The No Shopping, Shopping Challenge.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

 At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to my husband, and mostly to myself, that for the next 365 days I will not purchase another piece of clothing (shoes included.) I know what you are thinking, why the hell would one do that? On paper it does seem a little drastic. Well, embracing my "less in more" motto, I finally decided to put my money where my mouth is. I'm always preaching to friends, and justifying purchases, with the whole "only buy timeless / high quality/ investment pieces" and someday you will get to a point where you will have a complete wardrobe that will only need minimal updates. The truth is, that I have reached that point. Someday was January 1, 2013.

 I began to notice, at the end of last year, that I was purchasing duplicates of things because they were "timeless and perfect" but in reality how many timeless and perfect things does one need? If there are only 7 days in the week, and you aren't a celebrity (which I only am in my head ;)) then there are only so many things that one can wear in a month. A few weeks back, I did a complete closet clean out, and with my shopping free year in mind, I actually GOT RID of quite a bit of clothing. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but for me, I find, that I really wear the same few things and I will always chose something that I "love" over something that I just liked. I realized that i'd rather someone else get use out of some of my things, than for them to sit there, unworn, looking kind of sad. Yes, sometimes I treat my clothes like they have feelings ;). This is easier for me, because I have a sister in graduate school, who lives around the corner, so I actually get to see some of my things that I am still emotionally attached to, out in the world, rather than in the back of my closet. 

Now, I know what you are thinking, does this mean a year without fashion posts? Absolutely NOT! In fact, I think this means there will just be more! Because I am not buying, I find myself looking at things more than ever, and right now my favorite thing to do when I find something I love is to put it in my online cart, think about what I have that is close to it, taking hints from the styling, and then DELETING the whole cart. I swear, every time I get just as excited as if I had bought said item, and I feel like I'm actually making money back. (Yeah, my husband thinks I'm nuts too but you should  try it!)

That being said, I have to tell you all how much I am loving the Liberty prints at J. Crew right now! If I  didn't have self control, I swear I would be snatching up a few of these in a second! So so perfect for spring, I would pair them with harder pieces, like distressed skinny or boyfriend jeans, or a great army green fatigue (again, a must have for spring) and with a motorcycle or clog type boot. Feminine yet cool at the same time! 

Here are a few of my favorites! I'm relying on you all to hold me to my pledge, so please do all the shopping for me ;)

365 days? I can TOTALLY do this!

Wardrobe Lust: Mara Hoffman.

Monday, January 28, 2013

 The other day, while dreaming of Summer, I stumbled upon this bikini work of art, by Mara Hoffman

How is it that I have never heard of this designer before????

 Every piece I found was more beautiful than the last, and although I need a new Summer dress, like a hole in the head, I just had to share this amaziness with all of you!

Stop it.

Stop it right now!



Too cool.

 I can't.

 I really can't.

Be still my heart. 

Nothing can beat the bathing suit above...

... but these are gorgeous nonetheless!

And, this bag is going to haunt me all Summer long.

Mara Hoffman: serious wardrobe lust.

Only 144 days until Summer. GAH!

Weekend Links.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brrrrrrrrrrr it's still freezing where we live, and to make matters worse, my hubby is on call this weekend. That means it's just the boys and I All.Weekend.Long and with almost no time outside, we are already driving each other nuts. Is it Monday yet? I hope you all have something better than us planned, and that you have some warm sun where ever you are. Here are a few links from around the web, for those of you, like me, who could use a little mental break right about now! Happy Saturday!

The boys and I have been rocking Bob Marley all week, while dreaming of Summers in Costa Rica. This song is still my favorite. Don't you already feel warmer?

What would you wear to an interview with Anna Wintour? I'd probably do what #1 did, but in all actuality I'd cancel the day before because I was too scared. #keepthetagson

I've recently come to terms with mixing metals, and just ordered these pendants that I've been dreaming about for a year. How great will these look with a navy velvet sofa? ;)

Go forth and submit your photos! Can you even imagine being chosen? I can guarantee you that even at my finest, I could be out styled in a minute! Damn, some people are so chic!

