not be more excited about this trend. For someone with thin hair, and an inability to get in the shower every morning, a baseball hat being considered fashionable is a good thing... a very good thing! I recently purchased this cap, and have worn it pretty much every day since its arrival. Turns out my best friend got the same one, which means that great (stylish) minds think alike! If you aren't feeling brave enough to go all the way (me, raising my hand) the basic black is a great place to start! 

Need a little inspiration?

 Just check out these uber stylish women, rocking the hell out of their baseball caps. 







Too cool for school, right? I am seriously all over this look! Now you all will know how to find me this Spring... I'll be the one under the baseball cap!