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Monday, November 18, 2013

 I'm not going to lie, I get a good majority of my fashion inspiration from my 6 year old. Sure, I buy his clothes, but the kid definitely has a mind of his own, and I'll often ask him for a thumbs up or down before getting him (or me!) something new. Given that he spends most of his time at skate parks and skate shops, it's no surprise that he is heavily influenced by the street culture, and yes, hip hop, and I'm noticing more and more I'm gravitating towards those things too. Now, I'm not talking Kardashian street culture here, in fact it's the opposite, it's a more laid back look, one that is only completed with the right pair of sneakers.

Now, other than my trusty old vans or converse, I have never been a sneaker fan. I really don't even like them for the gym. I always found it hard to make them look "cool" and in my head I always have the image of myself, in my lawyer days, running late for court in a pair of BRIGHT WHITE nike running shoes, hose, and a skirt suit, with my heels in my bag. Uh huh, I was that girl. My husband would tease me relentlessly, but really what was I to do? They were just so comfortable, and I was always late for something!

That's the thing, they really are just so comfortable. I love a heel, ballet flat, and a bootie just as much as the next girl, but to play football with two wild animals (my children) you really have to have the right footwear. Well, after taking the boys to get some new shoes at the Vans store, an incredible pair caught my eye, and the LM immediately said, "you should totally get those!" At the time I passed, thinking there was no way I could pull them off, but after watching the boys strutting around in theirs for a week, I caved, and for the past three weeks I've worn nothing but. 

I'm still not 100% sure I'm not too old to wear them, but surprisingly I've gotten a few compliments, and well, my kids think they are pretty awesome. I have to revert back to the fact that if the LM approves, you know you are good to go. 

Behold my new kicks, found here. 

Need a little inspiration for what to pair them with, other than jeans? I did! Looking at these chic ladies, I have to say the sneaker might just be the newest trend!

What do you all think? Are you big sneaker wearers? I kind of don't remember what life was like before them! 

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lmc1971 said...

As a mom of an active 5 year old boy I can totally relate! I bought myself a pair of New Balance sneakers (similar to pic #2)this Fall and I'm loving them with everything. Great choice! Enjoy them :)

Best, Lisa