She Wears Them... And Just Look At Her Ass.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Monday, I was stretching after a run jog at the gym and I looked down noticed that my shoes were literally coming apart at the seams. Not just at the seams, but the mesh netting was completely gone, and the sole of the shoe seemed to be somewhat removed from the body.*  One would think that I would have noticed before now that my shoes were falling apart, but the fact is I usually just throw them on when I get to the gym, and then take them off immediately after, so the truth is that they could have been like this for years without me noticing. Yes, I said years. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that my one and only pair of running/gym shoes was purchased for me, by my in-laws, in 2002. Uh huh, I've had them for 8 years. I wish I could say I've only worn them a few times since then, but I actually wear them about 4-5 times a week (which means they have been used and abused about 2,000** times for those of you counting.) Along the way there has been a couple of times that I thought about getting new shoes, but the fact is that the ones I have are just so comfy, and they fit my 5.5 size foot so perfectly, that, well, I just never got around to getting a new pair.

Well,  I'm afraid to say I think I'm going to have to finally bite the bullet and get a new pair. Really at this point there isn't any other choice. So, the need for a new pair of gym shoes leaves me with only one question, what kind of shoe should I get? See, the thing is I know nothing about athletic shoes, nothing. Ask me about a bootie, heel, wedge or sandal, and I could rattle off a few great selections at every price point, but a sneaker... let's just say that is not my area of expertise (hence the wearing of the same shoe for 8 years.)

In my search for a shoe to last me the next decade I have found myself drawn to the Reebok Reetone/ Easytone. Correction, I have found myself drawn to the picture of the woman who is wearing the somewhat ugly Reeboks. I mean, a shoe that promises to tone your tush while you walk and work out, hell for that I'd pay almost anything. I figured that this must be one of those "too good to be true things," so I asked my husband for his medical opinion. His response was two fold, 1) apparently they don't teach this kind of stuff in medical school (who knew?) and 2) a sneaker is not going to give me the tush that I dream of, so I should just get a normal shoe.

I would like to believe him, but I have two pieces of evidence that beg to differ.

Presenting Exhibits A and B.

I mean she wears them... and just look at her ass.

I'm still not completely sold on them, I think it's the fact that they are just so ugly and bulky that is holding me back, but I wonder if any of you readers out there have tried them. Are they really too good to be true? Also, if any of you have a shoe that you love and can recommend, please let me know,*** I really am clueless when it comes to things in this shoe (and ass) department. 

*nothing a little super glue can't fix, right?
** that breaks down to .045 cents a wear... pretty impressive.
***Jennifer Aniston butt not required.


KelliJ said...


I have the Reebok Easytones and LOVE them. I can't tell you whether they actually work the way they say they do, but they are extremely comfortable. (FYI...My husband bought them for me for Valentine's Day. I'm not sure what that means.)

Sarah Ry said...

Hi YM!
I never comment, but thought I could help in this area.
I have a pair of these Reeboks. I actually love them. To me they are not much bulkier than many running shoes. They certainly look normal when you wear them, which is SO much more than I can say about some of the other 'toning' shoes out there (like Skechers, etc). They look so bulky with their sole being SO thick!
I can tell you I wear them when walking and jogging, but it isn't like I feel a big difference when I am finished. No 'wow' moment after the first time like I was sore from working some unused muscles. But they say it is the benefit over time from using the ball in the soles to help with balance. So I figure it can't hurt to have a little extra help! Especially since apparently when I gave birth to my daughter my butt disappeared!
Overall, I think they are great. Comfortable and supportive, not bulky at all. Hope this helps!
Good luck!

Ann said...

If only a pair of sneakers could give me that butt...but I think you're better off sticking with the stepper at the gym.
I would highly recommend the Boston Running Company on Charles St. in Beacon Hill if you are in the market for new shoes. The owner has run several marathons, and takes the time to analyze your gait and any injury prone areas.

The Mommy said...

I agree with Ann. Get your gait analyzed, find out what shoes are right for you, go ahead and ask the shoe peeps what they think of the Reebok Ass Builders - you never know, they may actually be the right shoe for you!

I don't have them, I wouldn't buy them in a million years. But I am going to get properly fitted for a new pair of running shoes this weekend.

Anonymous said...

GO to a specialty running store and get fitted for your running style. A good store will put you in your shoe of choice and let you try them out on the treadmill as they observe your gait and fit you accordingly.

Remember...the ad is a lie. They pick a specific model with the perfect tush and legs for a reason....because they are trying to sell this product. PhotoShop takes care of the rest and millions race out to buy them thinking that they will get the same tush. Buy them for the comfort factor.

Funky Mama Bird said...

Go to a Marathon Sports. I'm pretty sure there's one in Cambridge, but if not there's one just over the bridge on Beacon Street in Brookline.

They make you run outside the store to see how your foot falls, and then they get you the perfect shoe for your foot and what you plan on doing with it. Seriously, it works. My husband is a marathoner who only bought "cool" shoes and kept injuring himself. Went in there and came out with what he swore were pillows on his feet. Good luck!

cd said...

My husband is a athletic shoe designer and he pretty much had the same response as your husband. Go to Marathon Sports and they will help you pick the best running shoe for you. Just remember, they are all about the function of the shoe there, not the fashion, so make sure you like the shoes looks, otherwise, you'll be stuck in a comfy pair of ugly Brooks.

Jodi said...

You are so tiny-5.5 shoes practically fit children. I'm sorry I couldn't be friends with you in real life you would make me look like an amazon( ;

Yummy Mummy said...

Haha Jodi... I'm actually 5'7'' ish... I just have FREAKISHLY small feet!

I think I am going to have to go for it, and get "real" shoes... I hope the reeboks are there to try!

Polly said...

I have small skinny feet Yum - 5.5 - 6. I have found Mizuno's and Asics have been the best fit for me.
Good luck, I do love a new pair of running shoes.

Motherstyle said...

oooh, if you do end up with these be sure to review them, I am seriously tempted but have a slight fear that the fact they are harder to balence in will make me fall off the tread mill.