My girlfriend and I were talking about this the other night, and this is my new goal in life. (Remember in high school when being bitchy was considered "cool?" What a waste of energy!)

Speaking of cold, how long until we can wear bare legs again? Summer, I miss you. P.S. Isabel Marant, I love you.

The LM and I have been reading a few pages of this, every night for the past week and we were both sobbing at the end. Tonight, we are starting all over again. I can guarantee you, tears will again be shed.

I'm absolutely going to surprise the boys with this for breakfast onValentine's Day!

Question? Do we think Gray is cool enough for this cut, this Summer? I'd like to say yes, but I think this may be better suited for the LM. I have to say I love it!

My soul belongs to Apple, but this commercial has my heart. 

My most favorite purchase of last year. These pants have literally changed my entire wardrobe, and I hope you don't think I'm gross when I tell you I wear them at least 6 times a week. (With regular washings, of course :)) They are absolutely worth the investment!

What a chair!

I've been trying to make this all week, but Whole Foods is having a roccoli rabe shortage (go figure.) I'm absolutely attempting again tomorrow, it looks so yummy!

(Photo via Pinterest, I wish I could source it, given how amazing it is, but alas I could only trace to a broken link)

Photo Bomb!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

 Is there anything in this world, that is funnier than a good photo bomb? I can just imagine, seeing the look on someones face, when they get their newly developed picture, and see that some creeper (aka David Hasselhof) made his way into the frame. Here are some of the greatest photo bombs in history, borrowed from the huffington post

Now, I would like to submit my own photo bomb for consideration. This summer, at a party for my best friend's son, I saw my moment, as a family picture was being taken, and instantly jumped in front of the lens. When she showed it to me last night, I almost died, and then realized that I had stumbled upon one of the greatest profile pics of all time.

Behold, the YM photo bomb. 

 If only I had been behind the camera... can you imagine the look on her face when she got the print?

I'm pretty sure this is why God invented digital cameras. 

Go forth my friends, and bomb away!

Who Knew.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 Who knew...

... that HBO's Girls was so DAMN GOOD? Okay, I think everyone in the world did, but I swear my sister and I tried to watch the pilot no less than three times, and each time we ended up turning it off somewhere around minute 15, asking "is there something we are missing here?" Then, on Friday, my husband and I tried it again and we loved it. Actually, I loved it, and he didn't hate it, and now it's Tuesday, and tonight we are already at the end of season 1. It's that good! The only problem is that my teeth now hurt, from cringing so much in each and every episode. Sometimes the scenes are so awkward, I'm actually thinking I will die before it's over, but at the same time I can't stop myself from laughing. Yes, people, that is the magic of Girls. If you have yet to give it a whirl, you just have to try to sit through the first few episodes. If only because it will make you feel so great about your life, and so happy that you are out of your early 20's. If you are still in that stage in your life, you have my prayers, I promise you soon it will end, and you may actually look back and find some humor in those years. Or not. Either way, you will be thrilled that you made it though!

Who knew...

... that you are supposed to massage Kale, if you aren't steaming/ baking/ sauteing/ grilling it. I did not, and therefore could not understand how people could actually enjoy eating it raw. A few weeks back my girlfriend mentioned that you are supposed to massage it first, with a little bit of olive oil, and not only does it remove the bitterness, but it also completely changes the texture. Completely. Since then, I swear we have had kale with every meal. I tried out this salad last week, and it was awesome. Now I actually prefer it over regular lettuce, and since I found you can buy it bagged at Whole Foods (meaning no stemming/ chopping) this is now my go to for lunch every day. 

Who knew...

