Parting Ways.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 A few weeks ago I decided to something super crazy, and began parting my hair in the middle. I say *crazy* because for me this was actually a huge change, and something I never thought I would ever do. I am the kind of person who finds a hairstyle that I like and then I continue to rock it for at least a decade, so you know this took some serious prodding from my sister! Every since I've made the switch, I've noticed this style in all the spring catalogs and summer previews. Could it be that a center part + beachy waves really is the perfect Summer hairdo? If these pictures are any indication than the answer is yes yes yes!!!


Here is what I use to get my 5 minute "beachy wave" look, sans curling iron.

Center part optional ;)

All Images via Pinterest. 


Rob and Amber said...

I SOOO wish I could do the center part. When I do it, I'm like, "ok, yeah! i like it! looks good!" and then I see the pictures of myself... and always say, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!" maybe i'm just to harsh on myself, but you have the perfect summer/beachy hair and of course could rock the heck out of a center part!

Violet said...

A well known beauty fact - center parts accentuate big noses and make already big noses look even bigger. Something for you to keep in mind.

Valerie said...

I had a side part for so long. I went with a center part about a year ago and am now trying desperately to get my side part back. I've been trying to do the waves forever though, and could never figure out what products or techniques to use. I'm totally going to try every single one of the products you use! Thanks for that. :)