Spring Beauty Inspiration: Alexa Chung

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


One of the biggest trends for Spring that I am seeing everywhere is a return to 60's inspired fashion.  From top to bottom, fringe hair and bangs (please do not let me cut bangs) to fringe on clothing and wide legged pants, to clogs.  Yes, clogs.  Guys, get ready because what's old is new again and to this day I'm kicking myself for not forcing my mother to save some of the clothes from her youth.  A hippie through and though, let me tell you she had some good good wears that I can guarantee you would be just as relevant now as they were then!

I know it feels like we've gone though this for the last decade with the whole "bohemian chic movement" but from where I sit, this new 60's girl is a lot more modern, and tailored... we are talking mod 60's here, not flower girl 60's.  Think Jane Birkin or Bridget Bardot.  She likes thick eyeliner, a modern take on a bellbottom jean (these are my absolute favorite which I bought almost 5 years ago and still wear every season) with a cool leather jacket, or tailored blazer over a striped bateau top  with a leather fringe bag.  Cool, and put together but with a little edge.  No one better exemplifies this look than Alexa Chung.  She pretty much has the market cornered when it comes to perfectly mixing the Mod 60's with the fashion of now.  I'm always so inspired by how much her personality shines through in all her looks and I can think of no one better to be my new spring muse. 

Okay, she's adorable, there is no doubt but I have to say as great as her style is, it's really her makeup that takes things to the next level.  Since giving up mascara and finding my intense love affair with eyeliner, I have been so drawn to her overall look and more and more I'm opting for heavy eyeliner on a minimal face. Who better to take eyeliner tips from than the woman who seems to have perfected the modern Bridget Bardot, Chung's makeup artist herself.  Here she talks liquid eyeliner and I was thrilled to see she included my current favorite as well.  Getting the product is half the battle, right?  Now that you have your liner, how do you get that incredible winged look?  There is a video detailing just that  (you can bet I've been playing this one while I attempt the style myself.)  As if that wasn't good enough, I found this great video on how to get her entire 60's inspired look

Spring is almost here... I think I can, I think I can! 


demokrasi di indonesia said...

yes she is so beautiful

Lou said...

Alexa is just impossibly beautiful! That video - she sounds just like my sister in law - their voices are so similar, it makes me miss her! So - am going to try to the winged eye - hmmm - will report back! L x