Giving Winter The Middle Finger.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The other day I told my husband, "You know, this year I kind of feel like I'm giving winter the middle finger" and the truth is that I actually am. Between Fiji, California, and soon Florida I feel a bit like I have found a way to outsmart mother nature (go me.) We have been in California for about 4 days now and each day has been more beautiful than the last. The little man and I are dusting off our our typical summer routine: coffee, park, walk, smoothie, park, nap, park, dinner alfresco, and it has been heavenly (despite the fact that my LM is fighting jet lag and a head cold.)

For 4 days I have been walking around with a permanent smile on my face which begs the question...


Boston: A place that happens to be freezing 6 (Yes 6!) months out of the year? A place where most people spend half the year cursing the Winter and each other? A place where right now it is 30 degrees and snowing. A place where we have absolutely no family. Yeah, that place.

I honestly don't have an answer. Nothing is exactly keeping us in Boston and neither my husband nor I are from there. His work soon can be done anywhere and I can clearly raise my babies (hopeful thinking) anywhere. I know that two years ago we had this exact conversation and we decided that the East Coast is the place for us. I think we agreed that we both loved the city and that people like us (liberals) are happier when we are surrounded by our own kind. I'm pretty sure that we said that Cambridge, Mass is pretty much the best place we had ever lived in. I sort of remember laying out all of the pros and cons and deciding that we were 100 percent not moving to Southern California.

I'm convinced all of this was said but somehow on this 75 degree day in the middle of February I'm having a hard time figuring out why we decided what we did. To that end I have been looking at real estate in the area (yes I only said looking ... don't kill me yet girls, aka my besties) and giving some serious thought to what it would be like to live here. Weighing my options, there's nothing wrong with that...right?

My husband of course thinks this is just a phase and it's only because I usually visit in the Fall where we are typically coming off of a perfect Summer, but I don't know. On a day like this that cons list is getting shorter by the second. Leaving the house in a T-shirt and flip flops seems pretty priceless to me right about now.

Here is the little man soaking up the sunshine.

February 15th never looked so good. This momma is clearly California dreaming!


Julie Q said...

Tehehee I feel your pain. While both our families are from here, we still like to talk about getting up and leaving for the West Coast. The winter is defeating me as well.. enjoy Cali!! Bring back some sun for us :)

Sasha said...

so, so, so jealous. Salivating. If we could, I would move to LA in a heartbeat. Lots of family there and sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. The only downsides as I see them are the traffic, having to drive everywhere and earthquakes. But I say if you can do it, why not?

Mama J said...

How pathetic is it that I am looking forward to our Boston move as a chance to live in a WARMER climate? 5 years of living in Vermont makes Boston sound downright tropical. It is all relative I s'pose? Please give winter the middle finger for me as well and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Spending your husband's money to take a trip every other week is not "outsmarting mother nature". It just means you're blowing cash that someone else hands over to you.

Sasha said...

Anon: what is your problem with Yummy Mummy? Seriously. If you hate her so much and only say mean things, why do you keep coming back? I write for a living and am always amazed at the evil things people are willing to post on the internet using a cloak of anonymity. Why not reveal yourself and say why you really have so much animosity towards her? Otherwise, please stop reading and move on. Your anger and vitriol is terribly unpleasant on an otherwise light and enjoyable blog.

Anonymous said...

"coffee, park, walk, smoothie, park, nap, park, dinner alfresco"

sounds major.

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