Out With The Boys.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At the end of last week I started to get a bit of cabin fever, and figured that the weekend was as good a time as any to attempt to take both boys out... at the same time. Of course, it didn't hurt that Grandma and Grandpa were still in town, and with a 3 to 2 ratio, what could go wrong?

 Surprisingly, absolutely nothing. 

We took the T from Cambridge down to the Frog Pond, and since squish slept almost the entire time, we almost forgot that he was there. Having gotten that first trip out of the way, I can definitely say that I am already feeling much more confident to travel out with the boys on my own. These past ten days couldn't have gone any better and I almost forget what it was like to only have one little monkey to chase after. Almost. 

10 days??? Where has the time gone? Can someone please make it slow down? I feel like another 4 years is going to pass with the blink of an eye.


MeganZ said...

Um, may I please look half as good as you do, a week or so after my first bambino? le sigh!

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

Such cute photos! :)

Grace in TN said...

You all look great! Happy and thriving :)

North East Chic! said...

your boys are beyond adorable! Also, love your sunglasses! Are they Raybans?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look so fresh, like you didn't give birth at all. Lucky you..

Yummy Mummy said...

The sunglasses are Ray Ban's with prescription lenses.

Thank you all for your sweet comments! I can only chalk it up to the 3 years of yoga that I did prior to getting preggars!!! Things did not look like this after the LM was born... trust me on that one!!!