The Son Rises Early.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Note: This is NOT my kid. How do I know? Because I'm guessing that this kid sleeps past 5am!

So, on Saturday my hubby left for a week long work trip to Canada. When I can't count on his arrival at 6:30pm to step in and entertain the LM and add some additional conversation to our motley crew, it makes for a VERY long day. When you throw in a weekend, it makes for a VERY VERY long week. When you day starts at 5am and ends at 8:30pm and the only people you talk to all day are your own kids... well you get the drift. 

Look, I know people do this all the time, completely by themselves, and I consider myself to be very fortunate that I do have such an awesome hubby who really does every thing in his power to come home on time... that being said, holy crap can this week just be over?

On Sunday, I was reminded of one of the many odd jobs I had in college, where I would babysit a very low traffic children's store from 10am-7pm on the weekends. I remember one day looking at the clock, and then looking back, after what I thought had been an hour or two, and to my surprise it had only been 10 minutes!!!!

That's how this week has been for us. That plane hitting the tarmac at midnight tonight can not come soon enough. 

My one observation from the week is that you all are clearly not doing enough Facebooking, Pinning, Tweeting, and Blog writing between the hours of 5-7 am. I need more to read people! Even the New York Times let me down... c'mon, you can't update more than every hour? ;)

Talk about working for the weekend... a Daddy filled weekend!

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LouBoo said...

Hi - I always think those weeks on your own with kids are the hardest! There is something about that first day that is like climbing a mountain - takes a long time to summit and then there is still the climb down! Why is it that babies and young children insist on getting up so early - it's an evolutional issue!! Where did we go wrong?! I hope you get some family of four time soon! Lou x

Shari said...

Glad your hubby is back to rescue you. I can only imagine how long the days have been. Enjoy your "time off" in the next few days. ;)

Anonymous said...

Consider yourself lucky you don't have to go to work on top of that.

Yummy Mummy said...

I consider myself lucky the I don't have to go to work full time, but I would happily take a part time gig. Being with my children all day is a lot more difficult "work" than any job I ever had.

Anonymous said...

True! That's why I can hardly imagine how american moms do it all. Some also have to work full time to provide for their kids. Europe mainly has a full paid 12 months leave after having your baby and health insurance costs next to nothing. And we complain.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you to complain like this? You got everything you wanted out of life and yet still have to go out on the web and write your sad story. What a martyr you are!

You're just like my wife. School and a good job, then married, kids and retired. Got a nicely furnished house, new car, vacations all funded by guess who, and all the weekly activities to stroke your mom ego. But you just have to draw attention to it as if you're the only one who's ever raised her kids.

I would say to take a step back and see just how silly you seem to be writing this, but the very fact that you created a blog to draw attention to you being a 'mom' just shows that you're not capable of that kind of pragmatism.

Yummy Mummy said...

Anon, I'm afraid you missed the just of my post.... the whole point is that I can't imagine doing this without my husband. His companionship, his devotion to our kiddies, his humor. I wish I could say I was super mom, and could do it all by myself (and run an at home successful business) but I need my partner, and my kids need their dad. I'm truly sorry that you don't feel that way in your own home.

natalie said...

Totally random, but the photo in this post is by the very awesome Meaghan Curry Photography:
She's fantastic!