Baby Gray's First Words.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Somehow, overnight, Baby Gray turned it to quite the chatterbox. Those of you who know me and the LM in real life, know that this isn't too shocking. The following are the list of his first "real" words, in order:
  1. Out (as in get me the hell out of this stroller/ crib/ car seat/ chokehold my brother has me in.)
  2. Duck (his lovie is a duck, and we cannot move more than 3 inches from the house without it.)
  3. Dog (you all know how much I love dogs ((sarcasm)) so Gray is trying to turn me on to the idea of getting one
  4. Papi (said pApA) which is what he calls his daddy. and
  5. Ella (for Ellie, the name of our super fabulous part-time baby sitter/ full time savior)
Do you see what is missing from this list? 

Check again. 

Now you see it???? 

Yes, what about me?!?! Or how about big brother Liam? 

I mean, we are only the people who spend every waking minute with you!!! Maybe that's why, you don't need to call our names because we are always standing right there. Hmmmm, or maybe it's because you think it's funny to watch us ask you over and over (and over and over) to say our names, only to have you stare blankly at us, and then say duck.

Yes, I think that is exactly why.

Well played son, well played.

Well, Liam and I have one thing to say to that.

(self portrait)


Shari said...

Haha. Too funny. I'm sure he'll be saying mama soon. :)

TheCrunchyGemini said...

lol maybe he hasn't said it because he doesn't hear it enough? For example I'm always making a big deal out of "Dada is home!" "We're calling Dada on the phone!" etc. and nobody is really making a big deal over "Mama" I have to pretty much refer to myself! "Oh you got mommy's glasses!"