Friday, April 8, 2011

What do you get when a perfectionist with an A+++ personality, who is phobic of clutter and finds a ridiculous amount of joy in organizing and cleaning, begins to nest?

Well, people, we are about to find out.

So far in the last 24 hours I have:

  • Washed every baby item up to 1 year.
  • Purchased, sorted, and organized enough bottles, binkys, breast pads, storage bags, and any other feeding necessity that this baby will need for the first 6 months of life.
  • Prepared the changing table with diapers, wipes, wash clothes, Vaseline, etc. 
  • Started the design for the birth announcement. 
In short, if this baby decided to come in the next few hours we would be MORE than ready. 

Now what to do for the next 14 weeks.... hmmmmm I'm thinking SLEEP!!!


The Mommy said...

Dude, you're more organized than me and I'm full term at the end of next week!

Cripes....Maybe I should get off the computer and do something about that....

Anonymous said...

This was me last year. My son was born in July and I had all the mailing and return labels printed for the announcement and thank you cards. My poor husband had a spreadsheet with instructions of who to call/text when and in what order when the baby came. There was literally a spreadsheet for everything, lol like every single possible scenario had to be a planned fire drill. He said to me, "Most women nest by painting the nursery or shopping. You're making spreadsheets and lists and I'm afraid." HA!

Best wishes to you on the home stretch! Enjoy Yum!