Baby Steps.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Speaking of adding to our family, a few weeks ago we added something to our home that both my husband and I swore we would never allow in the house. Yes, we got a pet. I use the term "pet" loosely because I realize most people consider a betta fish to be something closer to a houseplant than and actual house animal, but for my little man this little red fish has become his new best friend. Seriously. Ever since Dory Shark Anderson* (full name given by my boy) entered our home my little man has been mildly obsessed with his existence. He wakes up every morning asking, "can we feed Dory yet?" and I will often come upstairs to find him on the counter talking to him trough the glass (err plastic.) I realize that if we had gotten a dog instead his mind would actually be blown, but our toe is officially in the water, and maybe down the road we will consider getting a pet that is a little more, how should I say, interactive? For now this little fishy is our baby step.

* I'm pretty sure we may have watched Finding Nemo one to many times.


Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

Very cute! My parents started my brother and I with fish too, but eventually they did cave and in came the puppies. Maybe some day? :)

April Elizabeth said...

i am afraid of fish. Like seriously terrified. I cant have my back to a fish tank.

Yes I am aware they are in a tank.

And that they are fish.

I was swimming in a pool (a freakin' pool) and looked up at a video of fish on screen and freaked out.

I hate them.

but dogs? Dogs I love. I love the little faces, the personalities, and the hilarity that comes with them. Totally makes up for the mess.

Not Alone said...

I love your blog. Please check out my new blog! Support me if you can! :)

Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog post.


The Lady's Lounge said...

My daughter just got one of them little Betas too. His name is Leo.

Julie Q said...

You know what they say.. fish today.. dog tomorrow!!!

Yummy Mummy said...

April... that is too funny. I have the same fear, but of snakes. Like 16 weeks of therapy, fear on snakes. I still effing hate them.

I have a feeling the dog is not to far away.... baby first... then dog. There is only so much poop someone can handle.