The Sunburn Says It All.

Monday, July 27, 2009

This weekend it was finally hot, hot, hot here in New England (finally!) This meant a trip to the beach was definitely in order for the Yummy Mummy clan. Early Saturday morning we packed up the little man, a portable DVD player, and we headed up north chasing a swell that the husband was convinced was on it's way. When we arrive the husband went surfing (in the nonexistent swell) and the little man and I got in some quality time in the sun. By quality time, I mean we dug the biggest and baddest hole anyone had ever seen. 

Here we are about to get started.

The little man soon showed me how it was done. 

After about a half hour, every kid from near and far came to play in what will be deemed "the greatest hole ever" from here on out. Of course I put them all to work and soon we had an assembly line going. Luckily, each kid came with their own beach toys and after a while we had quite the party going. 

After all that digging the little man was in serious need of  some cooling off. He remembered his surfing lessons and hopped right on Daddy's board when he came in. 

He lost all the fear that he had when we last tried this in Costa Rica, and he happily stayed just like this for about 20 minutes. 

After a big thank you to Daddy for taking us to the beach we packed up the car and headed home for a much needed nap.

When we got home my sister, who went with us on our mini adventure, commented that she couldn't believe how sunburned her stomach got. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized all the sun was only on my back. Seemed odd, I thought.? Then I remembered how the morning was spent; she lying on her back, me digging a hole for three (yes three) hours. Yep, that's motherhood for you....I don't think this tummy will be seeing any sun anytime soon. 

Ah well, at least I know I can always have a back up career in ditch digging!


The Missus said...

You have GOT to frame that one of The Husband and LM kissing! That is too precious!

I spent all weekend with little kids... And they were all so well behaved and played so well together... It made me start to yearn, a little, for one again.


Yummy Mummy said...

It would be the best thing you ever did! The first two years are rough but the payoff is totally worth it!


aunty em said...

SO adorable!!! Makes The hubby look like a super star ; )

Anonymous said...

You should go to and type in "yummy mummy" there are some nasty people there.

Yummy Mummy said...

Thaks anon....I've been aware for awhile. I just chose to ignore.

Julie Q said...

You are such a MILF!


melanie said...

looks like the perfect day! what beach did you go to? it doesn't look crowded at all. thanks!

Jodi said...

Here in Florida the game is to have enough umbrella space to play underneath or we would be crispy fried critters in 3 hrs and the twins would last a total of 20 minutes before meltdown.

Callie Durbrow said...

What a great day for the beach and cute pics of the little one surfing!

Yummy Mummy said...

Thank you all! It really was a great day!

Melanie...we went to surf beach up in Hampton. Not my favorite place to go, but it is definitely not too crowded! Lots of surfer dads and their broads!

JQ- you are too cute! I wish!

Polly said...

Oh yay it looks like an awesome day.