Friday, February 19, 2010

Ever since we brought home some flowers for Grandma on Valentine's day my little man has been more than slightly obsessed with the idea of "surprise." As in about 100 times a day he brings me something (usually his shoes) and yells "Urpise" (aka "Surprise") at the top of his lungs. I usually thank him, give him a kiss, and send him on his merry way. That was before yesterday. Yesterday his surprise melted my heart. Last night I was making dinner while my little man was playing out in the backyard (note to self get a back yard) when he came in yelling that he had a surprise for me. I looked over expecting to see a pair of shoes and instead I saw this.

Yes, those are flowers (ahem weeds) and yes he pulled them just for me. I must say they are quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever been given and I officially love surprises.


sandy said...

that's exactly how my daughter says surprise too. that word and "teekaboo" for peekaboo are my favorites.

Polly said...

Now that just makes my heart melt.

The Missus said...

That is the cutest surprise ever!!!! And good for him for learning at an early age that the ladies like being surprised with flowers.


Victoria. {TheYummyMummySecrets} said...

Awwh thats so cute. I get flowers/weeds/leaf all the time.
enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie. Enjoy these moments because before you know it, time will have flashed by. Here's a surprise I was given a few weeks ago - my daughter came home (from school in Toronto) for the weekend and I was so happy to see her, I took her and my other daughter for pedicures. So, we're sitting beside each other and I noticed that my daughter has her mouth brace plastic guard (?) on and I asked her why she was wearing it. She told me some story about wanting to keep her teeth straight since she's had her braces off for a few years now. I wasn't suspicious of her reason but what a surprise I got, when she opened her mouth to laugh - ticklish feet. Her surprise was that she had her tongue pierced. It's been a rough few weeks and she has thankfully removed the piercing. So that was my suprise and how I wish it was a bunch of flowers instead.

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!!
Your little boy is precious and time flies by too quickly.

Cdn Mom

lunarossa said...

So sweet. Cherish every minute of these surprises! Ciao. A.