Um... Why Didn't I Do This Before?

Friday, January 13, 2012

You know that scene at the end of Ghostbusters, when the cutest, chubbiest, roll covered "thing" begins to terrorize and destroy all of New York City? Yes, I'm talking about the State Puff Marshmallow Man. However, I could also be talking about Baby Gray, who will soon do his own version of "terrorize and destroy"covered in an equal amount of fat rolls, and even more cuteness. Yes, my baby who was once "slightly underweight" is now a fat-ass (and I say that with only love in my heart) and at almost 6 months weighs a solid 18 lbs. That's a full 3 pounds of baby deliciousness for every month he's been alive. This shouldn't be that surprising, but given that the past few months he's had some troubling stomach issues,* I couldn't be happier with that big belly, and equally as large thighs. 

Now, this kid didn't get this way on his own... he has had some serious help from the baby food department, as in this baby can't eat enough food!" I swear, most days this kid eats more than the LM. Actually, I'm pretty sure that some days this kid eats more than me. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but considering I'm not covered in rolls, I'm going to say that this is a win win for both of us. Plus, this time around I know exactly what is going in that little mouth. Why? Because, I've gone all GOOP in this hizzie and I've been making all my own baby food. You know what? It is sooooooooooooooooooooooo easy, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cheap, and my only question is "um... why didn't I do this before?" 

With the LM I was scared to death of making my own food. It was the whole "steaming" thing that threw me. I didn't want to lose the important vitamins and minerals in the bottom of the sauce pan, nor did I want to microwave everything in case those conspiracy theorists are correct and we are all getting cancer from our electronic devices, so I did the next best thing which was buy pre-made organic jars of baby food. Fine, right? Everyone does it. Yes, but I was constantly bothered by a few things 1) the jars were expensive, 2) heavy, 3) totally not earth friendly, and 4) that the expiration date was some three years down the road which meant their had to be something other than veggies and water that made this stuff stand the test of time. Well, either way, the LM loved it, he was fine, and now eats a variety of things that are not great for him, so as far as I'm concerned, no harm- no foul. 

But.... the jars were still expensive and inconvenient, which is why this time around I figured I'd do this my own way. How? With this genius invention below.... THE BABY BREZZA. (I seriously feel like I should be in an infomercial right now) People! This thing is awesome. It steams the food for the desired time, blends it, and makes food with nothing but the food itself. It really is "set it, and forget it!" The end result is food that actually looks like food is supposed to. Pears are whitish, peas are bright green, sweet potatoes are orange... and so on. Oh, and it's so chhhheeeeaaaapppp to make food. 2 pears make 6 jars of baby food. A bag of baby carrots makes 12, a sweet potato makes 10. Every time I make 3 trays of food for like 5 bucks, I think to myself this would be 20 more at the store! That's just crazy. The machine itself only cost 100 dollars and in one month it has already paid for itself like 2-3 times over! Plus, you get the added bonus of feeling all Martha Stewartish and you know your baby is getting only the best. I die. All you preggos, or momma's with little ones. Buy this.. use this... save it, because I've found that it is also great for making pesto! They really need to give these things out at the hospital (along with a breast pump.) 

This is the perfect time to mention my current obsession with EVERY baby product made by oxo. These trays are amazing, and are what I use to store the food in after I whip it up. Err after the Brezza whips it up!

Freeze extras in these. 

Feed baby with this spoon, which is so soft and totally scoops the food off from around their mouth. You people with with kids know what I'm talking about. 

And these bowls with a lockable lid are so amazing... I promise you can't find anything better out there.  Diaper bag approved. 

Fat baby agrees. Just look at that badonkadonk!

*Basically, we learned that he had a dairy allergy which was causing massive constipation which ultimately required a visit to the ER (don't even ask) which was easily cured with a formula change (not soy, still dairy based just with fully broken down proteins) and now this should be something he outgrows by age two. It only took 7 doctor visits, an ultrasound, an X-ray, and the stomach flu to figure that one out. 

P.S. The mohawk is back... some things just can't be tamed!


m said...

Glad that you realized that making baby food ie easy, however buying all that stuff for a 3-4 month period isn't all that earth friendly either. Also, there are no preservatives in baby food, the canning process preserves the food. That's how baby food stays shelf stable.

We do a mix of buying and making, but I just use my food processor or an immersion blender. I love the new pouches of baby food, don't think they were around with my first.

LouBoo said...

I am so going to recommend this to my sister in law...I wonder if you can get them in the uk?! He looks so cute; my youngest was the same: the size of a house until he started walking. And now, so willowy. Strange how they grow. Lou x

Mrs_Malik said...

I started out making my own baby food for my little one ... he HATED everything I whipped up. My flat mate said one meal time 'I wouldnt eat that either', so I got her to try it ... and she loved it! The jars were the only way forward for my munchkin ... still a fussy eater at 2!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me, is this product made in China? It looks nice but I'm trying not to buy Chinese made products for my family.

Lilian said...

You go, Mama! Yay for the chunky baby:-) I made my baby food for #1 (who had the same stomach issues as Gray), and hope to do the same for #2 in a couple of weeks.
Also: the red-skinned yams at Whole Paycheck (err..Foods)? Excellent for baby. My eldest son inhaled those until he was 2.5:-)

Joanna said...

My son is huge as well, love it. And love his little mohawk! I do feel a little guilty now for not making his food... :-/

Grace in TN said...

Yay that's awesome! I made all the food for my first and plan On doing it with number 2 who should be ready in a couple of months. A great website for recipe and food combo ideas is So sorry about all the dairy drama but glad you guys got it figured out!

beach bum mum said...

I have a similar machine (mine not as pretty though). Its about to become obsolete though as I'm getting a Vitamix! Does baby food and a million things more. Apple Juice with whole apples pips skin and all! Highly recommend Annabel Karmels baby food books, there is a Vegie sauce we put on pasta even my husband loves it.

Rob and Amber said...

I am SOOOOOO buying this! I'm still EBF Christian, but will be starting solids SOON. I knew I wanted to *try* and make his own, but now I'm totally sold. Thanks girl!

Kriss said...

I made all my babyfood too. I used my pressure cooker.

Yummy Mummy said...

It doesn't say if it was made in China, I didn't keep the box. I also didn't buy those things for just a few months either... the little containers I used in my LM's lunch over the summer, for hummus, pesto, etc... and new spoons and bowls were a must after using the others for 4 years! My sitter uses ice cube trays to freeze 1oz "drinks" so all you need to add is the booze. The machine of course can be handed down. It's good to know that the canning process is what preserves the food if I'm ever in a pinch!

Thanks for the website rec's and kudos to all of you for doing it the "old fashioned" way.. now that I've done it, I wish I had tried with the LM. However, for travel we will definitely use the new pouch type foods, some of them look just just yummy.

P.S. I forgot to mention that you can control the puree, so I'm thrilled with the idea that even when this guy is a bit bigger, I can give him what the LM is eating and just pulse it down a bit. If this guy is anything like the LM he won't eat full solid bites for a while... kid has one serious gag reflex!

Cheers to fat babies!