I'd Rather Have The Shot.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You know how little kids live in fear of the doctor's office because they think that every time they enter the doors, someone will be waiting on the other side to give them a shot? Well, that's how I feel about the Apple store. Seriously. Even though Apple pretty much owns my soul, and I bow at the alter of Steve Jobs, I live in constant fear that every time I enter those beautiful glass doors someone will be waiting on the other side to steal my computer. Why do I have this fear? Because it ALWAYS happens, and you've guessed it, Saturday it happened again. For the past few months my computer was running a bit slow and I took it in for a little "check up" only to find that my second hard drive was about to crap out on me (thank God for Apple care.)  Luckily, this time I had things backed up prior to the crash, but that didn't soften the blow when that cute little nerd told me that he would be taking my baby away for 7 (yes, SEVEN) days.

Right now I am on day three, and while the shakes are subsiding I still am missing my second born desperately. It just so happens that I have some serious projects to tend to thanks to the fabulous advice of our designer guests. While I may be offline for a few days, I promise to be back soon with a newly painted and styled home to share with you.

As I will tell my little man next time we visit the Dr., take the shot as long as you can keep the computer! Right now I'd much rather have the shot!

I'll try to steal my hubby's computer as much as I can over the next few days, but please bear with me over the next week. I promise that soon we will be back to business as usual!

Oh, Apple... you hurt me so.

Currently Loving.

Friday, August 27, 2010

There are so many random things that I am currently loving that I figure the best way to share them to put them together in one post. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure if they met each other in real life, they would definitely be friends (or at least pretend to be on Facebook.)

These are the things that right now are making me smile.

abc's The Bachelor Pad. This show found a way to steal my heart. Although I was never a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise, this spin off absolutely gets a rose from me. Alcohol, competition, hotties, and 20+ people sharing one room? Seriously, what is there not to love? If you wonder who I'm rooting for to win the money, I went to high school with Kiptyn so you know I have all my money riding on the home team hero.
Eat, Pray, Love "the movie." I am one of those people who hated this book (as discussed here early and often.) I found Elizabeth Gilbert to be self loathing, overly dramatic, and downright boring. Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert? Well, I found her to be endearing, intelligent, and a heroine who I could wish only good things upon. Throw in Javier Bardem's character... well, let's just say that Bali is now on the top of my must see list. I have seen this amazing movie the last two weekends in a row, is it wrong that I'm considering another viewing this Sunday? Nah.... Julia (ahem Liz) would do it!

Amazing furniture, on sale. This weekend's sale at one of my favorite furniture stores in Boston, Hudson. I am always loving this store, but their high prices usually keep me more in the "looking" rather than "buying" mode. Well, this weekend, until August 31st, they are having their semi-annual sale, and since we are in need of a few pieces for our home, and we happen to have a guest staying with us who is also an interior designer, I am loving that I will have an opportunity to hunt for a bargain with a real professional. I also came across this website www.ebiza.com which is kind of the Gilt of the furniture world (or is trying to be.) They had my dream mixer up yesterday, for half the price, and I am super excited to see what will come up next. You know how I love a steal!

Dark grey nails. What can I say, I am officially on the grey/ greige (grey + beige) nail polish bandwagon. For fall I am thinking I am ready to embrace the dark grey nail. It's not as "emo" as black, and not as expected as dark burgundy, and it truly does go with everything. I'm waiting until after Labor Day to decide if this is one trend worth rocking through the winter months, or if it just makes my nails look, how should I say, infected?

The weather for the next 10 days. After the last 4 days of blinding, cold rain, I was quickly reminded of how close we are to another 6 months of crappy weather. I wish you could have see the smile on my face when I pulled up the weather forecast for the next week. 80 and sunny, without a cloud in the sky. 

Oh Summer, I love you.

Blurb. Blurb is the coolest self publishing website that I have ever seen. While they can help you to create and publish almost anything, right now I am currently loving the book that I am making which details the first three years of the Little Man's life. Their formatting is to die for, and if I can find this easy to create, trust me when I say anyone can do it. Can you say awesome Christmas present?

Lastly, I am currently loving my mortgage company. Seriously, who says that? Not only did they help us secure a mortgage 2 years ago, when others considered us a risk... but now after one call, I was able to lover our interest rate by 1.3 percent in under 5 minutes with no change to our existing terms. When I asked the lady if I could hug her for all the interest payments she just saved me, she said no.... it's just part of the job. You have to love that!

So that's what I am currently loving... what's putting a smile on your face right now?

