I Know He's Quiet, But...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Earlier today my husband called to check in,

TH: How's my boy doing?
Me: Which one?
TH: What do you mean? Liam (the LM)??????
Me: You do know that we have two of them now, don't you?
TH: Oh yeah, I totally forgot. How's the other one?
Me: Really? I know he's quiet but... HOW DO YOU FORGET WE HAVE ANOTHER CHILD?
TH: Well, he does sleep a lot.

Okay, fine I'll give him that one. Maybe it's time I pass him on during one of his "not so quiet times." Oh wait, those only happen at 3am!

I predict some serious diaper changes in store for him this weekend!!!! It's time this baby makes his presence known!

Here's baby doing what he does best.


Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

Haha, that's too funny! :)

MedStudentMommy said...

When I've been reading your most recent blogposts, my ovaries start sending signals to my brain telling me to have another baby. But it's too soon!!!!! Stop posting such adorable pics of your little bundle of joy.

Rob and Amber said...

First, that's hilarious!!

Second, is that a moses basket?? I'm debating on getting one or not - any recommendations on other brands, etc.??

Mira said...

Oh what a little cutie! THat's a funny story. I did a similar thing when we had our third baby. I was walking through the house tidying up and happened to walk through the living room where are all the kids were. I did a quick count of kids and thought, "Wow! Where did the extra child come from?" Then I remembered: we'd had another baby.

Ange said...

Ahh - I'm due with my 2nd in 10 weeks and can't wait!
Where did you get that adorable basket?

minervabird said...

Enjoy the quiet whilst you can!

Janet said...

oh I melt. He is so sweet.

Connie @ Sensible-Redesign said...

OMG he is too cute. You guys are truly blessed. Congratulations he is perfect.

Yummy Mummy said...

Amber, I LOVE having a moses basket, mostly because it allows me to move the baby all around the house. I keep mine on a rocker type stand that I got for free when we bought our stroller. Last time I just used the one that came with the bugaboo, this time I borrowed from a friend. They make good toy baskets after too!

Ange, I wish I could tell you, I love this one! I borrowed it from a friend and there is no label on it. If I can figure out what it is I'll make sure to post!