And "They" Said It Couldn't Be Done.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Remember a while back when I wanted to turn this wall:

into this:

And this bed:

into this:

And "they" (being my husband and the man from Home Depot) said it couldn't be done?

Well, I now have proof that it can and will be done, and with that I have finally finished turning my Little Man's room into the Big Man's room I have been envisioning since the day he came out of the womb. It's playful, fun, unique, and most of all it fits my little guy's personality to a tee. 

Just goes to show that Momma always knows best!


Yummy Mummy said...

Ps... the walls in this room are pretty green, but given the light they didn't turn out all that colorful in print!

Julie Q said...

LOVE THIS ROOM!! For reals.. the bed came out awesome, and you already know how i feel about the chalkboard walls :) great job!

Victoria. {YummyMummySecrets} said...

I love it.

TLVmommy said...

absolutely beautiful. you are so talented. I love it :-)

Mira said...

What an amazing room! Some men just lack the 'vision' and imagination women have : )

Well done, Mum!

NVT said...

The inner Martha Stewart is definitely coming out. Thats realy cool!