What Exactly Do You Want Me To Do Here?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A few years back, whenever we would come down here, one of the first things on our agenda was to get our hands on some fresh fish. We used to have a "fish hook up," and with the little man, in the Bjorn, I would trek the 2 miles on what was dubbed, "the pescado death march." Well, it seems as though our connection has moved on to greener pastures, and we have been a total loss for some of the white stuff; white fish that is. We've been asking around, and today we were given a 15 minute warning to make our way to a small hut in a nearby village, and just "ask for Enrique." My husband was able to get his hands on three kilos of the good stuff and a transfer was made. He came home plastic bag in hand and gave me this.

"Um, what exactly do you want me to do here?" I asked my hubby.

"Hell if I know," was his reply.

See, our old fish dealer used to fillet the fish for us, it's seems as though the new guy is lacking a bit in the customer service department. I'm not exactly a girly girl, but I can guarantee you that there is no way I am going to cut into that fish. I mean, they are actually looking at me!

I called in for reinforcements... turns out the Little Man is as unsure of what to do as his momma is. (and equally as freaked out too!)

Looks like I'm going to have to you tube how to cut these bad boys. Someone in this house is going to have to take care of business (and by someone, rest assured I don't mean me.)

Is it possible the LM has a secret hidden talent for de-boning a fish???


The Missus said...

I would have thrown it back at The Husband and told him to do it.

Glummy Mummy said...

I wouldn't stand for it, to be honest. You should take it back to the fish market and ask the new person to fillet it, or else you want a full refund. sock it to him!

Kriss said...

I have done fish before... Take a knife and slice belly side from the tail to the gills. Then cut the head off. Fold the fillet back and then the skeleton should come out in one piece. Also don't forget to take a knife and fleck off the scales. Good luck!!!

jaimie said...

hey yummy!!! we miss you so much and feel like you are on the other side of the planet!!!! we died when we watched those videos of lm in the pool - he is UNREAL!!!! i am so thankful there was that little link to send you a comment, sometimes it's there and sometimes not- you know me with technology:-) anyway, miss you! when you get home call so we can hear all about the trip. next stop cape cod! xxoo

Polly said...

Um...good luck with that!!

Jodi said...

Filleting fish is one of the talents my dh posesses. I am not sure if I should be proud or not:) It works better with a special really sharp thin knife my Dad passed on his knife to Kevin before he passed on. Isn't that nice.

Mama J said...


sorry for the super long link, but i have been reading and loving this new alice waters book, and she totally breaks down how to filet a fish. i haven't had the guts to try it myself yet, but if you do, let me know how it goes.

we move to boston TOMORROW!!! it feels like it has been an eternity. will hope to meet you in person one of these days after we get settled in :). meantime, enjoy your vacay!

joan said...

So funny! It would also not be me. :)