... that those little tabs on the side of the juice box are for pulling up BEFORE you put the straw in. It allows for more room in the container, thus preventing the inevitable, stick straw in, watch apple juice explode everywhere, say expletive, apologize to son for saying expletive, clean up the sticky juice from every crevasse imaginable scenario that has played out in our home for the last 5 years. Okay, seriously, did you all know that? Shouldn't it say it somewhere on the carton. Maybe this is such common knowledge that it doesn't need to be said? Whatever. I clearly missed that section in my birthing class, and now that I know how to open the damn thing, my kids may have a chance of getting some juice again. 

Who knew...

... That you can get fabric covered headboards at Ballard Designs, that look almost identical to the ones that Serena and Lily make? I did not, and now I am psyched! Once Gray is in a big kids bed, I would like to do something like this in the LM's room, and I had my heart set on twin navy headboards, with nail heads. My only hesitation was making such an investment in furniture pieces that the boys would likely grow out of in just a few years (Dad is almost 6'4' and those boys are growing like beanstalks.) Now that I know I can get them at a fraction of the cost, I am totally going for it! 

Did you all know this? Anything you've recently discovered? Am I the only one living in a hole? A hole called motherhood with little two kids!

Weekend Links.

Friday, January 18, 2013

What are you all up to this long weekend? Tomorrow, the LM is starting swimming lessons again, and he's very excited because he was able to get placed in a class with boys much older than him. To a 5 year old, this is a VERY big deal. Other than that, we really don't have much on the agenda. We are bringing back Saturday family night, with a visit to our old favorite, and I'm sure there will be some skateboarding at least one of the days, but I'm psyched that we finally have a weekend where we really have nothing planned!

Also, I'm thinking we should all start on Night Circus, since that seems to be a favorite of almost everyone I ask. What do you all think? 

Here are a few links from around the web, to get your weekend started of right. 

The new "it" hairdo. (hint it's short!)

A children's book written by a childhood friend (and first date!) in honor of Martin Luther King.

My bestie, Mar, turned me on to this for breakfast, and I've had it every day this week. I make mine with vanilla almond milk and I've never felt better!

This post sold me on dark red lipstick, I ordered the NARS and can only imagine the comments I am going to get from my husband.

After seeing this, I am WAY to ready for summer. The fact that it's freezing out, doesn't help. I really must consider moving to a warmer climate ;).

I would trade my car in, in a second, for any one of these.

This made me laugh, only because it happens to me EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK.

Speaking of hair, if mine were curly I would absolutely die for this style.

If I went to the globes, I would unequivocally wear some version of this. So unexpected!

This home, featured at, is like the sun... if you look at it long enough, you will start to tear up. Pure perfection.

I'm definitely making these for my loves, for valentine's day! No baking involved!

I adore this picture. How cute are they?

See you all Tuesday, stay warm out there, friends!

A Good Read.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

 Is there anything better than a good book? Seriously? I'd take a good read over almost anything else (except wine) almost any day of the week! I have always been an avid reader, so I have to say that I was a bit disappointed in myself, the other day, when after an hour of searching I was unable to find my Kindle charger. That meant that my Kindle had been dead for months, and I hadn't even even tried to open a new book during that whole period of time. Shameful. 

Well, said charger has finally be located, and by the end of the Summer I am determined to read the following. I know, I make it sound more like homework, but for various reasons I have been dying to read all of these books, and now I have a plan to get it done. I would love it if some of you would like to read along with me, because as anyone who has EVER watched a show with me knows, there is nothing more that I love to dissect than a good plot line! (yes, I'm that annoying person who talks through shows... sue me ;))

Here's my Winter/ Summer reading list, should you choose to accept!*

Email me if you are game, and I will try to get us all started on the same book! Am I missing anything? What have you all been reading? Or are you like me? Has InStyle and UsWeekly been your medium of choice (oh, the shame, the shame!) I'm totally open to suggestions too, so feel free to leave a comment with a book you have been dying to start! 

This could be fun, right? Yes, no, maybe? 

