A Little Snow Can't Stop Us!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mother Nature didn't really think that a blizzard would keep us from our Sunday morning park outing did she? Despite the fact that the Little Man couldn't walk in the foot deep snow...

We still found a way to get around.

Which allowed the little man to focus on his favorite new hobby... eating snow.

We finally made it to the park and soon realized that we were the only ones there.

The LM didn't seem to mind, that just left more snow for him to eat.

And then we did this... for about an hour.

A little snow (or a lot) can't stop us!


Anonymous said...

That little video is just so awesome! Completely adorable!

Paula said...

Love the video! I wish we had snow so that we could do that!

Jodi said...

wow my dh won't go outside if it is below 60 degrees!

ThatGirl39 said...

Now that's what I call snow! I heard about the storms... hope you guys are OK over there and continue yo make the most of it. The LM looks like he's loving it! xx