Oh Yeah, He's Definitely My Son.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tonight before dinner:

Me: Okay, just make sure  you and and daddy are home for dinner.
LM: Mom, I just want leftover birthday cake for dinner.... okay?
Me: How about ravioli first?
LM: Ugh, okay..... but I still get cake right?

Oh yeah, he's definitely my son.

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New...

......... or really, really old. At this point it's a toss up.

Yes, I am officially home from the fabulous and dreamlike place that they call Manhattan. While it is great to be home, I must say I had more fun in the last 5 days than I probably had in the last 10 years. Yeah, it was that good. I went down with my sister, who is newly 21, to visit my SIL who moved to the area about 8 months ago. To say that we partied like rock stars would be a bit of an overstatement, but to say we partied like it was 1999, doesn't really do our time justice either. Let's just say an amazing time was has by all, and I'll be looking back at the past week with a smile on my face that will last the next few decades.

I know they say what happens in New York, stays in New York (hmmmm that might be Vegas) but being the good blogger that I am, I am more than happy to share some of the highlights with you.

So let's see.

I "met" my two celebrity loves Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer.

(Seriously don't we make a cute couple?)

Did the touristy stuff like posing for pics in Rockefeller Plaza and Central Park.

While we were in the park I fulfilled a life long dream of mine of "playing a dead body" from Law and Order. Honestly, where is Dick Wolf when you need him?

We spent most of our time on the roof top of the Standard Hotel. They have a Jacuzzi that I may or may not have gone in (don't worry mom.... I was wearing "clothes") Moreover, I just couldn't get over the fact that the sofas were actually water beds. I think I may have slept there more than anywhere else that weekend!

We also visited the site of the original Coyote Ugly, Hogs and Heifers, and after not too much persuasion we found ourselves on the bar. I am happy to report that ALL bras came back home with us. (If you've ever been there you know what I am talking about. )

You would think that sparkly shorts wouldn't be that big of a hit in a motorcycle bar... but you'd be wrong.

We also saw Usher perform for one of the morning shows, ate the most amazing pasta that was made in house... twice. Had brunch at Pastis and Cafe Cluny, my two favorite places, and of course went back to Alta for that amazing crab relleno that I have been dreaming about since my last visit (this time we also sampled the extremely dangerous Sangria... yum.) We saw Eat, Pray, Love for the 2nd time, which was immediately followed by me wanting to see it for the 3rd. We did a little shopping where I found the dress of my dreams (more on this later) and some much more practical pieces...and steals! If that wasn't enough we walked almost every square inch of the city, and I can finally say I saw some true New York attractions like the empire state building, grand central station, the park, Macy's...etc.

I went down there and partied like I was 21, came back feeling like I was 81, and I'm pretty sure that soon I will be back to my old thirty-something self.

When I came home I was met by a sick little boy who gave Dad and Grandma quite the hard time while Mom was off. Needless to say I don't think there will be too many weeks away for the next year or two... as an aside my Little Man turned three yesterday and right now is napping for the first time in his big boy bed. My catch phrase for the weekend was, "I'm someones mother," and jumping back into reality I am quickly reminded that yes, yes, I am, but that doesn't mean I can't be a little wild and free... at least for a few days.

4 Days, 3 Girls, I City, 0 Kids... Bring It On.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What do you get when you combine 4 days with 3 girls, add in 1 big city, and subtract a manic 3 year old? We are about to find out, but I'm pretty sure the answer is one hell of a good time
Yes, people I am about to be free. Free to spend 5 days and 4 nights in NYC with my sister and my sister-in-law living in the West Village  (can you say heaven?)  Not only am I leaving, but he best part is that, unlike my last trip where I left my husband in charge of the household, this time I have brought in reinforcements and a few hours ago my amazing mother-in-law flew in to take care of my boys. Until Monday night she is the new CEO of this home which means I am now free to head off on a sabbatical, gilt free. A sabbatical that will likely include eating, drinking, a little shopping, and a LOT of dancing.

If you could see my face right now it looks something like the girl on the back of that bicycle.

Yes, I am that excited.

I promise to bring my camera, and if time allows I will definitely be posting from the big apple. If not I will see you back here Tuesday with all of the sordid details. Well, maybe not all.

Have a fabulous weekend, and for all you New Yorkers.... I'll be seeing you soon.

