Help! Please be my Designer!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

 Okay, so I have a little design dilemma and I need your help! 

Here is the current state of our bedroom. (Yes, totally ripped off Jenna Lyons... I admit it.)

I had originally planned on putting this up over the bed. 

I know, safe and predictable... but still kind of cool. 


Now I really want this (in a large scale print)  hanging over me while I dream at night. 

Thoughts? Too feminine? Too kitschy? Too random? 

OR totally freaking fabulous

I kind of think the latter. My husband will definitely agree with the former. I need you in my corner before  I even bring it up. 

Please discuss. 


Shannon said...

Soooo, your bedroom is amazing, and I vote for the second idea. Sunbursts are a little over-rated in my opinion, and I see them everywhere. Plus, I have a thing for large scale photography and Slim Aarons is AMAZING. I was totally just goggling this image the other day for inspiration.

Please share how you will get a print of the image and large frame if you decide to go that route! We have a similar low framed bed and I would love to figure out something dramatic above it. I've also seen this idea used for a spontaneous family picture blown up above the bed.. could be cool.


PS- REALLY, REALLY want your sheets BTW!

Shari said...

I have to say..I actually am surprised I feel this way but I love the sunburst..and think it will be something you won't get sick of in the near future. But obviously if you LOVE the print you should go that route. :)

Anonymous said...

I went on a tour of Mid-Century Modern Homes here in Sacramento. Loved everything about them.
This reminds me of that.
It could very well be described to your husband as Mid-Century Modern, instead of feminine. :)

Betsy said...

The print. Absolutely. I write about interior design for a living if you want my credentials, but the sunburst is really overplayed and overdone.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the print. Love. Way better than the sunburst mirror.

Vicki Valenta said...

I say go with the large print. I'm pretty sure mirrors of any kind over the bed are a feng shui no-no.

Anonymous said...

The mirror... I see what you are trying to do with the picture... But no.

Ladies Holiday said...

ditto amazing bedroom...and i don't think this will help much, but i've had a similar problem...size ratio: mirror dwarfed by bed? print and bed both large and overwhelming...just another piece to add toward deciding. Since I can't tell how big the mirror and print are it is hard to tell...also you don't want to get stabbed if the mirror accidentaly fell...leaning toward print.

Sally said...

My favourite rooms in my house are the ones I took the risk with. The yellow wallpaper as opposed to the blue. The 50s inspired skirt I insisted on hanging on the wall in my baby daughter's room and the lime green wallpaper in the dining room. (Had to really talk the hubby into that one!) So I say go with you heart and go for the print. Enjoy. Sally. For stylish, beautiful and still practical products for parent and child.

leonora hammond said...

Love the print... I spend endless hours dreaming of the sunshine and happy days...if you need anyone to print it for you my husband produces wide format printing alternatively have you thought about a bespoke me thats what I

C. said...

I think both options are a bit kitschy, sorry!

I can see a large oil painting on your wall in burnt red, sienna, yellow and black. You need something dramatic. Something like this perhaps.