Whhhaaaaaat, They Don't Drink Wine?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

On Saturday night the Husband and I are attending a dinner party at his Bosses', Bosses', Bosses' house. It is technically our first "big kids" dinner party and I am more than slightly nervous about attending. Why? Two reasons. One, not only are we are a solid 15 years younger than everyone else who will be in attendance, but, two, everyone else who will there are doctors. Not just doctors, but highly successful and well known doctors. Gulp. Given my two year hiatus from the "real world" and being immersed in all things in the "toddler world" I am thinking that we may not have all that much in common.

To make matters a little more stressful, the couple hosting doesn't drink. Not at all. As in NO alcohol. It is unclear if they will actually be serving alcohol at dinner, and while I can certainly last the evening sans wine (I think) I was left at a complete and total loss for what to bring as a hostess gift. Confession time. I only and always bring wine to a party. I know, I know that is such an easy out but really I just never know what else to bring. This has become sort of a joke between the husband and I, so much so that we attach these tags to the bottles we bring. It basically says, I realize we couldn't be less original, but here is a kick ass bottle of wine to drink while you laugh at us.

Well, I may not know much, but I do know that you don't bring a bottle of wine to a couple that doesn't drink. In fact the dinner invitation specifically says, we don't drink, don't bring wine, which makes me think that I should probably bring something else. I wanted to try to be thoughtful, but as someone who hates junk, any junk, I don't want to clutter up their home. I began thinking that we should bring something small, but nice. Something that I would want.

Enter the Jo Malone candle. I love these candles. I typically only get them for people as "thank yous" when someone does something really special for us, but I think that this will also double as a pretty nice hostess gift. The smell is not too overpowering and I think they are simple enough that they will go with any decor. The added bonus is that they wrap them up really, really, really, really, really nice so it takes the stress out of wrapping, and it makes for a simple and nice presentation.

Ok, hostess gift down. Now if I could only find a magic pill that will make me 10x funnier, 20x smarter, and would immediately instill in me Ms. Potter's rules of dinner etiquette than I will have nothing to worry about. On the other hand if I can just make it 3 hours without once putting my foot in my mouth, I'd be happy to take that too.

Maybe I should bring a bottle of wine too? Except this one will be for me...for the drive home.

Yeah, that's not a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

you could send them flowers ahead of time - and don't forget - doctors -no matter how good, famous, etc.. are normal people - they just happen to have hard jobs.. don't let them scare you!

Anonymous said...

and don't knock the difficulty of your own job.. many docs can't deal with a toddler!

Yummy Mummy said...

Thank you anon!!! I really appreciate that! You just gave me the self esteem boost I needed. It's easy to doubt yourself when you spend all day catering to the needs of a 2 year old!


Anonymous said...

Not that you asked :), but a really nice olive oil is a good option for those who don't drink. Otherwise, just relax and enjoy some good food!

Yummy Mummy said...

Anon! Duh, I should have asked all of you!!!!

That's a great idea. I wouldn't have thought of it, but that is such a great wine alternative. I may bring this sometime even to my lushiest of friends!

Anonymous said...

You are stressing and putting these doctors way to high on a pedestal. They are people- they very likely could be intimidated by a young, stylish, attorney/mom!

notSupermum said...

I would have suggested flowers as a gift. I hope it goes well, and you manage to enjoy the evening while sober!

Polly said...

My first thought was olive oil too and maybe some really good Dukkah. otherwise Im a fan of a raelly decent balsamic vinegar.

You will be wonderful, don't stress, just put those louboutins on and be your wonderful self.

Jodi said...

holy crap those candles are 65$

we are poor it seems

Julie Q said...

PERFECT hostess gift I think. And please, you will be the hit of the party!

Maybe you should just sneak a cosmo flask in?! ;)

Yummy Mummy said...


I got it at a massive discount! No way would I do 65 for a hostess girft. More like 35!


Anonymous said...

A floral arrangment from Winston's is a better idea. They do amazing work and have a wonderful range of prices. Have used them for friends, bosses, teachers, and never looks like a "regift" which a candle may look like.

winmomof2 said...

Or what about a fancy box of chocolate truffles? I'm also a big wine fan, but would definitely appreciate really nice chocolates. Love your blog!!! I saw it linked on boston.com a while back, and always check in. First time commenting.