You Act Like That Is a Hard Thing To Do?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love my husband, I really do. He is kind, smart, funny, loyal, compassionate, really the list goes on and on. Of all these things that he is, being quote "fashionable" is something that is he not. As in not at all. Even though in the beginning of our relationship I pushed him to try to step it up a bit, I have now come to prefer it that way. To be honest I can't imagine what it would be like to be with a man who takes longer that I do to get ready (which is about 20 minutes max) and the last thing that I want is to have to share any sort of clothing budget with someone who isn't 1) my size, and 2) me. 

My husband, like most men, hates to shop. He hates to try on clothes, he hates picking out clothes, he hates paying for clothes, and if I'm being honest here he is not a huge fan of wearing clothes in general. This has led him with a wardrobe that consists of nice work clothes (those he actually sees the importance in), 2 suits, 1 pair of jeans, 3 nice sweaters, 2 "going out" button up shirts, 3 or 4 summer shirts, and about 200 T shirts. Yes, I just cataloged his entire wardrobe. As I said this suits him fine, and I can sleep well knowing that wherever we are, he will never be the best dressed in this couple (he will, however,  always be the smarter one, so I'm pretty sure he is okay with our little arrangement.) 

When shopping for my Little Man I try to take the same approach as I would when shopping for my hubby. I try to stick to the basics, not get too many options, and basically build a wardrobe that is totally interchangeable so I can rest assured that no matter who is dressing him (ahem I am talking to you Husband) he always looks put together (as much as any 3 year old should.) I only shop for him twice a year and it is usually from the same store. Summer clothes come from Boden and Winter from J.Crew. While he definitely dresses like a little boy, I try to buy a majority of pieces that could definitely be considered "gender neutral" so we could hand down some of these pieces if we were to have a little girl down the road. Basically, this just means my little man wears a lot of navy. 

When I went to do my annual shopping for my Little Man this year, I have to say, I was exceptionally excited when I saw the new collection over at Crew Cuts. Adorable doesn't even begin to describe it. There were skinny corduroy pants and jeans, too cool for school nautical shirts and sweaters, and some awesome suede shoes that I can only wish came in my size. I had a hard time editing down to a few looks, but when the box came I was more than happy with my purchases. 

Here is what my little man will be wearing while terrorizing entertaining his teachers and friends in school this year. 

When I showed the new clothes to my husband, his only comment was, "what.... now my 3 year old is going to be dressed better than I am?"

My response, "you act like that is a hard thing to do?"

I have a feeling that this Fall when I am out with my Little Man, I am definitely not going to be the most fashionable one in this couple anymore. Well, at least I finally get to be the smartest.*

*For now.

And "They" Said It Couldn't Be Done.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Remember a while back when I wanted to turn this wall:

into this:

And this bed:

into this:

And "they" (being my husband and the man from Home Depot) said it couldn't be done?

Well, I now have proof that it can and will be done, and with that I have finally finished turning my Little Man's room into the Big Man's room I have been envisioning since the day he came out of the womb. It's playful, fun, unique, and most of all it fits my little guy's personality to a tee. 

Just goes to show that Momma always knows best!

Three Going On Thirteen.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Scene: Today at the Children's Museum.

Me: (sniff sniff) What's that smell?
LM: Nothing. I didn't poo poo.

Me: Are you sure about that? (obviously he had just dropped a steamer in his diaper.)
LM: Yes, I no poo poo... just don't check my diaper.

Me: Hmmmmm I think you might have gone, we need to go downstairs and change you.
LM: Mom.... just CHILL OUT, I'm playing here, OKAY.

Me: Really? Because I think you need a diaper change. (don't laugh... try not to laugh, was all that was running through my head.)
LM: This is so annoying.... followed by (wait for it......) an EYE ROLL!

Chill out? Okay? Eye Roll?

So basically my almost three year old little boy went to bed and, what, woke up as a teenage girl????

I've seen the movie Big one too many times..... this never ends well.


Drink Your Vegetables.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I have to say up front that I am not a hug fan of hiding vegetables in other more appealing foods when you are cooking for kids. That being said because I don't hide the veggies, my little man pretty much doesn't eat them. Any of them. I feel like it is a constant struggle to get him to eat anything green (unless of course it is green apple candy or guacamole) and short of giving him a supplement (which I do from time to time) I have been at a loss of how to get these vital nutrients into his little carb filled body. 

Well, I was at a loss. 

A few months ago a friend of mine let me borrow steal her juicer, and ever since I have been serving my little man his veggies in liquid form. Any of you who juice know that there is a serious amount of produce that goes into every little cup, and although some of the vitamins are left behind, I still have to think this is a good way of getting him to eat drink his 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. The added bonus is that he loves to make the juice with me (thanks to his favorite Curious George episode, where George does the same) so at least he is becoming familiar with the different vegetables that he not so nicely would stick his nose up at if they were served along with his spaghetti at night. 

