Currently Loving.

Friday, August 27, 2010

There are so many random things that I am currently loving that I figure the best way to share them to put them together in one post. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure if they met each other in real life, they would definitely be friends (or at least pretend to be on Facebook.)

These are the things that right now are making me smile.

abc's The Bachelor Pad. This show found a way to steal my heart. Although I was never a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise, this spin off absolutely gets a rose from me. Alcohol, competition, hotties, and 20+ people sharing one room? Seriously, what is there not to love? If you wonder who I'm rooting for to win the money, I went to high school with Kiptyn so you know I have all my money riding on the home team hero.
Eat, Pray, Love "the movie." I am one of those people who hated this book (as discussed here early and often.) I found Elizabeth Gilbert to be self loathing, overly dramatic, and downright boring. Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert? Well, I found her to be endearing, intelligent, and a heroine who I could wish only good things upon. Throw in Javier Bardem's character... well, let's just say that Bali is now on the top of my must see list. I have seen this amazing movie the last two weekends in a row, is it wrong that I'm considering another viewing this Sunday? Nah.... Julia (ahem Liz) would do it!

Amazing furniture, on sale. This weekend's sale at one of my favorite furniture stores in Boston, Hudson. I am always loving this store, but their high prices usually keep me more in the "looking" rather than "buying" mode. Well, this weekend, until August 31st, they are having their semi-annual sale, and since we are in need of a few pieces for our home, and we happen to have a guest staying with us who is also an interior designer, I am loving that I will have an opportunity to hunt for a bargain with a real professional. I also came across this website which is kind of the Gilt of the furniture world (or is trying to be.) They had my dream mixer up yesterday, for half the price, and I am super excited to see what will come up next. You know how I love a steal!

Dark grey nails. What can I say, I am officially on the grey/ greige (grey + beige) nail polish bandwagon. For fall I am thinking I am ready to embrace the dark grey nail. It's not as "emo" as black, and not as expected as dark burgundy, and it truly does go with everything. I'm waiting until after Labor Day to decide if this is one trend worth rocking through the winter months, or if it just makes my nails look, how should I say, infected?

The weather for the next 10 days. After the last 4 days of blinding, cold rain, I was quickly reminded of how close we are to another 6 months of crappy weather. I wish you could have see the smile on my face when I pulled up the weather forecast for the next week. 80 and sunny, without a cloud in the sky. 

Oh Summer, I love you.

Blurb. Blurb is the coolest self publishing website that I have ever seen. While they can help you to create and publish almost anything, right now I am currently loving the book that I am making which details the first three years of the Little Man's life. Their formatting is to die for, and if I can find this easy to create, trust me when I say anyone can do it. Can you say awesome Christmas present?

Lastly, I am currently loving my mortgage company. Seriously, who says that? Not only did they help us secure a mortgage 2 years ago, when others considered us a risk... but now after one call, I was able to lover our interest rate by 1.3 percent in under 5 minutes with no change to our existing terms. When I asked the lady if I could hug her for all the interest payments she just saved me, she said no.... it's just part of the job. You have to love that!

So that's what I am currently loving... what's putting a smile on your face right now?


Anonymous said...

How does one lower their interest rate w/ out changing terms or refinancing? Who's your mortgage company? I want in..

Joan said...

Thanks for the Blurb tip. I have all the emails, lots of them, from my daughter's first year in college. This would be great!

Grams said...

I'm with you on Eat, Pray, Love. Julia Roberts is charming and Javier Bardem made me want to have his babies. I also love Eziba and I like the gray nail polish for my toes, as long as it has a little bit of a silver shine to it. But, I just can't go with you on The Bachelor Pad. I love reality tv, but if people as good looking as these have to have help to find love, there's no hope for regular folks and I just don't like watching. It's kind of icky to me.

FortyNotOut said...

Thank you... now I know that I won't bother reading the book and see the movie. I was debating this with OH whilst on holiday and seeing as how much I love Julia Roberts I'm now going for the movie! And I can identify with your magazine post below... I got so much catch up reading done on holiday that I am vowing to spend less time on the Mac when SC is bk to school and more time reading in the evening. I still have a stack to read... let alone the stuff on my book shelf! xxx

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

I like the idea of this post. I too am a (dare I say it) Bachelor Pad fan, along with most other "garbage" reality tv. I just can't help but watch. As for your eat, pray, love addiction..i'm looking forward to seeing this movie myself. Huge Julia fan! I am currently reading the book and would have to say that I agree with you in the fact that certain parts of the book bore me to death, but i'm not too far in yet to give my overall opinion.

Yummy Mummy said...

Anon... sorry for the delay in answering. We are with Wainwright back. Basically you can call your mortgage co and ask to modify your existing loan. It costs nothing and doesn't change the terms just the length of the interest lock in. For instance we had a 5/1 arm on a jumbo at 5.8 percent. We were able to modify into a new 5/1 arm at 4.5 percent. The 5 years starts over )which actually is great for us) and our payments are now down about 1100 a month. No lawyers are needed and with rates this low, it's definitely worth a look into!