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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What Are you Reading... and a New Book Nook!

  Yesterday, I took the boys up to Harvard Square, since they had the day off for the Marathon. We rode our bikes, on what turned out to be a perfect Spring day and while waiting for Shake Shack to open, we made a stop at their favorite store,Curious George. Immediately, the LM went over to the chapter books, and started telling me about how he "loved" this Jack and Annie series, and how we had to get one because it is "so awesome." Loved! Awesome! To hear my kid say this about reading was just about as good as it gets for me. While we were waiting to check out, he cuddled up with his little brother in the cutest little book nook, built under the shelves, and together they looked at a picture book. After pulling myself up from the puddle I melted in to, I began to think of a way to get our own little reading nook for him. On our way home, I remembered the teepee that had been stowed away, and figured that I could fashion a little reading nook out of that and a few things that had outlived their day. I dug out some pillows that used to be on our bed, a small bookshelf I could never find use for, an old crib quilt, and viola! we had our new little reading area. This morning I picked up some wire, and as soon as the LM gets home I'm going to dig out the Christmas lights and hang a strand from the inside to give it more of a magical feel. I'm sure he won't always be this excited about reading, so for now I'd like to bottle it for as long as I can!

Last night we cuddled up inside, while I read him the first 5 chapters. So far it has most definitely been a hit!

Speaking of reading, have you all read any good books lately? My daily reading isn't exactly what you would call highbrow, but during our trip I found myself unable to tear myself away from a few books I downloaded before we left. If any of you are looking for a light page turner, I highly recommend the following!

This book is most definitely my favorite of the bunch. Set in Australia, it follows the story of three women who are all connected through, you guessed it, the husband's secret. Loved, loved, loved. 

Labor day, is the story of a tragically depressed woman, her son, and a convict on the run. It follows the three over a Labor Day weekend, and is expertly told through the eyes of the child. It's sappy, and a little over the top, but I loved it all, especially the ending!

I just finished this one, and like most Jane Green novels, I couldn't put it down. While reading it in bed, my husband was getting annoyed with me because I just kept saying, NO! over and over. I don't want to give too much away, but it's the story of a aging housewife, who meets a handsome younger man. uh huh... it's a good one. 

I'm a sucker for a sequel, I need to know what happens to my characters, so there wasn't a question whether or not I was going to read the new Bridget Jones. While this one is probably the worst of the three, I thought it was cute and although the ending was predictable, I like knowing how it all ends for Bridge. If you liked the others, you will like this one. 

Now I'm at a loss for books! I keep putting of reading The Goldfinch (mostly because it's 800 pages) but unless I can find something else, I think that's my next move. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Knuffle Bunny!!!!

A few days ago the Little Man and I were walking through the bookstore when he began to scream, "Knuffle Bunny, Knuffle Bunny, Knuffle Bunny!!!!" at the top of his lungs. He stopped when he realized that I was looking at him like he was some kind of alien from another planet (I wish I could say this was the first time this has happened.)

"Um, kid, what on earth are you talking about?" I asked him.

"KNUFFLE BUNNY!" Was his response.

Yeah, okay. Still no idea what he was talking about. "Show mama,," I asked him and finally he picked up a puzzle with the words Knuffle Bunny written on it. I was happy that 1) he wasn't crazy, 2) I wasn't crazy, and 3) we were finally getting somewhere.

"Um, do you have any Knuffle Bunny books," I asked the saleswoman, and I was soon directed to two of the most adorable books. "These are my favorites," my Little Man told me and after I inquired as to whether there was some after hours, late night, Knuffle Bunny party I didn't know about, I learned that my Little Man was read these books in school, and it turns out he loved them.

We sat and read them and after the 10th time (for BOTH books) I decided that we should be adding these to our collection. The books, themselves, are great. They are cute little stories about a little girl who lives in Manhattan who has a beloved "Knuffle Bunny."

The stories are set against a black and white background of the city, and I love that they are so relatable to my little man (and his mom.) Most kids book are set in the country or suburbs, so it was great to see a school that was actually a brownstone (like the LM's) rather than one that is a typical schoolhouse. I think this is a great book for all of you city dwellers and trust me when I say that my Little Man can't recommend them enough!

The Knuffle Bunny series is by Mo Williams and can be found here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

What Book Were They Reading?

What book were they reading?

Maybe the better question is what were they smoking when they were reading that book and where can I get some?

See yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing the trailer for the new movie based on Eat, Pray, Snooze err Love and I have to say that it looks pretty good. Like really good. So again I have to ask what book were they reading?

As I have said here before I had really high hopes for this before I began reading it (yes, Oprah convinced me it would "change my life too.)"Eat I liked, because, well, I like to eat but somewhere in the middle of "Pray" I just simply lost my resolve to push through to "Love" (which I heard is not all that bad.) After writing that post I was elated to find out that I was not the only one who felt this way (thank you all, even if you were lying to make me feel better.)

I have picked it up a few times (um, once) since writing that post and in the end I figured I would just wait for the movie to come out to see how it all ends. This once anticipated torturous event has now turned into something I am actually looking forward to.

Really good trailer or possible awesome movie? You be the judge.

Oh Eat, Pray, Love... I just can't quit you.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Family Book.

Over the weekend my Little Man and I attended his school's book fair. Lately my little man has been *obsessed* with reading so I was very excited to pick up some new books. The event was well organized and I was thrilled when I saw that there was a table of books "recommended" by his teachers for kids in his age group. I picked up The Family Book first and within the first 4 pages I declared that this book the best kids book I have ever read, and by the end I had tears rolling down my cheeks. We brought it home and my little man has already read it about 1000 times. I cannot tell you how good it feels to see my little boy getting such an important lesson in diversity in such a way that is fun and easy for him to understand. This book truly celebrates all families and teaches kids that no family is the same, and because of that every family is special.

The text reads as follows:
Some families are big.
Some families are small.
Some families are the same color.
Some families are different colors.
All families like to hug each other.
Some families live near each other.
Some families live far from each other.
Some families look alike.
Some families look like their pets.
All families are sad when they loose someone they love.
Some families have a stepmom or stepdad and stepsisters or stepbrothers.
Some families adopt children.
Some families have two moms or two dads.
Some families have one parent instead of two.
All families like to celebrate special days together.
Some families eat the same things.
Some families eat different things.
Some families like to be quiet.
Some families like to be noisy.
Some families like to be clean.
Some families like to be messy.
Some families live in a house by themselves.
Some families live in a house with other families.
All families can help each other be strong.
There are lots of different ways to be a family. Your family is special no matter what kind it is.

This amazing book is written by a man, Todd Parr, who's "family" consists of his dog Bully. The illustrations are simple yet done in a way that even children as young as two are able to easily understand the message that the book is aiming to convey. The author has written over 30 books, each with messages of peace, love, and celebrating who you are and the uniqueness of those around us. I am so excited to start adding to our library with these awesome books.

The whole collection can be found here.


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