I Cannot Believe You Are Seeing Me Like This.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"I cannot believe that you are seeing me like this," that is what I said this morning with my mouth agape. Please allow me to explain.

Everyday, like clockwork, the little man and I take a walk to the Starbucks in our neighborhood. We load him up on his little trike and we walk the 5 or so blocks to get my beloved Grande Soy Latte (in a personal cup of course.) I usually don't pay much attention to my appearance during this morning jaunt, and today was no exception. Except today was much much worse. 

I decided to do laundry early today so at the last minute I threw in my last pair of juicy sweats, and for good measure my last hoodie. I lieu of my early morning uniform I grabbed an old pair of sweats from my pregnancy days (last time I wore them I weighed 30lbs more and they seem to be stuck in that shape.) I then put on my husbands fleece and after checking the temp I threw on my puffy vest. Hot mess pretty much sums up this ensemble, but it gets worse.

The hot and cold weather has done a number on my skin and it has left my completion looking like that of a 14 year old going through puberty. That bad. Last night I tried out a rejuvenating face mask and the remnants were still rejuvenating in my hair line. Rather than washing them away I pulled my hair back and prayed that I didn't see anyone I knew. I'm not that lucky.

The minute the little man and I steered our way into the bucks who did we run into but my very good friend legally brunette. Rather than saying hello, I say, "I cannot believe you are seeing me like this." Thank god it was a friend and not someone I used to work with. Being a stay at home mom I forget that there is a world out there and I could run into anyone from my past life at anytime. It was a good reminder that I should make sure to take just as much care in my appearance as used to. Even if it is just for a dash to Starbucks. Don't think I'm going to go crazy, no blow outs and full makeup here, but at a minimum I will wash my face, brush my teeth, and no more pregnancy clothes, at least until I am actually pregnant.


Legally Brunette said...

Since I was there, I can attest that yummy mummy was her usual fabulous self this morning. So much so that I promptly blogged about it here:


Hope to run into you more in the morning...Liam is so sunny that it is a total pick-me-up at that time of the day!

Anonymous said...

I have gone to work and looked down at myself later only to find stain spots on my blouse. I have run into the grocery store for a bag of milk wearing men's flannel jockey pajama pants, a sweatshirt and my daughter's grey knit ugg boots - of course to run into a really important work contact. I have also had mascara run down my cheeks and dried solid to my face without anyone telling me. Oh yes, it goes further...lipstick on my teeth, deoderant stains on the bottom of my sweater as I stretched it over my head... I guess my point to all this is, you are lucky that you have a wonderful friend who saw you. I'll bet you she would tell you if you had mascara on your face!!

ps - I have a puffy vest too only mine has faux fur on the collar which my mother (who is 75 years old) told me that it looked like rat fur.

Tomorrow's another day YM!
Canadian Mother :)

Susan Johnston said...

Hi Yummy Mummy, It was great meeting you at the Blogging panel tonight. I love how you and Ms. Brunette have a she said/she said narrative going! The signature script is pretty cute, too. :)

We Are Not Martha said...

Ahh I have the same problems since I work from home. Sometimes I have to remind myself to change out of the pajamas before leaving the apartment.

It was so good to meet you last night...I LOVE the layout of your blog; it's adorable!


Katee "e-polishblog" said...

I am sure it wasn't that bad LOL :)

Kate T said...

Yummy Mummy- I am sure that you still managed to look adorable! I have left my apt. trying to masquerade PJ's as an outfit before! Love the style and tone of your blog.