* Feel free to skip the Grisham, as a former lawyer I am still a sucker for terrible legal fiction. Once you read one, you have to read them all!

psssttt. email is diaryyummymummy (at) gmail (dot) com

Weekend Links.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

  Hello friends, sorry for the lack of posting this week. WE decided to act like grown-ups and hired a financial advisor at the same time that we are in the middle of a refinance, which means that I (me, and me alone) was in charge of finding 1,000,000,000 documents so that everyone would have what they needed. I pride myself on keeping everything, but locating it was a completely different adventure. That coupled with the 1,000 passwords that we needed to remember to access everything.... well you get the idea. I quickly learned that me + paperwork + deadlines would NEVER work, and my new fear in life would be waking up tomorrow... as an accountant. Eek. Thank goodness there are people out there who can handle that!

Anyway, the weekend is now upon us, and we are smack in the middle of what we like to call "family fun time." It started with a visit to Chuck E. Cheese, where we spent the morning looking for every strain of the flu in Boston (kidding, I hope) and we are ending it with a date ALONE to celebrate our anniversary. We aren't like most people, and our idea of a dream date involves a movie! My sister is babysitting, and we figured we could, and do, go to nice dinners all the time, but when can we go to dinner AND a movie? Never. Seriously, the last time must have been 6 years ago. So tonight we are grabbing sushi, and going to see something super romantic; Zero Dark Thirty. I'm actually really really excited. This date is second only to waking up and doing nothing for 4 hours but reading the New York Times in bed... just like the old days. Remember those mornings? Sigh.

Ah, well, c'est la vie! I hope you all have something wonderful planned this weekend. We have a warm front coming our way, and I can assure you, that tomorrow, the boys and I will be spending as much time as we possibly can in the 60!!!!!!! degree weather. If you have nothing planned, might I suggest a flu shot? I have to say, not to get one at this point seems borderline crrrraaaazzzyyy!

Here are a few links for those of you who will be lounging in bed tomorrow. Lucky bastards ;)

This oral history of Good Will Hunting is fascinating! What geniuses those boys really were/ are.

My new haircut looks exactly like this, and I LOVE it! I don't think I will ever go back to my long, long hair again!

After seeing this pin, I can't stop dreaming of these shoes. Gah!

We had a couple of these moments this week. I would sincerely like to apologize to my parents. 

Other than my rings, I am not a jewelry girl, yet I am kind of obsessed with these earrings

This year I am all about getting REALLY organized. I may start with cleaning the sofa. This tutorial is AWESOME!

Considering we go to about 50 birthday parties a year, I would love to make a bunch of these. Such a great gift. 

... and of course wrap the Lego's like this. So sweet!

Ever since I got back from NYC, I have been wanting to wear only clean lines... and black. How understated and stylish is this look?

As a former Cali girl, I HAVE to put this is my room. It is perfect!

I hate being such a stereotype, but this is spot on.

My SIL and I discuss this all the time! I would be a terrible dater in this day in age!

This is great, the TED talk equally so. Show this to all your daughters. (the line about the Senator is priceless)

P.S. Rag and Bone in Boston is having a huge in store sale. I was in the other day to exchange a sweater for my hubby and my heart almost stopped. 

Happy Saturday!

9 Years!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

 9 years ago, today, I married the man of my dreams. Of course, at the time I had no idea what my dreams really were, but I can guarantee that if you had shown me a snapshot of what our lives would look like, at this very moment, I would have hounded that poor boy until he had no choice but to marry me (or possibly take out a restraining order!) I swear, every year we seem to fall more and more in love, and I can only imagine how I will feel about him in 71 more*. 

So, happy anniversary to the love of my life. My other half. My baby daddy. I couldn't imagine going through this journey with anyone else, and I pinch myself every day when I think that he chose me to spend the rest of his life with. 

This quote seems only fitting for someone who moved in with me only a few months after we met.

Mad love.

*I remember on our wedding night we discussed how cool it was that we were getting married so young, that we actually had the possibility of being married for 80 years! Obviously, this would mean we have to have to make it to 104, but with this man by my side, I'm pretty sure anything is possible!