We Did It!

Monday, June 21, 2010

To quote the very wise (and equally annoying) Dora the Explorer... "we did it!" After getting up at 5am, a 3 hour flight, a 9 hour layover (which was supposed to be 5), another 3 hour flight, a 30 minute van ride, a night at a hotel, and a 5 hour van ride.... we did it! We officially made it to the world's largest and most isolated sand box. As you can see, the journey was completely worth it.


Glummy Mummy said...

Wow, looks like you had lots of fun! Glad you did, you deserved it! xx

the2weekwait said...

1. Great photos!!
2. You know got the "We did it... we did it..." song permanently in my head!!!!
-- Jay

nmaha said...

You are a yummy mummy :-) I'm envious

nmaha said...

You are a yummy mummy :-) I'm envious

FortyNotOut said...

As always... thats one hell of a journey but SO worth it! Hope you're having an amazing time! xx