Sorry, Not Sorry

Friday, May 22, 2015

For you ladies out there, how often do you find yourself apologizing?



My husband always comments on it, because its actually super awkward that I am always saying "I'm sorry" 10,000 times a day.

Some guy bumps into me at Whole Foods and my response is "I'm sorry, so sorry, I'm sorry." Or something will happen with the kids (usually at a child appropriate place) and if I think it's bothering someone I will begin to apologize profusely for myself. It only gets worse when we are in a foreign country, where I find myself saying it over and over but really for no reason. I have no idea why but it feels like I am always apologizing for something! I actually thought this was just my own little tic, but then we saw this skit on Inside Amy Schumer a few weeks back and we both almost died.
Apparently I am not the only one who does this!

I have to ask, is this habit one that is central to all women, or just certain women? Certainly I've never heard my husband do it in such a rapid and unnecessary way, or really any other man for that matter. I'd love to know if any of you are also in the habit of constantly apologizing?

Other annoying habits I'd love to loose include:

I say "like" all the time. The more nervous I am, the more I say it. I don't know if it's the former Cali girl in me or what, but a few weeks back I saw an interview I did, in print, and was horrified at the number of times I said "like."

I also do what the LM and my husband call the "fake laugh" when speaking with new people. This too is also a nervous tic, but I really can't help it. I just laugh at everything! Now that the LM has been pointing it out, aka making fun of me, and I've tried really hard to stop but that too seems an almost impossible habit to break!

Do any of you know any tricks for losing something that is so embedded in your vocabulary? I guess being aware of it is the first step but then I have to wonder if I will end up saying "I'm sorry" for saying "I'm sorry?" Like, I don't know... haha ;) (Look at that I was able to get all three a row!)

Seriously though, I'd love any advice you have!

P.S. Amy is just killing it this season! If you don't watch you should!
P.P.S. I totally would have been the one to offer to get the guy something for his stomach!
P.P.P.S. Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!


Anonymous said...

I say" like" way too frequently as well! I did read somewhere that you are supposed to purposefully insert a pause when you would typically say "like". Then speak deliberately so you are not filling in time with likes. Good luck!

Lou said...

Hilarious!! Love the sketch, so utterly correct in so many ways. I am now going to spend my day worrying whether I say sorry too much! And as for 'like'...ugh guilty! Sorry! haha. It's a female thing, it's a Western thing (really didn't find it in Dubai when I was there I gotta say; people react to each other in a completely different way and Dubai is pretty westernised). As for how to stop it...I think it's so hard. Maybe work out what it is about a social situation thats making you nervous? And eliminate that? There's no need to be scared. As for me - I usually am WAYYY too quiet socially and then spend the next hour afterwards analysing everything I did and didn't say. Exhausting! Funny post though - makes me think. Lou x

beach bum mum said...

My husband recently told me I end every sentence with 'know what I mean?'. I had no idea! My mum then confirmed it too, now I hear myself saying it and it drives me crazy! Sorry no advice how to fix it, maybe hypnotism?

Revival said...

My 4 year old has started saying "like" every other word.....not sure if he gets it from me, a cartoon, or the kids at school. I've tried to be more mindful of my speech because of it. I think these ticks aren't necessarily bad; it defines us and gives our families something to laugh about ;)

Jenn O said...

Love the post! My husband ends directives to our children with "okay?" which in my mind leaves the impression they get to decide whether or not to comply. I've suggested he replace this with "Got it?" instead. But of course you can only control yourself, not others, haha. As for me, I use WAY to many exclamation points in writing! I'm always amazed when I read over something and there's exclamation points all over the place!!! Verbally however, I'm in this whole training program on how to keep my cool and not lose it and yell at my kids. Maybe too many exclamation points in my oral "writing" too! /o: