Currently Loving: Montiel Athletic Wear

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I don't know about you, but I've hard a very hard time finding cute, comfortable, quality workout clothes.  It's like the three little bears, this one is too tight, this one is too see-thru, this one will fall apart in like 5 minutes... this one is just right!  The best brand is clearly lululemon, but 1) their stuff is incredibly overpriced and, 2) most importantly, from what I've read and continue to read, they are a terrible company.  The fat shaming, the child labor, the denial of product failures, the list goes on and on.  A few years back, I tried out a couple of different brands given the bad press I was reading, and was so incredibly disappointed when I would find seams coming apart after washing, or color bleeding... so I went back to lulu.  I'm not kidding when I say I have serious guilt over this.

This is why I was beyond excited to discover the new athletic company Montiel!  Their clothes are insanely adorable, and the quality is incredible.  Even better, everything is much less than the cost of lululemon!!!  I have  been looking for white leggings everywhere, and picked up a pair from Monteil and let me tell you, they are awesome!  I was so worried that they would be thin, which is not a good idea when you are wearing skin tight white, but to my surprise they are not only thick but so flattering.  I'm completely sold.  You can view the whole line here, and below are my favorites.


Valerie said...

I really like this line! And I always feel more in the mood to work out if I look cute. I might have to give this a try!
Oh love the new blog look! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

love this brand! How do you style the white leggings or do you only wear them to yoga?

Robin M Anderson said...

I wear my yoga clothes EVERYWHERE! ha!

When I'm wearing the white I try to cover my butt a little more because it's a little more obvious, so in winter do a cardigan over a plaid shirt or a longer gray/ black sweater on its own. In warmer months a striped tee or a tank with a denim chambray shirt over it is always my go-to look!

Hope that helps!