Somebody Hand Me The SPF 10,000!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

 Have you all seen this story about the delivery truck driver who has severe sun damage on only ONE side of his face? Holy eyeopening! I would like to say that I am good about wearing sunscreen, but I am really only serious about it when I'm actually out in the sun at the pool, the beach, the park... etc. I knew you could get sun damage while riding in the car, but damn... I really had no idea you were actually absorbing that much sun. Can somebody please hand me the SPF 10,000?? 

In all seriousness, this is so incredibly scary, and it was actually on my birthday, this year, that I really committed to wearing sunscreen (almost) every day. I have acne prone skin, so I used to rely on the SPF included in my foundation or moisturizer, but earlier this year I read somewhere that, that isn't really enough. After some considerable research, I found this product which I now swear by. It's a 45 SPF, ridiculously lightweight, completely oil free, and it has a matte finish, with no noticeable smell. The 8oz size (which I would imagine will last at least a year) comes in convenient a pump, and I've found that just having OUT by my sink in the morning, that I am so much more likely to use it vs keeping it in my purse, makeup bag... etc. 

After seeing this picture, let me tell you, I will not be forgetting it any time soon. 

Of course, we can't forget those kiddies. I've recently started using this on baby gray and I love it. It contains zinc, and so far "fingers crossed" it has done the trick.

Lesson of the day: WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY, EVEN IF IT'S NOT SUNNY OUT. Oh, and call your mother. It's good karma. ;)

P.S. I've also recently read that sunscreen itself can be bad for you, and that we should all be switching to a mineral based product. Do any of you know what the deal is? My hubby said he would look into it after our upcoming trip, but when you are spending on a month on the equator, we aren't to keen to change too much. Surprisingly, the LM has yet to get a sunburn...

famous last words, I know. 

(Image via the Huffington Post)


Anne said...

Thank you for highlighting such an important subject! Because we do not get full on sun over here most days, I can be a bit lax about applying sunscreen when it does appear! Need to step it up:)

Kriss said...

My first thought.... This guy is of the older generation. The glass in vehicles was not tinted in "those" days. Most of the newer vehicles come with tinting these days. I wonder how much sun the tinting protects us from? Things that make you go hmmmm? Lol

Vicki Valenta said...

What is the sunscreen you use on your face? I have very sensitive skin that reacts with a red rash to many sunscreens. I'd like to try the one you've found.

ECWakefield said...

That's great he has yet to get a sunburn but even sun exposure is dangerous. Hats and sun-shirts are what is need. Sunscreen is actually your last line of defense again the damaging effects of the sun. I know it's not easy. I'm a mother of 3 kids staying out of the sun between 10-3 is the best. I know it's not easy but for our children and ourselves it's necessary. I just lost my dad 6 weeks ago to melanoma and I can tell you this disease is preventable.

Grace in TN said...

Yummy - go to and check out their cosmetic safety database. It rates all products based on their ingredient level of safety re: chemicals, etc. many sunscreens contain them! In our family we use California baby which is mineral based and Kiss My Face Obsessively natural. The cosmetic industry is not regulated and can basically put anything into products including known carcinogens.

LouBoo said...

Hello there, my goodness that picture is shocking! I dread to think of the damage we don't even see. I, like you, use an SPF but on really sunny days I still get a little 'pink-faced'. Of course in the UK at the moment, there is NO SUN! Every Brit is moaning about the weather.

I kinda spend more time thinking about anti-ageing products now - did you know I started a new business venture? An apothecary making facial oils that are lovely for the skin. Very healing, especially after sun. Anyway...good to hear that baby Gray is covered! That generation will have much better protected skin than us! Lou x

Jodi said...

That stuff is mineral based that you chose (zinc). The environmental working group (?) recommends staying away from retinyl palmitate and oxybenzene in our sunscreens supposedly they turn to carcinogens when exposed to sun. I am using a mineral based just bought it but it has some of the bad ingredients too. I think i will use it anyway bettter luck next time. The sun is horrible for our skin. I am soooo glad i work in office my dh works outside and you can really tell by his skin.