Are You Sure You're Ready For This?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" This is what they kid at the hardware store asked me this morning.

"Why, should I be scared?" I replied.

"Um, do you at least have a hammer," he asked.

Hello! That's why I'm here,  I thought to myself. 

"Yes, yes I have a hammer, but that's about as far as I go home improvement wise. This is why you are going to walk me through this step by step holding my hand along the way. I brought my assistant to take notes (said while pointing to my two year old who was now "sorting" the paint cans) so we should be just fine."


"Seriously, I can do this.... I think."

Bottom line is that kid had about as much faith in the "projects" that I am about to take on as my loving husband does. Well, I'll show them both (maybe.)

Yes, people is it home improvement time around here. I have been dreaming of a few additions to the little man's room for about a year now and finally I have the tools to do it. With the help of these things (and some molding that I am having cut):

I am hoping to turn this wall:

Into this:

And this bed:

Into this:

I see the way you are looking at me. Seriously, I have put quite a bit of time into this and I'm pretty sure it is not going to be that hard. I just have to paint and sand half the wall. Then paint the precut molding. Then glue and nail the molding into the wall. After that I just have to putty and sand the holes and then add a second coat of paint. For the bed I just have to sand, sand, sand, sand, sand and then add two coats of this super serious navy paint I got. 

It's can't be that hard, right?

This is the part where you all shake your head up and down in agreement. 

Oh boy, I'm not quite sure I have gotten myself in to. 

After pictures will be posted assuming that we still have a house left standing. 


Chels said...

I've got an insane amount of faith in you. You can DEFINITELY pull that off! :) Can't wait to see the "afters"!!! LM is going to looove the chalkboard!

Grams said...

It looks completely do-able to me. I love chalkboard paint. I painted the insides of my kitchen cabinets and the door to my garage with it. LM will love it!

Anonymous said...

Just FYI...Sanding can be very messy, even if it's a "quick" sand to repaint. Wear a mask. Also, A nail gun will be super helpful when you do the molding. Maybe think about renting one from Home Depot or borrowing one from your local hardware store. You can do it! And once you do, you'll want to do more. Good luck!

April Elizabeth said...

the sanding will really really suck BUT the rest of the project will be just fine. Are you hand sanding our using a hand held orbital sander?

KelliJ said...

Love the idea and I hope it all works out for you. I'm not brave enough to attempt a project like that with my little 2.5 year old "Helper Bee". (It's taken me 4 months to choose a blue for the master bedroom. )I highly recommend a small hand held sander. It makes quick work of sanding, and is much easier on the hands.

Kriss said...

Did you buy pre-primed molding or natural. My husband and I bought a home built in 1941 and put up extensive crown molding throughout the house. If you didn't buy the primed you might want to prime before hand (only mentioning it because it wasn't listed as a step in your post). It will really make the paint have a better end finish. Also, you really don't need the glue just the proper nails and a stud finder (laser levels are also a HUGE help). That way if you decide to take it down later it won't pull and damage the sheetrock with it. I can't wait to see the finished bed. Are you planning on adding the headboard/footboard or just painting the existing bed? Regarding the chalk, purchase dustless chalk. My friend made the mistake of buying dollar store/walmart chalk and she had colored chalk dust everywhere, the walls, her furniture, the floor, etc. She ordered dustless online and said it made her not regret her cool chalk board idea. LOL,

Yummy Mummy said...

You guys are the best! Things I now need. Primer, a power hand sander, stud finder and a leveler. Oh, and dustless chalk. Okay, now I'm definitely more afraid, but at least I will be prepared.

I be sure to let you know how it all works out. Thank you for all your advice, it will definitely be taken!