Thursday, July 7, 2011

Labor or Not Labor????

I thought that actually having been in labor before would help me to figure out this time whether or not I was in labor. So far it has not. While we haven't had any hospital false alarms, I have, more than once, called my husband saying, "I don't know.... today might be the day." He, of course, tells me to "chill" and alas, another day passes with no baby. While I don't feel that anxious about when or if it is going to happen, my recent google searches tell a different story....

Oh, and I think my kid got 5ths disease from camp, which (according to my doc) is only a big deal if you are in the EARLY stages of pregnancy, but either way he now feels like crap too. Just another reason for this baby to stay put for another week!


Julie Q said...

oh gosh, i dont even want to look at the things i've googled lately! I can't remember any of them but i'm sure it'd be inappropriate for my blog

hang in there!! Almost done :) My water broke so that helped figure out that my labor was starting

MedStudentMommy said...

I did the same thing when I was pregnant. I'm a fourth year med student and I thought I would know if I was actually in labor or not! But no, you never know until it just happens. It's so weird.

Mama J said...

so, i know that next week will most likely not find you in a 'shopping place', but i just wanted to pass this event invite on to you to share with your boston girls, and on the off chance that you feel the impulsive need to accessorize en route to the hospital :)
hope LM is feeling better! thinking good thoughts your way!


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