What's All The Buzz About?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

 Summer is almost here. 

You know how I know? Because the LM got his first buzz cut of the year, and in what seems to have become tradition, this marks the unofficial start of Summer in our family. 

A little look back...

... and again, yesterday.




Cue the lazy days, late night stops from the ice cream man, trips to the beach, flights to Costa Rica, and camp... oh yes, there will be a lot of Summer camp. 

So far Gray has been spared the wrath of the clippers, but don't think I'm not packing those bad boys in my suitcase!

I'm curious, do you all give your kids a Summer cut? 


lmc1971 said...

LM looks great! I would love to give my also 4 year old son a buzz cut except, he H.A.T.E.S having his hair cut and also my DH is against it...not sure why?? I personally love it, think it's totally cute and Lords knows it's easy to care for. Here's hoping!
Cheers, Lisa

P.S. how is your foot doing?

Jodi said...

My D has a short hair phobia probably from us talking about how bad it looks on him that way...POOR little D, so no short hair for summer here