Phone Home.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

We are watching E.T. The Extra Terrestrial tonight, for the first time with the LM. I'm super excited, and a little nervous... I loved the movie as a kid, but I guess it scared my husband for weeks after! We're hoping that since the LM seems to take after his Mom, that he doesn't get too spooked. He told me that, "he's a boy, so he's brave, and doesn't get scared by anything." 
(Where do they come up with this stuff?) 

In anticipation of the big event I just had to post this picture, which reminds me of this famous scene



Shari said...

Too funny. I hope the move night was a success and LM didn't get scared. ET is a great movie! :)

About said...

My kids and I haven't seen it yet, but I wonder if after all the exposure to hi-def they'll think it's dated...thought so with star wars. "It's so old fashioned mom."LOL

Yummy Mummy said...

So, the LM LOVED it, and it was totally not dated (he felt the same way about star wars... boring he said!) He wasn't too scared, but he did think I was note because I kept crying (I don't remember it being that sad) but all, and all the movie is now in rotation!

The only thing I couldn't get over was how much the mother left her kids. Even the 4 year old. She was like, I'll be back in a little while, don't watch too much TV. AS IF???? You can definitely tell that was the mentality 30 years ago!