Shut The Front Door.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yesterday an announcement was made that sent shock waves through the urban baby world. Shock waves!

Bugaboo has finally created a way to turn your single stroller into a double. I repeat, BUGABOO HAS FINALLY FOUND A WAY TO TURN YOUR SINGLE STROLLER INTO A DOUBLE.

Listen, this is about 6 years later than it should have been, but luckily for us non-pregos (I prefer this term over the last. infertiles) it will be coming just in time for when we may be needing to push around two little ones.

Drumroll please.....
Behold the Bugaboo Donkey.*
(Cheers, applause, more cheers.)


bugaboo donkey from bugaboo on Vimeo.

Is it wrong that I consider this a work of art?

*Could they really not have come up with a more appealing animal? Camel comes to mind....


April Elizabeth said...

since it probably costs like 800 bucks, no not at all. Go right ahead and consider it art.

Is it wrong that at 26 with no children (like for the next two years or as long as unemployement runs my life) in sight I scour yard sales with an ever vigilant eye for a bug-a-boo because ill never be able to afford a new one.

Mummy365 said...

On the day I order my Phil and Ted - LOL!!

nmaha said...

I'm hyperventilating. How many years do I need to save for this, will I be too old for a second baby by then? If yes, will my daughter consider it an heirloom and use it for her kids?

Polly said...

At one stage there was talk it would be the Kangaroo - much nicer than the Donkey.

yummy mommy said...

OMG!!! My uterus is literally having contractions with this news! I so wasn't aware of this! I will scream the word DONKEY to all french yummy mommies. Gros bisous, from a frenchie yummy mommy ;)