Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We are home!!!

After a long Summer of travel, I couldn't be happier to say those words.

We had planned on staying put after our California trip, but when we got a last minute invitation to visit our best friends at the Cape, you know we had to drop our bags off at home and go. We made it back home just in time for the LM to turn 8 (!!!) and even snuck in some time in our beloved Boston, the highlight being the LM's first Red Sox game on Friday. Now, for us, it's crunch time. The kids still have two more weeks until school starts (longest. summer. ever.) so getting our life back in order after being gone for so long is priority number one. Slowly, we've been unpacking, decluttering, and making the rounds at Target and Whole Foods (always fun with the kids in tow.) At some point we will stop eating ice cream for lunch every day, and honestly after all we've been devouring, a trip to the gym has never seemed more appealing. This Summer was absolutely one for the record books. From Costa Rica to my Sister's wedding. Camp to New York, and then Cali to the Cape, we really had the time of our lives. Even though we all are are pretty sick of each other at this point, there is not one thing I would change about the last few months. I'm so happy the boys are at an age where they will remember all the great times we had, because this Summer was most definitely one I will never forget.

Here is a little glimpse of the last few weeks. Our new motto for Summer fun,  just add water.

{checking out the seals in La Jolla}

{nightly marshmallow roasting with Grandpa}

 {legoland, all day, every day}

{escaping the heat at the aquarium}

 {the LM, perfectly captured}

 {a very familiar scene this summer}

 {from Costa to Cali, more time with Grandpa...}

{...which made Gray very happy}

 {forget Disneyland, this is the real happiest place on earth}

{after a night at the legoland hotel, I think our mecca has been found}

{the boys playing at the park on the beach where I grew up (pictured above)}

{look at Gray's little hands... I melt}

{ice cream BOAT... and all my favorite little people (minus my goddaughter who was a little under the weather}

{childhood, in picture form}

 {best friends for their entire life... it doesn't get better than this}

{the Cape... absolutely magical}

{oh Boston, we missed you}

 {really missed you}

 {now we are 8! clearly, we also love New England sports!}

So many great memories, but like they say, there is no place like home! I hope you all have been having a wonderful Summer as well! I'll be back to posting regularly, and be sure to pop in tomorrow because I have some excited blog news to announce!

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Local Mom said...

Love the ice cream boat! What a great idea.