So Really You Just Want Tequila On Ice?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saturday night I made a fatal mistake. Fatal, as in FATAL mistake. Saturday night I switched drinks, Sunday morning/ afternoon/ evening I heavily paid the price. File this under things I will never do again. See over the years I have learned (often the hard way) exactly how much I can drink and still feel okay the next day. Without any complex mathematical equations it usually goes something like this.

1 martini + 2 glasses of wine = ok
3-4 glasses of red wine = ok
2-3 glasses of white wine = ok
3 glasses of champagne =ok
4-5 light beers = ok
2 martinis = ok

Anything outside any of these equations = absolute friggin disaster.

Enter Saturday night.

Saturday night when I was out with my sister-in-law best friend we had a fabulous dinner which was accompanied by 1 martini and 1 glass of red wine. We then went over to another bar where I very specifically said, "okay I can have one, and only one more glass of red wine, then we leave." By the time we were ready to order I suddenly came up with what I though was the greatest idea of all time, "we should order Skinnygirl margaritas," I exclaimed. (Yes, I have been watching way to much Real Housewives of  NYC.) "Um, okay," she nervously replied. I asked the bartender if he knew how to make one, which he did not, and after i quick Google search I learned that it was:

  • 2 shots Patron tequila
  • A splash of Orange liquor
  • 4 limes
  • Ice
I handed over my recipe to the bartender who said, "So really you just want tequila on ice."


4 hours, and 3 Skinnygirl Margaritas (that's 6 shots of tequila for those of you counting) later I realized that there was a reason why I stick to my list. At 7 am the next day I really, really, really, really, really remembered why there was a reason I stuck to my list. 

I'm thinking next time I go out I need to pull a Sarah Palin and write down my list on my hand, better yet maybe I should get that tattooed on my forehead! 

BTW, tequila you will NEVER be on that list. It may have taken me 30 years, but believe me I have finally learned my lesson.


Grams said...

I pretty much completely gave up tequila after one of our "famous" block parties several years ago. Tequila in any quantity is not my friend.

Fashionable Mama said...

You are so right. Never mix drinks.

I try to stick to one colour, that is red or white wine. Can't handle much more than that, although a bottle of champagne never gives me a headache.

I enjoy the read!

take care!
Tove - FM

ThatGirl39 said...

Ohh sounds really bad! I stopped doing tequila after a bad sink incident... and thats all I'll say on the matter! x

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