Sole Mates.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I know, I know the weather JUST warmed up, and the last thing you want to hear about is Fall trends, but tis the season for fall previews and I just had to share with you what is destined to be Fall's absolute hottest trend.  Is the suspense killing you? OK, I'll let you know but you have to promise to keep an open mind. 

This fall everyone (and by everyone I mean celebrities) everywhere (and by everywhere I mean on the red carpet) are going to be rocking over the knee boots. Over the knee boots? OK, remember you promised not to judge. 

I know what you are thinking. Over the knee boots? Yum, have you really lost your mind? When I heard this, I too first pictured Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman standing on the street corner wearing those awful pleather "hooker boots" (no offense to those working girls) but you know the boots I'm talking about. A guy's dream and a girl's nightmare. Case in point.

Love it or hate it, in just a few short months we are going to be seeing this trend everywhere. They've been all over the runways this season and all the major department stores are already featuring them on their homepages as a "must have" for fall. Luckily for us girls who are living in 2009, these boots would NEVER be seen on a street corner. I shudder at the thought.

The creme de la creme are these boots from Chloe'. Not only are they knee high, these babies would be thigh high on anyone who is shorter than 6 feet tall. Their price is just as sky high running about $1,300 dollars. Gorgeous? Yes. Practical? No. Fierce? Yes. Wearable? No.

I just couldn't justify the Chloe' boots, and believe me I tried, so instead I searched far and wide for my perfect match. After an hour of some serious internet shopping I found my perfect OTK boot. My sole mate I'll call it. These babies were almost a third of the price of the Chloe' boots and they are MUCH more practical. I can see wearing these with skinny jeans, leggings, dresses, and with knit tights. In short, with everything I own. I love them and cannot wait until the end of September when they will be arriving on my doorstep. These boots are probably the only thing I'm looking forward to in the Fall (oh, how I hate cold weather.)
Coachella OTK Boot

These babies and I are going to have a long and happy life together....and I'm pretty sure I won't be mistaken as a "woman of the night" in them which is a good thing considering I always have the little man in tow. Just in case I guess I should make sure the little guy has some bail money tucked away in his diaper....


The Missus said...

I am still a fan of the Rodarte ones!

Yummy Mummy said...

Missus, now those are some fierce boots! Not sure I could push the stroller in those bad boys. hehe

Hey, after teacher training you may not have any thighs left! I think Toronto would be the perfect place for you to rock those bad boys!


Anonymous said...

i love otk boots! last winter i found this pair that were smokin hot! the problem is that i have short/stocky legs (sigh) - somehow i'm just not so sure i can rock them. to all who can, please do! they're so great!

Natalie said...

they a bloody hot!!!!!!!!!!! do you know if they can be sent to sydney since we are in the thick of our winter and I would love to be rocking these honies...

Yummy Mummy said...

Natalie...Right? I looovveee them!

Here is the link, they are from Neimans so I'm sure they ship internationally.

Good Luck!


Polly said...

Those are some great boots, Im just wondering where they would come up to on my 5ft tall self....

Yummy Mummy said...

For my "anon" commentators. The husband loves the boots, is not upset by their purchase on bit, and given that we have a set budget for such purchases, my child's education fund and our savings are firmly in place. In fact I believe there will be some extra at the end of the month this month so you do not need to lose any sleep over our finances tonight. We do really appreciate your concern, and I can assure you that I am not the reason that the banks failed given that we are beyond current on our bills. It is so sweet of you all to take the time to express your concern however.


Kriss said...

I wasn't an annon. commenter but I SO wish I had your money. I can't afford half the things you post about so I live vicariously through you. LOL. -kriss

Yummy Mummy said...

Kriss...I just like to post about things i like...there will be a ton of cute boots out there like these that will be at ALL price points. If I find some cute ones I will make sure to put them up on here! I love sales and "steals" more than anyone!

I can't buy the stuff in Vogue and some of those other runways but it doesn't keep me from reading! I just live vicariously through them! Then I just then find what I like at a much much much more reasonable price!


Anonymous said...

Those boots are great! But I am only 5'4" and like Bri above, am afraid they won't look right on me? Yummy, I am wondering how tall you are if that's not too forward? Anyway, I love all of your posts about your fashion finds, and honestly I think you seem to do a great job of investing in gorgeous, quality pieces without going overboard. Keep up the fashion-focused posts!
Grace in CO

Yummy Mummy said...

Grace, I'm on the high end of 5'6". These go just a touch over the knee but there are SO many different types out there. Some were thigh high on me, and some were at the knee cap so I guess the key is just to make sure that you try on any pair that you like!!! I would think that many are cut to fit the "average" height, because they want to sell, sell, sell. I think they would do a lot to lengthen a leg so long as they hit in the right spot. Especially with tights or dark jeans. Good luck finding a pair!

Also, thanks for your comment. I live in jeans and t-shits. I like to invest in pieces that will last a long, long time that are also made of nice quality. I don't have a ton of shoes and I don't have another pair of black boots. I've been looking for about 3 years for a pair I love, and I'll probably be wearing them for 10 years! That's the benefit of buying quality...they last forever!!!


angie said...

YM- Random fashion question. I'm on a search for the perfect fall skinny jeans. Would like to work on a budget.. not tooooo expensive (like over $200). Any brands you recommend? I just need a versatile jean I can pair with boots and sweaters. Comfy is a plus. :) I just tried on a pair of J Brand ones in pencil leg and I liked them, but want to look around before committing (sigh). Any thoughts?


Yummy Mummy said...


I was going to recommend J brand. The two pair of skinnys that I have are both J brand. I love them because they have a lot of stretch in them which makes them extremely comfy, kind of like leggings. They also hold their shape well and keep that dark indigo color. You can also find them on sale very easily on the internet once you find your size. I also like Genetic Denim for the "torn" look, but that is only as a second pair. Ernest Sewn is good for a lose skinny but again I would go with a J brand! Good luck!

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