I am sort of a chicken when it comes to mixing and matching fruits and veggies (don't even ask me about the time I combined cabbage and grapefruit) so I try to stick with sweet fruits combined with sweet vegetables. Our favorites are:

2 Apples
1 beet 
3 Carrots

and (pictured)

1 bag baby spinach
2 apples
8 strawberries 

Ahhhhh no more yelling, "Eat Your Veggies," instead it's bottoms up!

It Has To Be a Sign.... Right?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

When I get emailed a picture of my dream bag a few days before Massachusetts has a tax free weekend,  I have to think that there must be some kind of a coincidence happening. When I call and find out that there is only one bag left, and they are willing to break the rules and hold it for me until Saturday, well, that just has to be a sign....right? Here is what the "stars" are telling me I must have.

Can you say love? As in LOVE!

The designer is Vanessa Bruno, the store is Dress, and as of Saturday the bag is mine.

When two things are fated to be together, who am I to stand in the way?

The Little Man's Do Not Call List.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I hate telemarketers. Hate them with a burning passion. I don't mind so much the calls per se, I get it, it's a job, and for most people and it can't be a very enjoyable one at that. Honestly, can you imagine waking up every day knowing that you are only going to talk to people who are either 1) rude, 2) annoyed, or 3) both. It's probably a similar feeling to having to deal with a 2 year old, who never grows up, every day, for the rest of your professional life. Yeah, that must be some kind of hell.

The calls I don't mind, but what I do mind is when the caller won't take NO! for an answer. Not when said in my sweetest voice, not when said politely, not when said with a stern and assured tone, not even when threatened with a call to the phone police (I'm pretty sure they exist, right.) Usually, I can get them to leave me alone with a quick, "I'm on the do not call list, you know?" But for one company (who for now will remain nameless,) they just wont quit. Every day the phone rings at 9am, and then again at 7pm, and the caller id on my screen always shows the same annoying name and number. I thought maybe it was some type of computer that was serial calling me, but to my amazement, the one time I answered there was actually a human on the other end of the phone. I again politely explained that we were not interested, they finally let me off the line, and I thought we were done with it.

Until the next morning.

Yep, same time, same place, same number. Rather than sending it to voicemail I decided to fight fire with fire. I thought of the most annoying person I know (said only with love it my heart) and I put my kid on the phone.





"Um, is your mother home?"

"I two and half"

"Can I talk to you mother?"

"Hi! I have a cracker, you see my cracker?"

"Can I speak to your parent."

"Happy Birthday!"

"Give the phone to your mother." (who at this point is probably heard cracking up in the background.)

"A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, ELMNOP, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, WHY, and Z.

"You need to put your mommy on the phone!"

"I two and half.... bbbbyyyyyyeeeee."


As you can see it has its own way of getting rid of those pesky calls. One would think that they would put me on some kind of, "kill yourself before ever calling this number," list, but rather I think I may have found myself of the, "this bitch thinks she's funny, let's now call her four times a day, show her who's boss list," because now they seem to be calling ALL THE TIME. That's okay I say, my Little Man has plenty of songs in his little repertoire and a penchant for never hanging up first.

Call me... I dare you.

P.S. I'd be happy to put my kid on tape for all of you with the same problem. Really, why should we be the ones having all the fun?

The Adventurer.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Since the day my Little Man turned two he has been begging for this scooter. Begging. I told him he would have to wait until he was 3 because if you have met my kid you know the last thing that you want is to give him freedom to roam, especially when this freedom involves a set of high speed wheels. So, every day since he would say to me that all he "really really really" wants is a "scooter like the big boys have", and everyday I would tell him that he has to wait just a few more months. Well, thanks to one of my best friends, my LM finally got his wish, and much to his delight he actually was given "the best present ever" a few weeks early. (Thank you again M!!!!)

At first I was a little nervous about taking him out on the open road on this thing, but after a few days he seemed to be comfortable enough on it that I figured we could do a test run through a busy section of town. While my husband was away last week, the LM and I took off to Central Square in search of Sushi (for me and his aunty, not him) and we just so happened to make it to the busiest area around, and as luck would have it, this was of course during rush hour (for anyone in the area you know it's pure and utter chaos at this time.) Once we arrived I found that the Sushi place had closed so we quickly hopped on a bus and went to Harvard Square, scooter in tow. We picked up our order, took the bus home, walked the 6 blocks back to the house, and to my surprise, my guy made it the whole trip.... on the scooter. No broken bones, no tears, and in about the same amount of time that it would have taken us if I was pushing him in the stroller. When we got home my little guy remarked about the amazing "adventure" that he just had, and now, every night since, we go on adventure after adventure.

