Marriage Is a Compromise?

Friday, July 18, 2008

After almost 5 years of marriage I have just come to this shocking realization.

It all began about a year ago when my husband and I began purchasing what I call "big kid" furniture. After four years of living in an Ikea catalog, we were finally at the place in our lives where we were looking at buying actual furniture pieces that weren't made of plywood (novel idea I know.) The problem is that my husband and I have very different ideas when it comes to decorating. I'm very much into the whole beachy cape cod look, while my husband would like to live in a modern house furnished soley with steel (no joke.) Clearly we are going to run into some problems. Rather than get a divorce, I agreed to give him the bedroom, he gave me the living room, guest room, nursery, you get the idea. Enter the Atlantico bed.

I HATE this bed. If hate is the strongest word you can use, then it is pretty much appropriate here. Yes it is real wood, yes it is made of environmentally friendly sustainable wood, yes it weighs about 500 pounds......I mean could a bed be more boring?

Flash forward one year. Now that we are moving I am again putting on my interior decorator hat. I don't actually hate the bed, I have realized that I haven't put in any effort to make the bed all that the bed can be. I wasn't embracing it's vision. I tried to take this super modern piece of furniture and make it traditional. Big Mistake. This would be like me wearing Birkenstocks and a long flowy beaded skirt. Not Gonna Happen.

So basically, after listening to who the bed really is, and accepting who my husband really is (as a designer), I found what I think is a beautiful new design. Behold my new bedroom (in four to six weeks.) Yes it's modern, yes it's as organic and as environmentally friendly as you can get, and yes it's a bit pricey, but it's the perfect marriage between our styles. Who knew compromising could be so pretty?

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that girl ? said...

Just want to say Hi from the UK - Loving the blog and have added you to my Be Inspired list! I think the Yummy Mummy army is a growing phenomenon... I see it by the number of Bugaboo's around! We have to sell ours soon as our little girl is almost too big! Keep up the great writing! XoXo Thatgirl