First it was to the grocery, then the next night to the pharmacy, and last night's was a biggie as we went to the dry cleaners AND the wine store. Yes, miracles do happen and somehow this three wheeled gift from god has made running errands fun (and slightly more heart stopping.) Of course my little man can't just "ride" the scooter like he should, no my little adventure seeker (who may or may not be missing a chromosome) has now taken to finding every hill in town to quote "bomb."

Here is my almost 3 year old doing what he does best.... thrill seeking.

Tonight's adventure includes a walk, a train ride to Beacon Hill, and some fig pizza. Next year he's thinking of scooting down Everest...*

*Seriously, I wouldn't put it past him.

Conversations With My 3 Year Old.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ever wonder what it is like to converse with a 3 year old?

No, I didn't think so, but since I spend every minute of my day talking to one, I'm going to tell you anyway. Usually, our conversations are equal parts adorable and frustrating, but now that the little man is in his "curious stage" they are mostly just annoying. I know this does not qualify me for mother of the year, but I'm just wondering why it is that we push so hard for these little guys to actually talk? Wouldn't silence (for even one minute) just be so damn nice?

All kidding aside, sometimes I seriously think I must be losing my mind. Need an example? Here is a snippet of this morning's conversation.

LM: Mommy, where this ouchie come from? (said while pointing to a 4 day old scab on his knee.)
Me: I'm not sure, maybe the park.
LM: No!
Me: Okay, maybe the gym.
LM: No, it came from (inaudible)
Me: What did you say?
LM: (clearly frustrated) Its come from (inaudible)
Me: Dude where?
LM: It came from a yellypish!
Me: A jellyfish?
LM: Yeah.
Me: Um, okay. (I can assure you it did not come from a jellyfish)

3 seconds later

LM: Where do yellypish come from?
Me: The ocean.
LM: Where does the ocean come from? (clearly concerned)
Me: Um..... the ocean comes from the earth.
LM: Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Me: I don't know it just does.
Me: The ocean is part of the earth, it just is.
LM: NO! It comes from airplanes.
Me: Yeah, whatever. (deep breath)

3 seconds later

LM: Where does airplanes come from.
Me: The sky.
LM: Where the people on airplanes come from.
Me: They come from their houses.
LM: Whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:?
Me: Because they need to go somewhere.
LM: Wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Me: Because people need to go somewhere sometimes so they go on the airplane, just like you do when we visit grandpa.
LM: Oh.

3 seconds later.

LM: Mommy, where this ouchie come from? (said while pointing to a 4 day old scab on his knee.)
Me: I think it came from a jelly fish, right bud?
LM: No!!!! It come from the park.
Me: Okay.... that's what I thought.

1 second later.

LM: Momma, where the park come from?


I tell you, this kid is lucky he's so damn cute. No really, how do you debate reasoning like that? I'm pretty sure the answer is you don't. Any of you Moms (or Dads) out there want to tell me this is just a phase.

It's okay to lie.


Sometimes You Just Have To Get Away, Take 2.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Taking a cue from last week, today my Little Man and I again ventured out in search of another perfect day at the beach. To change it up a bit we decided to try out Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, at the behest of some friends and a lovely commenter. I have one word, and one word only to describe this beach... WOW! This has to be, hands down, one of the best beaches I have ever been to, and coming from a California girl who loves to travel to tropical beaches, that is saying a lot. Before going into detail I must add one little caveat, this is one of the best beaches I have ever been to with my kid. If you are looking to lie in the sand and enjoy the silence with your girlfriends, this is most likely not the beach for you*. If you are looking for a beach with butter soft sand, a protected coast from the waves, dozens of tide pools, and rocky "mountains" to climb, and about a hundred kids who want to not only play with your kid, but are also willing to share the buckets of toys that they brought with them, well then, this is your new heaven on earth. Throw in the fact that it is less than an hour away from Boston door to door, the convenient (albeit expensive) parking on the beach, the picturesque views, bathrooms, concessions and even showers... well that just made this my new favorite place to spend a hot summer day.

Here is how I plan to spend the rest of the month my life.

Oh Summer, I hope you never end...

*Although, to be fair if you are willing to walk a bit away from the chaos, I did see people enjoying some child-free areas.